Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs – Tier List

Today we are going to have a look at Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs in the form of a tier list. This tier list for best Mechs in Mechwarrior 5 will help you to choose the best mechs for the war.

About Mechwarrior 5

The year is 3015 and all of the humanity is desperate to win a never ending war. Humans have only one task on their hand. They all want to conquer and expand their rule in Inner Sphere. Inner sphere is a the only habitable place in the universe. It has tons of colonies and solar systems that are governed by humans.

Despite all the peace, peace is just a dream and all of the humanity has once again splintered into disparate factions all vying for supremacy.

The only people who govern power are the mercenaries. With their fighting armor and destructive weapons, they will destroy anything that prevents them from expanding their region.

You are the inheritor of the famous arms company Mercenary. Due to internal factions, the company is at the brink of it extinction. It is now your responsibility to bring back the company to its glory days. You will be heading a team of mechs as their commander t fight for revenge and glory.

As a commander your task is to reclaim and capture the systems in the Inner sphere. On your mission you will come across different technologies and events that will change the course of your action.

As a Mech warrior you have to battle against tanks, armor vehicles, defense systems, reinforced bases and aircrafts. Destroy them all to salvage gears.

Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs – Tier List

Below we have listed all the Mechs from best to worst.

Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs – Tier S

  • Raven: Light Mech
  • Annihilator: Assault Mechs
  • Cyclops: Assault Mechs

Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs – Tier A

Tier A are still really OP, and here you will find the best mechs

  • Spider: Light Mech
  • Kintaro: Medium Mech
  • Shadowhawk: Medium Mech
  • Wolverine: Medium Mech
  • Orion: Heavy Mech
  • Quickdraw: Heavy Mech
  • Marauder: Heavy Mech
  • Grasshopper: Heavy Mech
  • Cataphract: Heavy Mech
  • Nightstar: Assault Mechs
  • Atlas: Assault Mechs
  • Mauler: Assault Mechs
  • Stalker: Assault Mechs
  • Battlemaster: Assault Mechs
  • Banshee: Assault Mechs
  • Highlander: Assault Mechs

Mechwarrior 5 Best Mechs – Tier B

Tier B mechs are average mechs

  • Crab: Medium Mech
  • Hunchback: Medium Mech
  • Centurion: Medium Mech
  • Griffin: Medium Mech
  • Trebuchet: Medium Mech
  • Blackjack: Medium Mech
  • Cicada: Medium Mech
  • Black Knight: Heavy Mech
  • Warhammer: Heavy Mech
  • Thunderbolt: Heavy Mech
  • Catapult: Heavy Mech
  • Rifleman: Heavy Mech
  • Archer: Heavy Mech
  • King Crab: Assault Mechs
  • Awesome: Assault Mechs
  • Victor: Assault Mechs

Tier C

Tier C mechs are below the average mechs

  • Javelin: Light Mech
  • Wolfhound: Light Mech
  • Jener: Light Mech
  • Locust: Light Mech
  • Firestarter: Light Mech
  • Phoenix Hawk: Medium Mech
  • Enforcer: Medium Mech
  • Jager: Heavy Mech
  • Dragon: Heavy Mech
  • Zeus: Assault Mechs

Tier D

Tier D and Tier E are the trash of the trash, try to avoid them

  • Panther: Light Mech
  • Vindicator: Medium Mech
  • Assasin: Medium Mech

Tier E

Tier D and Tier E are the trash of the trash, try to avoid them

  • Commando: Light Mech
  • Flea: Light Mech
  • Urban: Mech Light Mech

Tier F

Urban Mech – Light Mech

I hope that this tier list for Mechwarrior 5 will get you the best mech in the game.

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