One Piece Live Action Series
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Last Updated: 10 months ago

Now that the official release date has been set for 2023, fans are eagerly sharing their hopes and wish for the One Piece live-action Netflix series on social media. Many people appear to be pleased by the fact that the series was created by true fans and are expecting that this will result in a level of excellence that surpasses that of earlier generic live-action versions.

The One Piece live-action series’ followers are also fervently debating what they anticipate the first season to address. Although there isn’t a trailer yet, fans are aware that there will be ten episodes in all in the first season. Similar to how set leaks from the show’s filming process reveal how deeply the first season will go into the original material.

Combining these two offers viewers an indication of the material that the first season will cover as well as what, depending on the rate of adaption, a hypothetical second season may cover. What will be covered in the One Piece live-action Netflix series has been a hotly contested issue among the series’ fandom ever since it was initially announced.

The fact that every fan seemed to have a different opinion on how the series should end, which also affected how much time was spent on each arc, didn’t help. 

Others thought the show could wrap up abruptly with the Whiskey Peak storyline, allowing the second season to start the Alabasta narrative in its final episodes, most likely with Luffy’s first encounter with Crocodile as the series’ climax.

This would enable the show to leave fans on cliffhangers with Luffy’s apparent demise and build up a dramatic third season as the Alabasta arc’s conclusion. Such judgments, nevertheless, were largely established before the One Piece live-action set leaks became widely publicized.

Well-known sites like the Baratie (where Sanji was first introduced), Syrup Village, and Foosha Village (Luffy’s, Fluffy’s, and Usopp’s, respectively) were developed and eventually shown to the public. The design of Monkey D. Garp’s spacecraft, which suggested one of three production options, was particularly instructive. 

The live-action series will rearrange several canonical events, to start. For instance, the first appearance of Garp’s Marine ship occurs after the Whiskey Peak arc, in the anime or manga’s chapter 92 or episode 68, respectively.

The second is that new live-action scenes focused on Garp and probably Luffy will be included in the One Piece live-action series. The third and last possibility is that, for whatever reason, the Whiskey Peak set did not leak.

Although regrettable, this also happened with the ArlongParkarc set, which fans are optimistic will be incorporated into the first season of the series given the Loguetown set leak.


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