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The following comprises spoilers for Lycoris Recoil Episode 9, “What’s Done Is Done,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Lycoris Recoil protagonist Chisato Nishikigi is a woman with a pure expertise for capturing. The mysterious Alan Institute helps outstanding individuals, and noteworthy killers are not any exception. When Chisato’s coronary heart illness threatened to kill her, Alan’s Shinji Yoshimatsu offered her with a leading edge synthetic coronary heart, however she selected to make use of her reflexes and expertise to assist individuals as an alternative. The collection balances each motion and slice-of-life as Chisato and her accomplice Takina Inoue present varied necessary providers to the purchasers of Café LycoReco.

In Episode 9, Yoshimatsu’s assistant Himegama did one thing horrifying on his behalf to punish Chisato for refusing to work as an murderer: utilizing electrical energy to intentionally incapacitate her coronary heart. A horrified Takina realized that Chisato now had solely two months left to reside, and the expertise to reverse the harm did not exist. Most of the episode focuses on a flashback, as Chisato’s trainer and guardian Mika informed the group’s resident hacker Kurumi the story of her preliminary surgical procedure ten years prior. What he did not know was that Takina had been listening to the story as effectively, and her response offered the primary excellent news for the reason that tragic incident.

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Watching Himegama pack away her medical gear in Episode 9’s opening scene was considerably extra chilling than if she had merely killed Chisato. By doing this, Lycoris Recoil drew consideration to how a lot effort she had made to do one thing so pointless and merciless. Takina arrived simply too late, and Chisato needed to cease her from monitoring Himegama down and killing her. This is one other method by which damaging Chisato’s coronary heart undermined her pacifist philosophy; maybe Yoshimatsu’s plan was not merely to punish Chisato, however to coax her or Takina into taking revenge on Himegama, fostering the expertise for killing as soon as once more.

A responsible Mika confided in Kurumi his function in Chisato’s destiny, and it was oddly poetic that LycoReco’s founder might solely be trustworthy with its youngest and latest member — the one one not associated to Direct Attack or its Lycoris agent program. Mika informed the story of how Yoshimatsu, with whom he was in a romantic relationship on the time, acknowledged Chisato’s expertise and offered her with a coronary heart solely so she may very well be an incredible Lycoris agent.

The story confirmed how a lot Mika’s character has developed since these days — and the way a lot Yoshimatsu hasn’t. When the latter admitted that the guts may solely be capable of assist Chisato till maturity, for instance, Mika callously identified that Lycoris brokers solely work till the age of 18 anyway.

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Mika shortly turned like a father to Chisato, facilitating her distinctive, pacifist method to being a Lycoris, however Yoshimatsu nonetheless refuses to contemplate that her method of doing issues is perhaps greatest. Yoshimatsu believes abilities are items from God, and that Chisato is losing hers at LycoReco. Given that Lycoris kill to forestall crime, it is doable that Yoshimatsu may need a tragic backstory of his personal referring to a legal incident — or maybe he actually is simply motivated by an obsessive demand for Chisato to satisfy his narrow-minded model of her true potential. Whatever his justification, it is unlikely followers will ever forgive Yoshimatsu for apparently considering that as a result of he gave Chisato her coronary heart, he is entitled to take it away.

Kurumi deftly deduced from the story that Yoshimatsu had possible been the one to order her assassination in Episode 2, and that he could also be working with the mysterious terrorist Majima, lastly catching the characters up with the viewers. Takina then revealed that she had heard the entire story. Takina proposed investigating Majima as it’d make them Yoshimatsu and studying extra about Chisato’s coronary heart, giving her a slim hope for survival. Given how shortly and instinctively Takina had wished to take revenge on Himegama when she realized what she did to Chisato, her pragmatic response to Mika’s story might imply she forgives him for his involvement — at the least for now.

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Takina determined to inform Chisato her resolution, however in the end she solely mentioned she was returning to DA — not particularly what she wished to research and why. Perhaps she did not wish to give Chisato false hope in case the investigation did not present any solutions. Alternatively, possibly she did not wish to frustrate Chisato by making her suppose she was greedy for an answer as an alternative of appreciating her closing days.

Lycoris Recoil is an unique anime collection with no supply materials, and its tone shifts from grisly homicide to lighthearted comedy with out jarring. For these causes, it is unimaginable for followers to inform if Takina’s investigation will save Chisato’s life and provides her the pleased ending she deserves, or if Himegama’s interference actually has spelled loss of life for the beloved character. Whatever Chisato’s destiny, nonetheless, it is laborious to envy these standing between Takina and the solutions she needs.

Lycoris Recoil hits Crunchyroll within the West each Saturday.



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