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Session: Skate Sim
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Often with video games, you may find that they contain a soundtrack of some sort and this may enhance or ruin your experience.

In particular, games in the sports genre are known for having awesome soundtracks that you can enjoy whilst playing your favorite sports video game. Session: Skate Sim is no different and comes complete with its own musical soundtrack but of course, you may not like every song you hear.

Whilst you are playing the game, there is a small banner that appears on the bottom left side of the screen which indicates the song that is currently playing and the song that you will be able to hear, so long as you have the music volume turned up; this should be the default setting.

It’s a relatively easy process but for those that may struggle to do so, this brief guide will tell you how you can skip the current song and listen to the next one in Session: Skate Sim.

How to change songs and radio stations in Session: Skate Sim

Changing the current song is as simple as pressing down on the right analog stick while using the directional pad, depending on the desired output.

If you want to change radio stations, select up or down while holding the right stick down. If you want to cycle through songs on a specific radio station, press left or right on the d-pad instead. This gives you more control over the songs you may want to hear again or those that you do not want to hear at all.

As of present, for the 1.0 build, three radio stations with just over 70 songs. The radio stations are Red Robin Radio, ChillHop Cruise FM, and ChillHop Uptempo. This is one station fewer than the early access version but it is unclear as to why that is.

Session Community Radio and Rumcom Station are missing here, and the new ChillHop Uptempo does not act as a replacement for the kind of music found on either station.

Can you turn off the music in Session: Skate Sim?

Some of you may not want to hear the music at all and instead want to enjoy the thrill of the skateboarding experience with just the organic sounds of boarding. If you are one of these silent skateboarders then fear not, there is a way to turn off the music entirely.

Go ahead and pause the game and then head into the options menu. Select the audio menu from this screen, which features separate sliders for music, sound effects, ambient sounds, and master volume. Moving the music slider all the way down completely shuts off the music.

For those of you who may want to broadcast your game via live streaming, there is also an optional streamer mode that prevents any licensed songs from playing which will prevent your stream from being struck with a copyright penalty.

That’s all for now, we hope this guide has helped you!



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