Legacy of Vane - Hero Class and Walkthrough Guide

This information covers precisely what class your hero can be based mostly in your solutions within the dream in the beginning of the game.

Dream Q&A Results

First two questions resolve your primary kind of class, whereas the third query determines your true specialised class. Question 4 grants a one time bonus to 1 of your attributes. The final query awards you one of three rings.

Your hero begins the game with one class particular capacity and can study one other(Or three in Elementalist’s case) as they stage. Regardless of class, your hero could study extra skills from the goddess as you discover the world.

First Question: Where are you when the preventing begins?

Answer 1: Melee kind class

Answer 2: Ranged kind class

Melee Second Question: What is your first transfer?

Answer 1: Fighter

Answer 2: Defender

Answer 3: Rogue

Ranged Second Question: Do you look forward to them to collect…

Answer 1: Mage

Answer 2: Bowman

Answer 3: Mystic

Fighter Third Question: What do you attain for to defend your self?

Answer 1: Warrior

Answer 2: Monk

Defender Third Question: How precisely would you shield…?

Answer 1: Guardian

Answer 2: Paladin

Rogue Third Question: How precisely would you silently dispatch evil?

Answer 1: Assassin

Answer 2: Ninja

Mage Third Question: What kind of sourcery do you wield?

Answer 1: Elementalist

Answer 2: Balance Mage

Bowman Third Question: …Where is your intention?

Answer 1: Hunter

Answer 2: Sniper

Mystic Third Question: …What is the character of your present?

Answer 1: White Mystic

Answer 2: Black Mystic

Fourth Question: What would you say is your strongest attribute?

Answer 1: Power +3

Answer 2: Max MP +5

Answer 3: Agility + 3

Answer 4: Max HP +10

Answer 5: Mind + 3

Answer 6: Luck + 3

Final Question: What is vital to you?

Answer 1: Emerald Ring (+50% Max HP)

Answer 2: Sapphire Ring (-20% Spell price)

Answer 3: Citrine Ring (+20% IP Charge fee)

Short Description of every class

Warrior: Uses each palms to grip a single weapon for additional injury. Has potential to deal very excessive injury.

Monk: Fights with fists with little or no armor. Has excessive evasion and pure defenses. May heal and enhance personal energy vastly.

Guardian: Wears heavy armor and protects allies.

Paladin: Wears heavy armor and may purify and heal the celebration over time.

Assassin: Dual wielding rogue who makes use of poison and cease magic

Ninja: Dual wields and will injury all enemies or assist the celebration escape hazard.

Elementalist: Uses 4 components to break one or all enemies, could trigger varied afflictions.

Balance Mage: Uses the ability of Light or Darkness to break all enemies.

Hunter: Uses bows to break all enemies or to fully ignore defenses.

Sniper: Uses a bow to hit very important physique elements to scale back enemy effectiveness

White Mystic: An unmatched healer whose magic comes at nice MP price. Uses swords and is an honest fighter.

Black Mystic: Uses probably the most highly effective destruction magic at nice MP price. Uses swords and is an honest fighter.

By Landy

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