Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition-Walkthrough And Gameplay

By FiskPappa

This can be a complete technique information for Guild of Dungeoneering Final Version. It covers recreation mechanics, utilizing unlocks successfully, easy methods to keep away from getting caught on ranges, card benefit, why well being is king and much more.

Credit score

Lots of this data is both immediately or not directly gathered from the Guild of Dungeoneering wiki ( or the boards right here at Steam.

Common Technique

Well being is king as many monsters have a number of (sturdy) unblockable assaults and it general permits you to use your playing cards to their fullest potential (e.g. tank a number of hits whereas saving that “protect all” for the monster’s huge nuke that’ll come ultimately).

Do your greatest to remain above 2 (later 3 and even 4) HP as on this place your choices for which card to play may be very restricted and one unblockable assault can finish the struggle. This may have an effect on how you employ shields or heals when nearing this threshold.

The extra of a drawback you will have in opposition to your opponent (larger degree monster, a boss or just having much less well being) the extra you should take possibilities and play in a means that depends on you getting the proper playing cards in the proper order from each your individual and the monster’s future attracts. Some examples is likely to be to waste that sturdy protect in opposition to a weak assault within the hopes of the enemy not getting their nuke prepared earlier than the struggle is over otherwise you get one other massive protect.

The identical is true the opposite means round, e.g. play a weaker “draw card” card over a harmful assault whenever you’re at an enormous benefit since it will mitigate the danger of dangerous luck later within the struggle.

Do not underestimate “card benefit”:

  • For those who can, at all times block an assault that forces you to discard. Exceptions are for example in case you want the block for a stronger nuke, have an enormous hand already or haven’t any beneficial playing cards readily available anyway.
  • Having at the least one “draw card” capability is immensely useful.

The extra playing cards you possibly can to select from the higher you possibly can mitigate dangerous luck and the higher you possibly can plan forward. Extra playing cards in hand additionally imply you are much less affected by “Stupidity” which can have an effect on your selection of loot.

Selecting loot that synergizes along with your hero’s most popular play fashion (e.g. blocking with the Bruiser or heavy bodily assaults with the Ranger) is mostly extra highly effective than attempting to adapt to a sure enemy’s weak point.

Associated to that: At all times concentrate on synergy. The extra your playing cards and talents feed off one another the extra highly effective your character typically is.

Bear in mind the primary rule of deck constructing: The less playing cards you will have in your deck, the faster you will get to your deck’s recreation altering playing cards. So (virtually) by no means choose loot that gives you playing cards that do not synergize along with your hero.

Save your fast assaults till the ending blow if you do not have an excellent cause to do in any other case. One exception to this could possibly be if you recognize the monster’s subsequent assault could in any other case discard your fast assault and it is probably the most highly effective card in your hand… however this additionally is dependent upon how the struggle goes general (see taking part in better off/drawback additional up).

Every degree in an attribute (e.g. “Hearth” or “Blade”) provides one distinctive card to your deck as much as degree 4 in that capability. The upper degree ones are a lot stronger so concentrate on maxing out a number of attributes that synergize properly along with your hero (e.g. “Hearth” for spell casters) moderately than getting as many attribute factors as doable general. Additionally the cardboard a single “+1” in an attribute will add is fairly crappy so take this into consideration when selecting loot, particularly late in a dungeon.


Your hero strikes 2 tiles per spherical however will cease if encountering an unexplored tile (fog), a monster or one thing to select up.

For those who’re knocked right down to 0 HP a heal card will nonetheless set off despite the fact that it is technically performed after you have been killed and thus revive you.

Constructing dungeons

Purpose to struggle one lvl 1 monster then one lvl 2 after which simply lvl 3s as lvl 3 loot is far stronger.

Study which monsters your hero is robust in opposition to (e.g. my Ranger typically sucks in opposition to spell casters). In case your solely choices are monsters your hero wrestle in opposition to, merely do not place one. This trumps the recommendation above that means it is higher to position a degree 2 monster you are sturdy in opposition to than a degree 3 monster you may die in opposition to even when your hero is degree 3 or 4.

For those who’ve capped your treasure revenue for a degree (which you do quick within the early recreation) candles and so on. do nothing greater than information your hero’s motion. A room with a favor in it or a lvl 3 monster you are sturdy in opposition to is far more beneficial to position at this level.

Talking about favors: Acquire them! Nearly each hero will profit from burning 1-2 dangerous playing cards (carried out outdoors of battle) and having some to spare for a well timed sabotage, block or card draw will prevent extra then as soon as. (Nearly) by no means use favor in battle if it is to not make you survive or land the ultimate assault on the dungeon’s boss.

Lots of factor affect the automated motion of your hero (loot, power of enemies, unexplored tiles and the space to all this stuff). A few of this will appear exhausting to foretell so whenever you’ve managed to get your hero to maneuver in the direction of the placement you need, do not place something that would intrude with that motion if there’s not an enormous profit concerned. That is particularly necessary when taking part in timed bosses.

Enemies that may steal cash  ought to at all times be averted/by no means positioned as cash is extraordinarily scarce.


Your hero is supposed to die in some unspecified time in the future so do not get too connected to her and don’t be concerned about shedding the traits you’ve got collected. Ultimately you will even get traits which can be counterproductive on your hero (e.g. “Hearth +1” for a Hero that need playing cards with bodily injury) so a reset may even be useful at occasions.

Solely unlock the required objects on every tier to progress and concentrate on objects that assist your most popular hero/play fashion. This fashion your hero’s greatest loot will present up extra steadily after killing monsters and since you are not shopping for every little thing you will get to the upper tiers sooner.

… and stick with a sure hero theme. As an example in case you went Bruiser at tier 1, Ranger or Barbarian is probably going your greatest decisions for tier 2. This fashion the merchandise units you have already got keep related.

… and don’t be concerned if this isn’t your fashion and/otherwise you’ve already unlocked extra. The sport will simply get a tad bit slower as you will have to avoid wasting up extra money to get to the following tier and slay a number of extra monsters to search out the loot you need in every dungeon. The loot in every merchandise set is a bit combined up as properly so for example you will nonetheless get loot boosting your Holy ability even within the Blacksmith set, simply much less of it in comparison with another units.


Timed bosses (“will assault after x turns”) will typically (and even at all times?) be weaker in case you assault them earlier than the timer runs out.

Chasing bosses transfer two tiles per flip however monsters will interrupt their motion. So by putting monsters on the following tile the boss will transfer to you possibly can restrict their motion to 1 tile per spherical.

What to do whenever you’re caught at a degree?

  • Strive preventing the totally different enemies so that you be taught which of them your hero is robust in opposition to and which assaults they’ve.
  • Maintain observe of the place you die, if it is late you won’t be aggressive sufficient (e.g. attempt preventing degree 2 monsters earlier), in case you die early you may both be too aggressive or have to attempt a unique blessing, if the boss slays you you may have to grind degree 3 monsters extra to get higher loot, begin the struggle with extra favors or barely modify your preventing fashion (e.g. spend money on a few massive shields in case you’re repeatedly killed by a robust nuke) and eventually if it is a particular monster merely keep away from that monster if doable or attempt selecting loot that’s sturdy in opposition to that exact enemy (e.g. extra bodily assaults if it is Frail).
  • Makes an attempt nonetheless generate a tiny bit of cash so grinding sufficient may provide you with a robust character earlier.
  • Strive taking some possibilities (see my remark additional up about taking part in with a drawback)… or vice versa (however that is much less possible).
  • Strive a unique class. Early on I had a number of dungeons the place my Bruiser had a tough time 
  • Strive a unique method on the whole. Play the dungeon slower in case you usually rush and vice versa, in case you’re supposed to go to a number of places do change the order wherein you go to them and so forth.
  • Strive discovering a technique to get to degree 4 as early as doable within the dungeon

… and remember: Once you wrestle is whenever you be taught. Benefit from the expertise and whenever you lastly win you will come out as a greater participant.

Good luck!

… oh, and sorry for the dearth of photos.

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