Mawaru Penguindrum Series watch order guide
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Last Updated: 2 weeks ago

Are you looking for Mawaru Penguindrum Series watch order guide? Do you want to know how to watch Mawaru Penguindrum Series Chronological order? Well, your search is over. Here we are giving you Mawaru Penguindrum Series watch order for all the episodes, OVA’s and movies.

Mawaru Penguindrum Anime is a famous and very interesting that you must watch. This anime series dates back to the year 2011. This anime revolves around a girl, who has to fight from a grave illness. However at last stages of her life, she is saved by a spirit that lives in a penguin like hat.

However, nothing comes for free in this world. The girl and the spirit have an agreement. The girl and her siblings need to find a very specific object. The whole story shows the bond between the siblings and their quest to find the rare object.

Here in this guide you will get-

  • Mawaru Penguindrum watch order 2021
  • Mawaru Penguindrum watch order no filler
  • Mawaru Penguindrum ova order
  • Mawaru Penguindrum movies order
  • Mawaru Penguindrum chronological order
  • Mawaru Penguindrum seasons in order

Let us have a look at the watch guide to take your anime watching experience to the next level.

Release Order

  1. Mawaru Penguindrum (2011)
    • Episodes: 24

Last Words

Now that you have the chronological order to watch Mawaru Penguindrum, enjoy the anime. If you feel that the order needs some updates, do let us know in the comment section.


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