scared floppa in find the floppas
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Find the Floppa Morphs, by BIG PLAY, is a Roblox ‘find the’ game with over 300 Floppas to collect! With so many maps and difficulties, casual and completionist players will find satisfaction in finding and morphing into their favorite floppas. But there is one floppa who has just gone through a traumatic experience. This floppa will need extra care, so here is how to find the Scared Floppa Morph in Find the Floppa Morphs.

How to find the Scared Floppa in Find the Floppa Morphs

This floppa is hiding out in the Theme Park map, so select that map from the map menu. Represented as itself, the Scared Floppa will be easy to locate.

The hint tells us that the morph is at the end of a scary obby from a scary ride, but which ride is the right one – there are so many!

Getting to the Scared Obby

Upon spawn, you will have the Theme Park gates open ahead of you. Walk through and past the first two rides.

theme park spawn in find the floppas
Image via BIG PLAY

On the left will be a ride that consists of a large wooden frame supporting a large wooden ship. The very top of the ride sparkles yellow. Go over to that ride and climb up, towards the yellow sparkles. The sparkles come off from a red square.

scared floppa obby entracne in find the floppas
Image via BIG PLAY

That red square is actually a teleporter to the Scared Obby, so touch it to get teleported!

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How to claim the Scared Floppa Morph

Now in the Scared Obby, you must make your way across the parkour to the other side.

This obby is quite difficult, due to the tiny platforms and thin bridges.

scared floppa obby in find the floppas
Image via BIG PLAY

Be careful with your jumps, precision is key. Zooming in to first person may help you. For the final stage, zoom out and pan your camera to see under the obby. A pathway will make itself apparent, connecting the large gap between the final platforms. Walk along the semi-visible platform.

finding the scared floppa in find the floppas
Image via BIG PLAY

Once there, the Scared Floppa Morph will be waiting for you! Touch it to claim it.

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