MultiVersus, the free-to-play platform fighter that options many beloved Warner Bros. IPs, has simply launched its latest character: Morty Smith from Rick and Morty. Morty is among the most complex characters within the recreation up to now, and it’ll take loads of follow to grasp his play fashion.

Morty is a bruiser class character, however his moveset nonetheless incorporates tons of projectiles to zone and harass opponents, making him considerably just like LeBron James. His distinctive passive is known as “Sci-Fi Explosive Technology,” and it entails the grenades in his moveset. Grenades will detonate quickly after they’re thrown. If Morty touches his ally, he offers them a grenade that can fireplace within the route of their subsequent assault. Ally grenades additionally give grey well being.

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What to Know About Morty’s Moveset

Morty’s moveset can appear complicated at first, however a number of of his strikes work collectively in a method that feels pure. His impartial particular throws out grenades, which can be utilized till Morty is out of ammo and has to attend for them to refresh. His impartial assault shoots out a big ahead projectile which is able to goal any grenade Morty has thrown, blowing them up. If Morty’s impartial assault is not on cooldown, it additionally shoots a snake above and beneath its detonation level. While on cooldown, the projectile is smaller and has no knockback.

His up assault fires the very same projectile as impartial assault however at an upwards trajectory. The snakes can even go left and proper as an alternative of up and down. His aspect assault is a basic three hit combo, however gamers can use impartial assault because the ending hit, making Morty shoot out a whip. If he hits an opponent with the tip of his whip, Morty can be flung in the direction of them, main into an air combo. Morty’s down assault has him scrubbing the ground, permitting him to maneuver whereas he holds the button. Enemies hit will obtain knockback, harm and the weakened debuff, whereas allies can be cleansed of their debuffs.

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Morty’s air assaults are all pretty customary, together with his aspect air having two swings which can be independently chargeable. Morty’s true complexity is available in his specials. His air aspect particular has him hop by a portal, and whereas the power is not on cooldown, his exit portal will keep seen. Allied projectiles that move by the portal will pace up. Morty’s up particular calls a big spaceship that features as a platform, however the transfer does nothing whereas on cooldown. His grounded aspect particular spawns a rock at a delegated a part of the stage, sending opponents hit in the direction of Morty.

Morty’s most fascinating transfer is undoubtedly his down particular, temporal back-up, which lets him create a save level wherever he’s. After a number of seconds, or upon down particular enter, Morty warps to his save level and barely heals himself and his allies. The fascinating half is that if Morty’s ally is about to be rung out throughout his down particular window, they may as an alternative warp to Morty, saving their life. The transfer has a hefty cooldown, however the energy to save lots of allies on command is robust sufficient to warrant it.

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Strategies and Combos for Playing as Morty

Despite being a bruiser, Morty truly prefers to play impartial within the midrange, versus close-quarters. With grenades, impartial assault projectiles and grounded aspect specials, Morty is a monster at controlling stage and zoning opponents within the midrange, although it may be tough to get grenades in good spots. Even on cooldown, Morty’s weak impartial assault projectile is fast and exhausting to punish, dealing first rate harm.

To begin combos, grounded aspect particular to launch opponents into Morty is a good instrument. The first swing of aspect air additionally has little or no knockback when it is uncharged, so it may well lead into good combos or a down air to ringout excessive harm or offstage opponents. Once a combo is began, two hits of grounded aspect assault combo into down assault, permitting Morty to reset the combo with extra aspect assaults.

Using down particular to save lots of allies from getting rung out is among the most vital elements of Morty’s high-level gameplan, as it may well win an in depth recreation. Using down assault to cleanse frozen, burning or weakened enemies is one other nice type of utility. Against excessive harm opponents, up air and down air are a few of Morty’s finest ringout strikes, with giant hitboxes and comparatively fast startup instances.

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Ideal Partners for Morty

As a midrange specialist, Morty can work effectively with frontline fighters and backline projectile flingers. His air aspect particular is very useful when teaming with mages like Bugs Bunny, who will admire having their onslaught of projectiles sped up by Morty’s portal.

Any frontline fighter that may absorb consideration whereas Morty units up grenades can be a superb accomplice, so tanks characters and sure bruisers like Shaggy work effectively too. Though Morty is among the most complex characters in MultiVersus, his potential energy is immense as soon as mastered.


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