Last Days of Lazarus 100% Achievement Guide

An achievement guide you can follow as you play the game. Step by Step for each achievement.


Welcome to Romania 1999

Welcome to the 100% Achievement Guide for Last Days of Lazarus by NutellaOrgies

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There are a total of 37 achievements which require you to find random collectibles, documents, turning on televisions and radios. You should only require 1 play-through but don’t worry if you missed anything, the game is very forgiving on their chapter select, unlike some games *cough*The Quarry*cough*. So you wont need to replay from that certain chapter where you missed the collectible all the way back to the end. Once you grab it, you can just quit and go to another chapter.

A casual run through this game while following this guide will take you about 4-5 hours.

This guide is best followed in order as to not miss anything. I tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible for people who like to enjoy the stories in games and I ask that you do the same with the comments.

If you do not own the game, it can be picked up over here.

Quick Note: If you did play the prologue. You will notice that you can start from Act IV. Do not do this. The achievements from the prologue are not retroactive and Act III was actually shorter in the prologue than it is in the full game, so you will be missing out on an important part of the game.

Act I – 5 Achievements

5 Documents / 1 Collectible / 1 Radio / 1 Television


– More to Know

Find a first document.

This will unlock when you grab the first document.

Document #1 – A Note From Lyudmila

As soon as you start the game, look down at the table next to the bag in front of you for this document.

Document #2 – Unsent Letter Note

Once you grab the first document, head into the living room. Immediately turn right once you open the door and on the desk is another document.

Document #3 – Mom’s Obsession Note

In that same room, look directly across from the previous document. Near the window on the desk is a typewriter with another document.


– Old Memories

Find the Old Camera.

In the same room as those 2 documents (Living Room), Look inside the cabinet above the television. There is a camera inside there. Grab the camera.

TV News Segment

Just under that cabinet is a television. It played when I entered the room, but just incase click on it again to make sure it counted towards the achievement where you have to listen to all of them throughout the game

(check screenshot above)

Document #4 – Mom’s Paranoia

Once you leave the living room and advance into the next area, the second you open the door there will be another document to the right sitting on a counter near the creepy doll.

Document #5 – Lyudmila’s Reproaches

You can find this final document for the first chapter in the kitchen sitting on the countertop.


– Yeah, That’s Enough

Tried to pet the cat a second time.

For this achievement, you need to pet the cat twice. The cat is located in the kitchen and is sitting on the table. Just click the cat and trigger a cutscene, then click the cat again after the cutscene ends. (I don’t think I need to circle the cat for you)

Radio Segment #1

Right next to where the cat was sitting on the table, there is a radio.

Beautiful Lines Achievement Part 1

Inbetween the bathroom and the kitchen is this train key. Grab it for now. It has no use at the moment but will be used in Chapter III for the Beautiful Lines achievement. Don’t worry if you missed this. There are a few times when you come back to this house throughout the game and this train key will always be here. It’s easier to just get it out of the way now.


– No!

Have a close encounter with Martha.

During the 2nd earthquake, after hanging up the phone with the police. Go to the closet near the entrance of the apartment and open the door.


– To Hell With This Place

Complete Act I.

Act II – 2 Achievements

4 Documents / 1 Collectible

Document #1 – Hideous Propaganda

As you’re walking, there will be a frozen dead man to the right with a note beside him that says the words “LIES!!!” in black ink.

Document #2 – Unexpected Heroes

Another dead man just a few steps ahead of the previous one with another note next to his feet. (Also to the right)

Document #3 – Soldier’s Confession

Yet another dead soldier just after a small cut-scene lying in the middle of the path with a note near his body.

Document #4 – Soldier’s Note

For the final document of this chapter. From the previous document, look straight ahead towards the burning building. Head towards it and there will be another dead body with a note next to his leg.


– Prayer

Find the Icon of Christ

In the little mausoleum across from the last dead body. As soon as you open the door, look to the left on the chair. (You have to go through this building to progress through the game).


– This is Legit War

Complete Act II

Act III – 5 Achievements

3 Documents / 2 Collectibles

Beautiful Lines Achievement Part 2

– Beautiful Lines

Find the First Phylactery.

Above the Television right in front of you as you start the new chapter is a train, use the Train Key that you got in Chapter 1 on this train and a phylactery will come out of it. If you didn’t pick it up in Chapter 1, don’t worry. You can still grab this key. It is on the shelf near the kitchen in the hallway. (Look at second picture)

Document #1 – Lyudmila’s Dreams

Just to the left of the TV, on the chair with all the medicine is a document under all the medicine.

Document #2 – Was She Insane?

Turn to the right and just past the window and above the end corner of the bed on the shelf is another document under the flower pot.

Radio Segment #2 and #3

After you pick up the phone call, click the radio a couple times to listen to 2 new radio segments. It is located in the same place as Act 1, in the kitchen on the table.

Document #3 – Neighbors Report

When you fall through the floor, turn around. To the right of the television is another document.


– Hostile Activity

Cycle through all 3 surveillance cameras.

Once you get out of that room, you will notice another TV to your left against the wall. Cycle through all channels for an achievement.


– Coward

Find Ramonas tape.

At the end of the hallway in a box (across from the TV) is a box of what looks like porn. The tape is in there. 

I regret to inform you, that you can’t play the video in the previous room with a video player


– A bit of comfort

Speak to Father Abraham on the phone

When you hear the phone ringing. Pick it up right away. Don’t let it keep ringing otherwise you will miss out on this achievement and have to play through the chapter again.


– You Heard Her Too

Complete Act III

Act IV – 5 Achievements

4 Achievements / 5 Documents / 2 Collectibles

Document #1 – Vanea’s Rampage

The soldier with the guitar is sitting on a document. You can’t grab it yet. Help the soldier across from him and then he will get up and then you can grab the document and the key.


– You are a Hero

Save a soldier from a horrible death.

As you continue down the path, you’ll see a soldier in a trap like out of the movie Saw. 


Instead, go to the truck behind this tent. In the back of the truck is a knife. Grab the knife.

Now go behind the tent and open the curtain. Once it’s open, you’ll be behind the soldier. Use the knife on the rope, then just grab the saw and that’s it.

Document #4 – Dad’s Secret

There is a mausoleum to the right (before you see the gold vein). Enter it and directly on the left is another document.

Document #5 – Divine Miracles

Just next to that document is an Ornate key. Grab the key and back track a little past the graveyard until you see a little prayer thingy to the right. (sorry don’t know what these are called)

Use the key on this lock and the document is inside.


– The Devil is in the Details.

Find 15 Documents.

If you’re following this guide, then at this point you should have unlocked this achievement while grabbing the last document.


– Solid gold

Find the Monastic Invention

Also inside this prayer thingy is a robot. You need to turn it on first before you can collect it. There is a power core on the table where the soldier was tied up. Grab that power core and use it on the robot, then it will do an animation. Once the animation is done, you can grab it.


– Peculiar

Find the Sacred Orb

This involves a lengthly puzzle. You will need to solve a grab items from multiple places and solve puzzles in both the mausoleum and the graveyard. Solve the graveyard puzzle first, then the mausoleum. 

For the graveyard puzzle, you need the bell (which is found in the graveyard where the little girl was standing by the red writing) and the picture of the girl holding the vine (this is in front of the robot past the gold vein. Not in the graveyard).

For the mausoleum puzzle, you need the reward given to you for solving the puzzle in the graveyard and a piece of gold ore (found on the vein just outside it). Solve each puzzle in this area from left to right.

Grab your reward and head out.

Documents #2 and #3 – Zotov’s Orders and Strange Technology

Past the first robot you encounter, there is a building to your left. Enter it and grab the 2 documents inside. One is directly in front of you when you walk in and the other one is on the typewriter.


– Already Damned

Complete Act IV

Act V – 6 Achievements

2 Documents / 4 Collectibles / 1 Television

Paradise Lost Achievement Part 1

Go to the room with the hole in the floor and grab the red train key on this table.

Document #1 – Broken Youth

As soon as you break into the bathroom, look on the counter for this document.


– Time Waster

Find some toy.

After meeting the kid, look to the left under Lyudmila’s picture and there is a little Game Boy on top of the cage. Grab that.


– Official Story

Listen to all TV news.

In the same room, turn around and in the corner is a TV. This should be the last one needed for the achievement.


– Rotten Flesh

Find the Desomorphine

When you confront the kid about your sister, the bottom drawer of his desk is open. Grab the Safe Wheel and use it on the safe to the left. Grab the Desomorphine inside for this achievement.

Document #2 – A Strange Love Story

In the room after you hang up the phone with Laura. Once you speak to the priest, head back into the room and its on the right.

Paradise Lost Achievement Part 2

– Paradise Lost

Find the Second Phylactery

Use that train key I told you about earlier in this act on the train just above the last document for this achievement.


– A Treat

Find the Baroque Clock

Turn around and grab the clock on the table right next to the couch.


– Do Not Become a Monster

Complete Act V

Act VI – 4 Achievements

4 Documents / 3 Collectibles

Document #1 – Disturbing Claims

Inside the house, go to the room all the way to the left. As far left as you can go in the house. You will see some kind of room with a bunch of chairs facing a desk. In the typewriter on the desk is a document.

Document #2 – Twisted Faith

Go upstairs to all the beds, there is a document on the table in the left corner.


– Nightmare

Find the Third Phylactery

While you’re up here. Go to the bookcase near the staircase. There is a toy train key on top of the books. The train is in the living room (with the fireplace but across from the fireplace). Use it on the train for the 3rd Phylactery.


– Miraculous

Find the Life Giving Device

When you get into the basement, you will see a golden object on a table. Grab that and head outside. Go left and you will see a little cupboard on your right. Use the golden disc there and grab the object you just created. (Not the bird)

Document #3 – Dad’s Testimony

Once you raise the coffin, there is a document inside it. Grab the key too for the chest

Document #4 – A Disturbed Monk

With that chest key, head just outside and to the graveyard to the left. There is a chest on a grave. Open the chest and grab the item in there. A document is revealed under it


– Meaningful Horror

Find the Cursed Skull

Grab the skull sitting in front of you at the end of the cutscene.


– A Difficult Truth to Bear

Complete Act VI

Act VII – 4 Achievements

3 Documents / 2 Collectibles / 1 Radio

Document #2 – Laura’s Letter

Walk towards the red phone, there is a document next to it.

Radio News Segment Final

– Points of View

Listen to all radio segments

Head into the kitchen and listen to the radio one last time. You can switch channels, so I think if you missed the radio in any of the previous chapters, just keep changing channels until the achievement unlocks.

Document #1 – Is This True Love?

Go into the room across from the kitchen and pick up the document on the floor.


– Bewilderment

Find the Birth Certificate

In the same room, on the chair to the right is the birth certificate that you saw in the cutscene. Grab it for a collectible.


– Poor timing

Find Zhivko’s Gift

Head into the living room. Right next to where your sisters boyfriend is sitting is a flower.

Document #3 – A Depressing Testimony

Head downstairs and go into the kids room. Under the mouse near his computer is another document.


– I Can’t Leave Him

Complete Act VII

Act VIII – 6 Achievements

3 Documents / 1 Collectible


– Be brave!

Interact with Martha in the cemetery

You will see the little girl as you progress talking about bringing flowers. Keep walking straight but towards the right and you will see a vision of your mother again. I circled exactly where to walk to.

Document #1 – Gravedigger’s Note

When Ivona comes into the room with you with the gravedigger, the little cabinet opens up. there is a document inside.

Document #2 – Morgue Report

Across from Ivona in the chapel during the service. 

Document #3 – Abraham’s Confession

When you can get into the priests chamber during the service, its on the table straight ahead.


– The Full Picture

Find all the documents

At this point, you should have unlocked the achievement to find every document


– Holy

Find the Holy Reliquary

In this same area, look left. There is a golden key hanging here. (I already grabbed it by accident, but I circled where it is. Take that key and leave the area. Keep going towards the car and through the explosions. Once you reach the end of the gate, instead of going closer to the car, make a left and at the end of this path is where you use the key and grab the Reliquary.


– It’s not stealing

Find all collectibles

At this point, this achievement should unlock.


– The wickedest of hearts

Complete Act VIII


– Leave these atrocities behind

Finish Last Days of Lazarus


I can’t do any translations as I only know English and my Italian is cosi cosi. So if you want to help others who don’t know English well, you are free to copy my guide word for word, picture for picture. I only ask for credit somewhere in the guide. You do not need to message me. So you can go ahead and publish a different language version with the details and screenshots used in this guide.

Just please don’t use google translate on the entire guide so you can get an easy +1 guide or points.

Translated guides will also be linked from this guide to yours so people can follow a guide with their native languages.

Thank You

I want thank you for using this guide for your 100% completion. Again, I’m just going to ask if you used this guide, I would appreciate if you gave it a thumbs up, rating, or favorite.

If you encounter any problems, don’t feel discouraged to ask in the comments. I will get to it as soon as possible; If not me, I’m sure there will be others willing to help you out wherever you get stuck.

By NutellaOrgies

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