The following comprises spoilers for Kevin Can F**okay Himself Season 2, Episode 1, “Mrs. McRoberts Is Dead,” which premiered Aug. 22, on AMC.

On Kevin Can F**okay Himself, an enormous a part of Kevin (Eric Petersen) coming off like a sexist, narcissistic jerk in direction of his spouse, Allison, is him being emboldened in his misogynistic methods by his dad, Pete, and finest pal subsequent door, Neil. They do not care how neglectful or emotionally abusive he’s in direction of her; they giggle it off, which is why she and Neil’s sister, Patty, plotted to homicide Kevin in Season 1. However, that plan failed, which has Allison now scheming up new concepts.

The factor is, all these guys are oblivious to the hurt they’re doing, lapping up their disgusting model of poisonous masculinity. If reality, fairly a little bit of their Worcester, Massachusetts, locale is like this on the present, supporting the patriarchy and male energy, which is why Kevin’s making strides as he runs for mayor. However, as Season 2 started, Kevin might have slipped up, ticking somebody off who may deliver his budding empire down.

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The potential betrayer is definitely Neil himself, who nobody ever thought would activate Kevin. It all stems from him overhearing Allison and his sister’s plan to take out Kevin. This led to a scuffle and the women knocking out Neil, tying him up and holding him hostage.

They tried to dealer a deal for his silence, however Neil was steadfast in defending Kevin, letting them know he’d snitch. In reality, he reamed Allison for not supporting Kevin and his kooky antics, not understanding how Kevin ruined their checking account and her sanity. However, Allison let Neil know, “Maybe he doesn’t care once I whine, however he laughs once you bleed.”

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This second jogged Neil’s reminiscence, with so many previous scenes reaffirming what Allison meant. Neil could not see it, however Kevin was simply as abusive to him. In all their misadventures, Neil was the one getting harm, whereas Kevin acted because the puppet grasp, staying secure from hurt. In reality, Kevin bought off on Neil being broken mentally and bodily, with Neil by no means realizing it as he was too drunk. It’s one thing Patty subtly hinted at within the previous days, which is why she was fast to facet with Allison.

Having Neil betray his buddy after this realization could be an excellent swerve that matches the horrific nature of the present. After all, Patty is the one funding Neil’s habits, providing a roof over his head and coming off like a mother. All Kevin does is price him what little cash he has. As such, as soon as Neil flips, he may grow to be Kevin’s most troublesome enemy. He is aware of all Kevin’s secrets and techniques, and the place he is hidden beneficial objects round city in storage, so he may even steal and earn a living off Kevin’s belongings — one thing Allison already tried doing.

The humorous factor is, some objects, like baseball playing cards have been stolen, so Neil and Kevin may very well be harboring nasty skeletons within the closet. Ultimately, that is leverage Neil can use ought to Kevin grow to be mayor, and even on the rise in direction of workplace, to blackmail him. Or worse but, if Neil actually loses it, he may find yourself doing what Allison needed: murdering Kevin after they’re hanging out alone. Admittedly, the additional consideration relating to an aspiring politician would not be ideally suited, as Allison’s presently planning to pretend her personal dying and go away city, but when Neil turns into the autumn man, she will not thoughts. However, whether or not Patty’s cool with it’s one other query, as a result of as dumb as Neil is, she loves her brother and may assume twice about him embarking down this darkish path.

New episodes of Kevin Can F**okay Himself debut Mondays on AMC.



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