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The X-Men’s wildest timeline was the Age of Apocalypse, a darkish actuality cast by modifications to the timeline. The fan-favorite storyline has been revisited a number of occasions in quite a few kinds, although the unique timeline resulted in a fairly decisive and brutal vogue.

Despite that, Marvel storylines have revisited new variations of the timeline, with the alterations introducing new occasions and endings to the unique storyline. Here are all of the ways in which the Age of Apocalypse has ended through the years.

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The Original Age of Apocalypse

The authentic Age of Apocalypse was the results of Legion touring again in time and unintentionally killing his father, Charles Xavier, many years earlier than he ought to have met his finish. As a consequence, Apocalypse took over the world, mutants turned a dominant and sometimes ruthless race, and solely a handful of bitter heroes remained to struggle again. The world was so bleak, that the one actual hope for the long run got here in rewriting actuality again to its authentic kind. Over the course of the occasion, the X-Men and their allies positioned a reality-displaced Bishop (much like Blade in Heroes Reborn), claimed the M’Kraan Crystal, and recruited allies just like the more and more vital Illyana Rasputin and Destiny.

Staging one ultimate (and in the end profitable) assault towards Apocalypse, the X-Men have been in a position to get Bishop via a portal again in time, permitting him to revive Earth-616. While another variants escaped as properly, the people of this world, unaware of the plan, had enacted a long-term contingency, unleashing nukes throughout the globe. The authentic Age of Apocalypse ended on this notice, with a heroic Magneto holding his household shut because the bombs went off and worn out the remnants of this timeline.

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What If…? #81 (by Mariano Nicieza and Kevin Hopgood) launched a world the place Magneto, giving up on Bishop’s mission within the ultimate moments, rescued his household from the nuclear explosions alongside a few of his allies. Magneto, Rogue, Sunfire, Quicksilver, and Weapon X discovered themselves working with the final remaining human heroes (together with Tony Stark, Invisible Woman, and this world’s model of Gwen Stacy, the latter of which shaped a romance with Quicksilver) to take care of a brand new risk: the Coming of Galactus.

As there was no Fantastic Four to talk of on this timeline, it fell to the survivors to work towards Galactus and his herald, the Silver Surfer. As the heroes sprung into motion, the Night-Thrasher of this timeline ended up utilizing superior know-how to empower himself with superb psychic powers. Together, they have been in a position to do the unattainable and declare victory. After Weapon X used his adamantium claws to slay the Silver Surfer, the collective psychic potential of humanity was targeted towards Galactus, ultimately killing him.

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X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (by C.B. Cebulski and Chris Bachalo) returned to the Age of Apocalypse. In this new take, Jean Grey’s ascension to the Phoenix was in a position to save the world from the nukes. Magneto took credit score to assist set up peace however allowed Mister Sinister to take Jean’s comatose physique in change for his silence. Largely going down years later, Magneto and his allies discovered their peace threatened by a resurgent Sinister and his Sinister Six (amongst them a corrupted Phoenix). The X-Men have been in a position to work collectively to defeat Sinister’s forces, however it solely left them open to a far darker destiny.

Weapon X, the Wolverine of this timeline, was ultimately pressured to change into Weapon Omega. Imbued with Celestial energy and declared Apocalypses’ inheritor, this darkish variant of Wolverine turned a vicious tyrant. The Uncanny X-Force encountered the timeline throughout this era, even recruiting the Nightcrawler of this world to their roster. The Age of Apocalypse acquired its personal ongoing collection earlier than lastly being worn out in the course of the occasions of the multiversal X-Termination storyline with the few remaining survivors largely relocating to Earth-616.

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Another variation on the Age of Apocalypse was launched in the course of the occasions of Secret Wars. One of the various areas of Battleworld was the Domain of Apocalypse. In this variation of the timeline from Age of Apocalypse (by Fabian Nicieza and Gerardo Sandoval), Baron Apocalypse guidelines over an infamously ruthless area with even sometimes heroic characters like Pepper Potts pressured to outlive by changing into heartless killers. The main focus of the storyline centered round this area’s model of Cypher, who discovered himself the goal of Apocalypse’s brokers, the X-Men, and the remaining people.

It seems that the Doctor Nemesis of this timeline had developed a robust variation of the Legacy Virus which may wipe out all mutants within the Domain. But his makes an attempt to rally the X-Men to his plan to unseat God King Doom fell on deaf ears. Ultimately, the battle was resolved by the Jean Grey of this Domain, who used her model of the Phoenix energy to change the Legacy Virus. Instead of killing mutants, it depowered them, leveling the taking part in subject for the area and formally ending one other Age of Apocalypse.



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