By YouGotHitByGunner

This is an optimized step-by-step walkthrough of the game.


This game doesn’t feature a save system, so keep that in mind. And one section of the game will use your microphone.

  • Drive down the road.
  • When there’s a popup on your screen, press Esc and scroll through both chats.
  • Continue driving.
  • When dad texts you, look at the new message.
  • ReaderRead the chats.
  • At some point after your gas indicator goes red, you’ll reach a gas station to your right. Park the car near gas pump Number 2 (it’s close to the gas station’s entrance) and get out (press Space). Go inside the building.
  • Interact with the guy at the counter and select ‘Hi, can I get $10 on Pump 2?’. Select any dialogues after that.
  • Pick up any items from the shelves and throw them at the guy standing at the counter. When he replies with ‘What are you doing over there?’, the Nuisance achievement will pop.
  • NuisanceAnnoy the gas station clerk.
  • Take a bottle of milk, and throw it out through any of the windows. Go outside and pick it up.
  • ShoplifterShoplift an item.
  • Check your messages. Mom wants you to pick up dog food. Return inside and pick up the one with a red package. Go to the counter and talk to the guy there. Select ‘Pay’.
  • Return to your car and throw the food inside the trunk (press G). Interact with gas pump Number 2.
  • Fuel UpFuel up the car’s tank.
  • Continue driving down the road. At some point, you’ll reach a bridge, a bit after that you’ll end up at a roof on the road (it’s gonna be very obvious when you see it). Stop the car there and get out. Look at the fence to your left.
  • ExplorerSpot a bear.
  • Return inside your car and continue moving down the road. Two logs will block your way. Get out and move them. Get back inside the car. It will break, and you’ll have to wait until a car stops to help you. Talk to the driver.
  • Return to your car, pick all six items from your truck and throw them at the back trunk of the other car. Talk to the driver again. Select ‘- I’m done’. Enter his car. Select any dialogues. Talk to him when given the chance.
  • You’ll be dropped at a motel. Enter and talk to the guy at the counter. After paying for a room and car reparations, you’ll receive a key for Room 9. Go there and visit the bathroom.
  • After that, you’ll have to return to the reception door, outside to its right you’ll find your six items. Pick them up and drop them inside your room.
  • Go to sleep. When you wake up, go outside and in front of your room’s location, a bit to the left, you’ll find a coffee machine. Buy a coffee from there. Return to your room and go to sleep.
    (Warning: Don’t interact with the closet, you’ll die. Dying will reset you at the beginning of the motel sequence when you have to pay for a room.)
  • Respond to the phone. Look out the window and a man will knock on your door. Go to the door and respond with ‘Who is it?’, [Open the door], [Mention the coffee machine].
  • Walk him to the coffee machine’s location. Select ‘- I swear to God it was right here’. Return to your room and interact with the drawer next to the TV, take the pills. Take some water from the sink (outside of the bathroom).
  • Go to sleep. After a bit, someone will come to your door. Select ‘Who is it?’, ‘What do you want?’, [Do nothing], and wait for him to say something again. Select ‘Please leave’, ‘Please go away or I’m going to call the cops’.
  • Hide in the closet and don’t make any sounds (the game uses your microphone so be careful).
  • SurvivorSurvive through the second episode

Congratulations on your completion!


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