The villains proceed to dominate in My Hero Academia Chapter 364, with All For One regaining his full energy and probably securing new allies.

The following comprises main spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 364, “Why We Wield Power” by Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, accessible now in English from Viz Media.

Right after a powerful defeat at Endeavor’s arms in My Hero Academia, All For One shocked the world through the use of an imitation of Eri’s Rewind skills to start negating all his accidents. The origin of his new energy was a thriller — as was his model of Rewind’s actual specs — however the villain’s reappearance in Chapter 364 put all these inquiries to relaxation.

Apparently, All For One had a vested curiosity within the Quirk-erasing bullets that have been developed by the Shie Hassaikai and subsequently stolen by Shigaraki. His pal and long-time collaborator Dr. Garaki experimented on the bullets in hopes of mass-producing them, however found the key to the way it destroyed Quirk components was derived from one other Quirk. Once Dr. Garaki had remoted Eri’s Quirk issue, he left a “canned” model of Rewind for All For One, realizing his grasp would put it to good use as soon as he broke out of jail.

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All For One Used a Version of Rewind to Undo Past Injuries

Since the model of Rewind in All For One’s possession is a number of occasions faraway from Eri, its authentic supply, it is even much less secure than if it was within the younger woman’s arms. The Quirk managed to heal all of the accidents All For One sustained in his battle in opposition to Endeavor and the Pro Heroes, however it did not cease there; it additional reversed accidents he’d obtained from years-old battles with All Might. For a second it appeared all hope was misplaced, however by the villain’s personal admission, Rewind was out of his management and would proceed to de-age him till he finally disappeared into nothingness.

Never one to waste a possibility in My Hero Academia, All For One declared that he was abandoning his present battlefield with the intention to free Shigaraki Tomura from his UA jail. Seeing because the heroes took particular care to place as a lot distance between the 2 as doable, All For One’s assertion was fairly optimistic — particularly for the reason that Pro Heroes do not intend on letting him depart with no wrestle and he is racing in opposition to his personal physique’s gradual unmaking.

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All For One May Be Gaining New Allies Around the World

All For One won’t be the one “Hail Mary” en-route to Shigaraki, both. In the USA, Timothy Agpar was advising the President to launch a second preemptive strike in opposition to Shigaraki. Unfortunately, his suggestion wasn’t properly obtained; the President cited experiences from Quirk analysis companies and claimed Shigaraki was already unstoppable. Instead, he steered endearing himself and your entire nation to the villain so Shigaraki would not be tempted to hunt retribution in opposition to the USA for Star and Stripe’s assassination try.

However, the President is unknowingly enjoying proper into All For One’s prescribed future for the world. In My Hero Academia‘s present state of unrest, All For One’s projection of unchallenged energy is forcing the united statesA — and lots of different international locations internationally — to contemplate turning to him for help, or to guarantee themselves a worthwhile standing in his New World Order. Whether the President truly finalized his determination to help All For One was inconclusive but when he does, it’s going to be yet one more devastating blow to the Pro Heroes fiercely resisting the villain.


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