Paper Dolls Original - Note Locations And Puzzle Locations

By Oymon

A full information for the sport in English, containing all puzzle options and word places.

Entrance Corridor

After the intro scene you’ll get up within the Entrance Corridor of a spooky and mysterious mansion. One the ground in entrance of you is the Flashlight, which it is best to decide up straight away in any other case you received’t be capable to see something.

Now that we now have a light-weight we are able to lastly begin correctly trying across the place. Flip to your proper and also you’ll discover a tall desk subsequent to a small candle. On the desk is a Puzzle Be aware:


‘These are Origami Gold Nuggets. In Chinese language tradition, folks provide these to the useless. As a way to preserve them from needing cash within the underworld, this Origami could be burned to carry wealth to the useless.’

To the proper of that’s the candle I discussed earlier, and proper subsequent to that may be a Match. Upon getting it, apply it to the Candle straight away, as not solely is {that a} good supply of sunshine we’ll be utilizing it to unravel a puzzle later.

Flip to the proper of the candle and also you’ll see what seems to be like a useless physique with the pinnacle minimize off! However, upon nearer inspection, you’ll really nothing that’s it’s simply one of many titular Paper Dolls from the sport title. Good to see it wasn’t false promoting at the very least!

Subsequent to the Paper Doll is a small desk, on which you could find the Cursed Doll 8 merchandise.

Proceed previous the small desk right here to a different one with a Puzzle Be aware on it:

Gramophone Promoting

‘Extreme warmth would possibly warp this vinyl report.’

Somewhat to the proper of right here, and in opposition to the far wall, you’ll see two giant crimson wardrobes. The one on the left is empty, however you’ll discover that the one on the proper as a bloodstain close to the highest. Open it up and inside you could find the Warped Vinyl.

From these two wardrobes, flip left and proceed your method anti-clockwise across the room. You’ll discover one other two wardrobes behind the small wall right here. The left one has a gap in it the place some bugs guard an merchandise that you simply sadly received’t be capable to attain simply but. The precise one will include the Pile Of Paper Ingots, which is able to turn out to be useful actual quickly. Additionally, test the little shelf between the 2 wardrobes to search out one other Match. Lastly, reverse the right-most wardrobe is a Fabric Strip tucked away in a gap within the wall.

Proceed across the room and also you’ll see the previous Gramophone, which we’ll be utilizing quickly, however checking the cupboard underneath it’ll web you a second Pile Of Paper Ingots. Subsequent to that you simply’ll discover yet one more two wardrobes. The precise one is empty this time, however the left one comprises the Cursed Doll 4, and the Lock And Key Main Be aware, which tells you easy methods to match keys and locks.

With all these objects collected, time to get to work utilizing them!

First, head over to the candle we lit earlier and use the Warped Vinyl on it to, nicely, un-warp it I assume, and get the common previous Vinyl.

Subsequent, transfer to the decapitated Paper Doll. Proper subsequent to it you’ll see a small little steel hearth bowl. Throw in each Pile Of Paper Ingots after which use the spare Match to gentle them on hearth. Your generosity might be rewarded with some Insecticide.

Go round to the opposite facet of the room and use the Insecticide on the bugs within the wardrobe with the outlet in it. As soon as they buzz off, you’ll be able to seize the Deal with.

Lastly, head over to the Gramophone and first place the Vinyl there, after which the Deal with. As soon as each are in place utilizing the deal with will immediate a small QTE, and that can in flip trigger the deal with to interrupt. However you’ll be able to restore that simply sufficient with the Fabric Strip, permitting you to finish the QTE, get the gramophone going and web the Copper Key 3 as your reward.

Flip to your proper and it is best to see the Copper Lock on the far wall. Wander over and use your new key to open it up, lastly permitting you entry to a brand new room.

Save Room

Because the title implies that is the room the place it can save you the sport. Not solely that, however coming into this room at any time will trigger any ghosts which have spawned on the earth to despawn, providing you with some much-needed respiratory area to maintain investigating.

There’s additionally a number of objects and notes right here…

First, on the small desk to the left of the massive desk there’s an Archive Be aware:

Yin Zhong

‘The Lord requested Yin to test the stock within the treasury.’

On the small desk to the proper of the massive desk there’s one other Archive Be aware:

ID Card 3

‘Boy Attendant: Ming’

On the massive desk itself you could find the Cursed Doll 2 and a Match, which it is best to use straight away to gentle the close by candle. The draw proper beneath the candle could be opened, and inside is the Brass Key 2.

Final, however under no circumstances least; now that the candle has been lit we are able to use it to gentle in close by incense and save our recreation! I like to recommend saving as typically as potential, as there’s no actual penalty for doing so, and I do not suppose there are any auto-save factors.

With all that sorted, go away the Save Room the best way you entered and switch to the proper to see one other locked door you can open along with your Brass Key 2.

Tea Home

To your proper is a locked door that we are able to’t open but, so transfer ahead to the tip of the little hall and switch left. On the left here’s a cupboard with two attracts, each of which include a word. Within the left one you could find an Archive Be aware:

ID Card 5

‘Maid: Ding Xiang’

And the one on the proper comprises a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 7

‘It’s been a very long time the Madam has didn’t conceive. How did she get pregnant as quickly because the painter got here alongside? Didn’t the Lord suppose something of it…’

Subsequent to the cupboard is a small desk with yet one more Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 14

‘Loopy! They’re all loopy! One thing positively occurred upstairs!’

Whenever you decide up this word it’ll set off a QTE, so be able to press buttons!

When you’ve handled the ghost and it’s run off, return again to the small desk and it’s also possible to get the Bandage, which we’ll be needing quickly sufficient.

Flip to your proper till you notice the chair with a yellowish fabric in it. Examine shut as there’s one other Archive Be aware hidden underneath it:

ID Card 2

‘Nanny: Chen’

Flip to face down the lengthy room and head on down. To your proper in one other cupboard, on which sits the Cursed Doll 3.

Simply past that on the left is one other candle, however sadly we now have no match with which to gentle it. However proper subsequent to it’s one other Archive Be aware:

Nanny Chen

‘Nanny Chen boiled medication within the tea home and carried it to the Madam earlier than midday.’

Proceed additional into the room and the desk on the finish has the Cursed Doll 6 on it. On the opposite facet of the desk is a small field you can divulge heart’s contents to discover a Match inside, which it is best to use to gentle up the close by candle. You also needs to discover the dripping sound coming from a small bowl stuffed with water, however we don’t want to make use of that simply but.

There’s additionally a wardrobe at this finish of the room, which comprises one other Paper Doll. Possibly preserve it closed for now…

Head again down the room and close to to the candle is a door to undergo.

Flip left on this lengthy hall and on the finish you’ll have a small cutscene. Sadly seems to be like we are able to’t get in that room proper now, and received’t be anytime quickly.

Flip round and go to the far finish of the hall to search out an open door.

Visitor Room

This room is fairly small, however there’s lots to do in right here. To your proper is a wardrobe that, whereas empty, would possibly make an excellent hiding spot when the ghosties come chasing.

To the left is a cupboard with Cursed Doll 7 on it, in addition to a Diary word:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 17

‘I noticed Nanny Chen following Ding Xiang into the room, was it…’

There’s additionally the place it’s essential use all these Cursed Dolls, however we don’t have all of them but so there’s little level.

Additional into room and in your left is a small mattress the place you could find a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 17

‘Ding Xiang is getting prettier with age. A woman’s bodily look modifications quickly by way of the years. She seems to be extra like a wealthy woman than a servant.’

Flip round and you could find a number of issues on the desk together with the Cursed Doll 5, the ultimate one, and a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 9

‘I can strive the curse recorded on the traditional books. What I would like is a number of picket dolls and a few silver needles. The 2 arms of the dolls a lot weigh the identical as one leg, I needs to be cautious whereas making it…’

Properly, that looks as if a reasonably good clue.

Two of the attracts will open up with goodies too. The left one has a Match for the close by Candle, and the proper draw has a Home Map, which goes to turn out to be useful on this little journey, imagine me!

Now, with all of our little dolls in hand, we are able to resolve the little puzzle on the cupboard on this room.

Interacting with it’ll place all of the dolls onto the scales after which require you to stability the entire thing out. Now, I do not know if the position of the dolls is randomised once you place them on the scales or not, so I’ll simply describe the overall thought of what you’re on the lookout for.

Clearly it’s essential stability each side of the scales, so the simplest method to do that is to have a look at the dolls legs and arms. Dolls will both have two arms or no arms, and both two legs, one leg or no legs in any respect.

As there are a complete of eight arms and twelve legs, an accurate stability on each side ought to have 4 arms and 6 legs.

When you’ve gotten the right stability for the little dolls, the draw above will open permitting you to seize the Copper Key 4.

Head again to the Tea Room and use the important thing on the locked door in right here.

Exhibition Room 1 (???)

Whenever you stroll into the room you’ll hear amusing and the pinnacle of the Paper Doll from the Entrance Corridor will drop down. The sunshine will fade and, with none warning you’ll immediately end up in a distinct place…with some slightly creepy fingers wiggling round on the ceiling. Attempting to go away the room simply will get your teleported again inside, so we’re going to must work out easy methods to get out of right here one other method.

Additionally price noting that this model of the room is exclusive and all of the objects and notes inside will disappear when you resolve the room’s puzzle.

With that, very first thing to get is an Archive Be aware, which you could find underneath the pot on the proper facet of the small mirror.

ID Card 1

‘Visitor: Mr. Liu’

You can even discover a Match contained in the pot on the left facet of the mirror. Nevertheless, whereas it might be tempting to make use of this to gentle up the close by candle I’d really suggest holding off for now. As talked about earlier than, the whole lot on this room is misplaced as soon as the puzzle is solved and that features the lighting of the candle.

Now with a view to get out of right here it’s a must to flip off your flashlight and work together with the mirror. As you flip it left and proper, it is best to discover that one of many doorways on both facet of you is lit with a faint inexperienced gentle. You need to undergo this door, which I feel is randomised every time. You’ll wind up in the identical room once more and must repeat the trick with the mirror and discovering the inexperienced gentle.

Additionally, if you happen to undergo the flawed door at any level the fingers on the ceiling will swipe at you. Whereas it seems to be like they’re doing you harm, they’re not likely. However what does occur is that the ceiling begins slowly reducing down, basically kicking off a slightly gradual time restrict, as if the ceiling will get too low you’ll die. And for every time you get it flawed the ceiling will drop down a piece too.

Going by way of the right door a complete of thrice will break the mirror and allow you to into the actual model of the room.

East Corridor

Now that we’re in the actual East Corridor, you’ll be able to lastly use that match you picked up earlier than to gentle the Candle right here.

On the left facet of the now shattered mirror is an Archive Be aware:

Mr. Liu

‘Mr. Liu cleaned the exhibition corridor within the morning.’

To the proper of the smashed mirror is the Brass Key 3, and tucked within the chair on the proper of that may be a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 4

‘The vase on the desk of the keeper’s room can’t be eliminated. Final time, Ming was trapped within the again room for doing simply that.’

With all these issues collected now you can unlock the door.

Keeper’s Room/Hallway

Flip proper and head down the hall. On the left right here you could find a small shelf with an Archive Be aware:

Nanny Chen’s Treasure

‘The prayer beads by no means stop to go away Nanny Chen’s fingers.’

And within the wardrobe reverse you could find a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 11

‘Steward Yin forbids anybody from going upstairs, and no person has come down, one thing unusual is happening in the home.’

Proceed on into the precise Keeper’s Room, and on a small desk you could find an Archive Be aware:

ID Card 4

‘Guardian: Wang Yong’

On the far finish of the room you’ll hear the jingling of bells, however you’ll be able to ignore it for now. The desk right here ought to have a Puzzle Be aware, the Tiger Bell File, when you’ll additionally see acts as an merchandise too. We’ll must work out easy methods to reveal the lacking a part of the answer.

You can even see a yellow-ish fabric simply mendacity on the desk right here, and if you happen to work together with it it’ll reveal itself to be a ghost in disguise, however a fast QTE will make it go away. Or you’ll be able to ignore it, your name.

Subsequent to this, on a small pedestal, is an Empty Vase which we’ll want for later.

Head again to the door to the East Corridor. Now, in order for you you’ll be able to preserve going previous it, the place you’ll get a small cutscene of a Paper Doll sliding away right into a room you’ll be able to’t presently get into. We’ll get to that room later.

The place it’s essential go is thru the door proper subsequent to the one into the East Corridor, which leads into a brief hall. Flip left right here, and the second door alongside in your left could be unlocked permitting entry again into the Entrance Corridor. Additionally, if you happen to return into what’s the first door you handed you’ll be able to go into yet one more hall, and the door in your proper right here may also be unlocked permitting simpler entry into the Entrance Corridor from varied instructions.

Now that we’re again within the Entrance Corridor and acquainted territory, head again to the Tea Home. Keep in mind that bowl of water behind the room? Head there and you need to use each the Tiger Bell File and the Empty Vase on it to get the Full Tiger Bell File and Water-Crammed Vase respectively.

We’ll use each of these later.

Head by way of the door subsequent to the candle, into the lengthy hall on the left of the map, and switch proper, utilizing your key to unlock the locked door your see in your proper simply forward.

Important Hall

Whereas this space isn’t formally named, I feel it’s sufficiently big to rely.

Head ahead into the primary giant space of this room, and also you’ll see two crimson wardrobes flanking some stairs. The one on the proper is empty, however can be utilized as a hiding place if wants be, however the left one has an Archive Be aware:


‘The Lord requested Ming to recite articles within the research.’

Ignore the steps for now and go down the hall reverse them. On the far finish of the hall you could find two doorways to unlock; one which results in the hall we had been in earlier, and the opposite leads into the Save Room. Additionally, on the desk with the vase subsequent to the Save Room door is a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 5

‘If there was no birthmark on the Madam’s face, she would have been a uncommon magnificence.’

Additionally on this a part of the room you’ll be able to spy a big clock in a single nook, which is ghost in disguise, so take care until you wish to cope with a QTE.

Now that the doorways are open we are able to no head up the steps. On the high you’ll see a stuffed bunny simply sitting on the ground. Whenever you study it you’ll be attacked by a ghost, and must do a small QTE to get free. When you’re again in management a ghost might be chasing you, so begin by operating away. You possibly can both run into the Visitor Room and conceal within the wardrobe right here or, as I like to recommend, run the opposite method, by way of the Tea Home and into the Save Room.

Bear in mind, coming into the Save Room at any level will trigger the ghost to despawn.

Additionally price noting that as of now that ghost might be patrolling the halls and rooms of the constructing, so preserve an ear out for footsteps to sign he’s close by. Additionally, any lit candles within the space will glow blue when a ghost is close to. Advised you to gentle them for a motive.

When you’ve misplaced the ghost you’ll discover that the Vajvakilaka has appeared in your stock. It was the knife that you simply received stabbed with throughout the QTE on the stairs. We’ll be utilizing this rather a lot by way of the remainder of our little journey.

Talking of which, our hand can also be hurting fairly badly now, so I’d suggest utilizing the Bandage to wrap it up and cease all that pesky bleeding.

Now, head again to the Keeper’s Room/Hallway space head over to the door that results in the Maids Room. To get in right here we’re going to have to unravel a bit puzzle.

It’s easy sufficient actually, because the clue to fixing it lies within the Full Tiger Bell File. Whenever you have a look at the Full Tiger Bell File you’ll discover that there’s a bunch of random colored shapes, and also you’ll additionally discover that the door to the Maids Room is surrounded by bells with equally colored ropes.

As you’ll be able to think about, it’s a must to rely what number of of every color seem on the Full Tiger Bell File to work out the order through which it’s a must to hit the bells on the door. However to really hit them it’s a must to use the Vajvakilaka.

The order is as follows: Pink, Inexperienced, Orange, Yellow, Aqua, Purple.

Maids Room

As you stroll into the room you’ll hear the tell-tale footsteps of an approaching ghost, which I’m fairly certain is scripted to indicate up once you enter this room. To your left it is best to see a crimson wardrobe you can open up and conceal inside till he’s gone.

As soon as the footsteps have pale away you’re free to discover the room correctly.

There’s a big mattress in a single nook of the room the place you’ll be able to see a crimson fabric with an Archive Be aware underneath it:

Ding Xiang

‘Ding Xiang fetched the Madam’s portrait from the gallery.’

Simply to the proper of that may be a Match on high of the little stack of containers, which you’ll the flip round and use on the candle on the alternative facet of the room.

To the left of the candle on the loom is one other Archive Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Treasure

‘Mr. Liu takes excessive care of his beard. Each time I’ve seen him he’s at all times combing his lengthy beard…’

To the proper of the candle is a small field which you’ll open for Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 13

‘It looks as if the painter and the madam had an affair, so the steward took them away! Why did you kill your self, Ding Xiang? As a way to save the painter, you requested Ming to steal the important thing of the treasure…’

And on the mirror close by is a Puzzle Be aware:

Sealing Measures

‘The souls are all simply illusions, their appeals haven’t any place to settle, with time shifting on, they develop into devils simply operating about. This artefact can evoke souls, remove void and obsession. Nevertheless, for the souls with hostility shaped by way of obsession, they first should be sealed earlier than being destroyed. Make a paperman utilizing bamboo and white sheet, and lure the soul along with his/her treasured possession. When a sound of buss comes out of the artefact, the soul is sealed, then you definitely dissipate his/her hostility, and…(Mr. Liu is within the corridor)’

This one is actually telling us that we have to seal away the ghosts utilizing the titular Paper Dolls which are scattered concerning the place. Lastly, on the desk there are two objects; the Comb and a few Black Sugar.

With all that, we now have the data to begin sealing away ghosts, and the means to do one already!

Head again to the From Corridor and the Paper Doll that simply mendacity on the ground close to the primary entrance. Use the Comb on it, and also you’ll get a small QTE the place it’s a must to press the proper buttons to seal it away.

Finishing it lastly seals away Mr. Liu, and along with his ghost gone we are able to now correctly enter Exhibition Corridor 1, so head again to the Tea Home and head inside.

Exhibition Room 1

With Mr. Liu gone, we are able to now correctly discover this room with out him teleporting us away on a regular basis.

On the chair reverse once you walked in you could find a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 2

‘Ming typically hides within the cupboard to do pranks! However Ding Xiang at all times sticks up for him and provides him candies. Ming is naughty however typically leaves the research key in Nanny Chen’s fingers.’

On the shelf on one facet of the room is a small clock, however that is really a ghost in disguise who’ll assault you and drive a QTE if you happen to work together with it. There’s additionally a small field right here nevertheless it’s locked for now.

Most significantly it’s also possible to decide up a Match right here too, which is kinda particular. When you use the Match to gentle up the close by candle, which I’d suggest, you’ll discover that it’ll magically pop again into existence.

Why? As a result of we’d like a match to unravel a puzzle, so this one will regenerate till we do.

Talking of which, reverse all these items is a big dresser you can work together with. The cabinet itself is tied up tight with a small rope, however we may at all times use a match to burn the rope away. Nevertheless there’s additionally water dripping from the ceiling, which places out the fireplace if we strive.

Fortunately there’s a ebook on the higher a part of the dresser you can transfer round. As you would possibly anticipate, if you happen to transfer the ebook to the bottom-middle of the cabinets, it sits proper over the place the place the water drips down, permitting as much as gentle up the rope and open the cabinet.

Inside you could find two issues, the primary one which is an Archive Be aware:

ID Card 6

‘Steward: Yin Zhong’

The opposite merchandise is a bit trickier to get, however it’s essential use the Black Sugar on the pinnacle to get it to drop the Brass Key 4.

With this key we are able to now entry the Warehouse within the far nook of the map, so from leaving this room this room flip left, undergo the door right here and straight forward to the door on the opposite facet of the Entrance Corridor. Flip proper previous this door and the door on the finish of the hall is the one you’re on the lookout for.


There are two wardrobes on this room which, whereas each being empty, it is best to in all probability open up in case a ghost occurs to wander into the room.

Proper subsequent to the door is a big pot with a candle on high of it, and proper subsequent to that’s an Archive Be aware:

Wang Yong

‘Many extra bugs have appeared within the warehouse, Wang Yong was answerable for exterminating the bugs.’

Additional alongside this wall is a small desk with one other Archive Be aware:

Ming’s Treasure

‘The silver bracelets on Ming’s wrists appear to be his closest possession since he was adopted.’

To the proper of it is a field containing the Prayer Beads and the Casket Key.

You may additionally spy a key on the small desk reverse, however if you happen to attempt to seize it a ghost will assault you, so finest to go away it for now.

With each objects in tow, there are a few issues we are able to do.

First off let’s returns to Exhibition Corridor 1, and use the Casket Key on the little field on the shelf. Inside you could find the Silver Bracelets, and a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 12

‘On all wet days, the rain leaks from the tea home, and I may even hear the drips within the exhibition corridor, which actually annoys me. I didn’t permit anybody to enter the exhibition corridor once I was in there alone!’

Subsequent, head again to the Tea Home. Behind the room is the wardrobe I discussed earlier with the Paper Doll inside. Utilizing the Prayer Beads will let you seal away yet one more spirit, and this one will even be variety sufficient to drop the Brass Key 5 on your troubles.

This key lets us entry the Examine, nevertheless we are able to’t really get in there but because the door is blocked and we have to seal away one other spirit first!

Begin by heading again to the Keeper’s Room. Within the nook of this room is the little pedestal the place you took the Empty Vase earlier. Place the Water-filled Vase in the identical spot and a hidden door will open up.

This little room is basically empty, and the one merchandise we do have in right here can’t be eliminated with out the door locking behind us so we’d higher go away it.

There’s nevertheless a brand new Paper Doll that we are able to use the Silver Bracelet on to seal away. As soon as that is carried out nevertheless, we’ll be attacked by a brand new ghost and must QTE our method out of bother!

This ghost can even be part of the opposite ghost in randomly wandering round, and she or he has a lot quieter footsteps, so preserve an ear open for her.

With three ghosts now sealed we’re nicely on our method. Now to get to the Examine; go away the key room after which undergo the close by door. Go a bit proper and down the hall, after which flip proper down the following one to succeed in the Examine door.


Flip proper as you enter, and also you’ll see a typical crimson wardrobe right here. Whereas it’s empty, it’s a good suggestion to go away it open as ghosts like to wandering into the room from time to time.

Reverse them it’s a small desk the place you could find a Match. Now, on both facet of this desk you’ll be able to see two photos hanging from the wall. Look at the one on the left and also you’ll discover you’ll be able to tear open a small gap in it, and checking the one on the proper will let you decide up the Portray Scroll.

Head over to the opposite facet of the room and you may gentle a candle on the desk there, and make word of the clock in a single nook, which we’ll be utilizing later. Examine the attracts of that desk for a Match and an Archive Be aware:

Wang Yong’s Treasure

‘Wang Yong typically stays in his room on their lonesome, taking out the navy token, recalling the previous days when he adopted the Lord throughout the conflict.’

Flip round from the desk and look to the left for a few attracts within the dresser close by. The one on the proper has a Damaged Firecracker, and the one on the left holds a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 10

‘Ming virtually blew up the roof throughout the spring competition. I can’t belief Wang with making firecrackers anymore. Subsequent time I’ll purchase some fireworks from downtown.’

On the alternative facet of the desk is one other dresser with two attracts. The left one has yet one more Match, and the proper on has one other Archive Be aware:

Yin Zhong’s Treasure

‘Aside from the Lord and Madam, solely Yin Zhong has the keys to the treasure, and he retains the keys very near him.’

You might also discover subsequent to the chair behind the desk is one other Portray Scroll that we are able to purchase, however as we solely want one there’s no level in letting a second clog up your stock.

With the Damaged Firecracker we are able to now head again to the Keeper’s Room and the little secret room inside. Decide up the Firecracker and put the Damaged Firecracker as an alternative, permitting you to go away the room. Now head again to the Examine and place the Firecracker within the small gap within the wall close to the small desk. Whereas the temptation may be to simply gentle it up, bear in mind how that diary items talked about them being harmful? Properly, place the Portray Scroll over it and light-weight that up as an alternative. I like to recommend then retreating at pace into the close by wardrobe. Partially as a result of this’ll put you far sufficient away from the growth to outlive, but additionally as a result of when the growth goes bang it’ll summon a ghost to the room and also you’ll want to cover till it goes away.

When you’ll be able to go away the wardrobe, you’ll see that the growth labored, however now there’s a giant serving to of fireside in the best way. Fortunately we all know of an excellent place the place there’s lots of water.

Head to the Tea Home and seize the Water-filler Copper Basin from the again of the room close to the wardrobe with the sealed Paper Doll in it.

Take this again to the Examine and apply it to the fireplace. Contained in the small little room here’s a wardrobe you’ll be able to divulge heart’s contents to discover the Copper Key 5 inside, which is able to permit us into Exhibition Corridor 2. So head round to Exhibition Corridor 1 and unlock the door there.

Exhibition Corridor 2

Very first thing to do is flip proper and go to the opposite facet of the room to unlock the door into the Save Room so you’ll be able to nip in there to eliminate any ghost that may spawn, which they do incessantly when you’re in right here.

Now, on this room you’ll be able to see three wardrobes lining one wall, two of which you’ll open and discover empty, and the center one is locked. We’ll be needing to open that quickly as soon as we get previous a number of points.

On the alternative facet of the room to the three wardrobes are two extra, the proper one in all which comprises a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 15

‘Wang Yong has been guarding the warehouse all alongside, I’ve no entry to the treasure! Overlook it! The financial savings are sufficient for me to discover a higher place.’

Close to them is a small desk with one thing seems to be like a hammer. Below that, on the decrease a part of the desk is a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 15

‘Nowadays the madam is ill, she doesn’t hear something we are saying, Nanny Chen has requested me to extend her medication dose…’

On the dresser close by you could find the Caught Picket Tag, and the center of the little tables has a clock on it. Open it up and inside you’ll discover a Puzzle Be aware:

Exhibition Corridor Verse

‘What if I examine it with the picket appeal?’

We’ll be utilizing this later (theoretically), however on the following desk is a chook cage with Picket Tag 4 in it.

Lastly, close to to the birdcage is a desk with a Match and a red-coloured candle that it is best to gentle straight away. Use the Caught Picket Tag on the lit candle to get Wax-filled Picket Tag 1 and Wax-filled Picket Tag 2.

You could discover that we’re lacking one tag after all, and for that it’s essential go and take a look on the clock. The fingers might be set to a random time, so bear in mind what it’s and take that data all the best way again to the Examine. Take a look at the clock in right here and set it to the identical time to open it up and seize the Picket Tag 3.

Take this all the best way again to Exhibition Corridor 2.

Now, pricey readers, it’s time for us to unravel the worst puzzle in the entire recreation (and if I needed to guess the rationale you’re presently studying this information).

We’ve received our 4 tags (the 2 with wax ought to not have any anymore, so don’t fear about that), and within the Exhibition Corridor 2 there are 4 picket pillars with sq. holes in; three on one wall and a forth on the alternative wall.

As you’ll be able to think about it’s a must to put the 4 Picket Tags into these holes in the proper order.

However there are two points with that. The primary one is that they don’t keep put once you place them. Fortunately that is simply solved utilizing the crimson candle within the room. Utilizing any Picket Tag on the candle will put some wax on its again, permitting you to stay it into place. Though that is annoyingly solely non permanent they usually do ultimately fall out once more after a minute or so.

The one drawback is that the clue to serving to you resolve this little puzzle is in Chinese language, the native language of the video games creators, and in contrast to all the opposite puzzles, this one doesn’t get any further assist or translation that can assist you work it out!

You could possibly spend half an hour attempting to brute drive your solution to a solution after all, it’s solely 24 totally different combos. Though it’s slightly tedious having to dodge ghosts and wax up the tags on a regular basis.

Okay so, right here’s a quick clarification of what I feel the puzzle is attempting to get you to do:

In accordance with Adelaide within the Steam boards for this recreation, the 4 tags can mix to spell the phrases ‘Open Door’, which means the doorways of the wardrobe. Tags 1, 2 and three are one image and 4 is the opposite. You’ll want to place these tags to spell out these phrases.

Get it?

No, me neither.

So right here’s what you really must do:

When dealing with the wall with the three pillars, place Tag 1 on the left, Tag 3 within the center and Tag 2 on the proper. Then flip round and place Tag 4 all by its lonesome on the alternative wall.

Placing all of them in place will open the wardrobe and let you seize the Brass Key 1.

With that new key, head again over to the hall outdoors the Warehouse and you may unlock the door to the Armoury.


As you stroll into the room, simply in entrance of you may be a Token resting subsequent to a spear. Whenever you seize it the doorways behind you’ll burst open and male ghost that’s been wandering across the halls might be heading proper to you! Shortly run into the room and use the Token on the Paper Doll within the nook. Full the QTE rapidly to dispel the ghost that’s coming to kill you.

Now that the ghost is out of the best way, head into the Warehouse. With the spare Match you picked up earlier you’ll be able to lastly gentle the candle on this room, and within the far nook you’ll be able to lastly seize Copper Key 1. Heading out of the room you’ll be able to open the door in your proper.


All three of the wardrobes on this room are empty, for the report, however having them open to cover in on the off probability you hear footsteps is a good suggestion.

In your proper as you stroll in is a Puzzle Be aware subsequent to the candle:

Cloakroom Verse

‘Somebody circled the third phrase and wrote the quantity “3” subsequent to it.’

Additional up on the proper is one other Puzzle Be aware:

Cloakroom Passcode

‘The identical phrases with the poem from the Cloak Room.’

Behind you from this word you’ll be able to see the lid of a trunk resting on the partition. It’s very laborious to see until you’re shut, nevertheless it’s a Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 6

‘I should be having delusions…just lately I’ve been seeing Ding Xiang wandering within the gallery, though she has already died…’

Behind the room you could find two extra Notes. An Archive Be aware:

Ding Xiang’s Treasure

‘Ding Xiang…treats the portrait I gave her like a treasure.’

And a 3rd Puzzle Be aware:

Sample Code

‘The quantity 3 is counted from the underside.’

Subsequent to this word you’ll see a big gadget with dozens of little photos you can transfer round, with 4 skinny slots alongside the underside, subsequent to some photos positioned alongside there too.

As you may think we now have to select the right 4 photos from the set on the high to match up with those on the backside. Besides it’s really a bit extra sophisticated than that.

As a way to work out which photos go along with which, it’s a must to use these three Puzzle Notes that you simply simply picked up. First, let’s have a look at the Passcode Be aware; as you’ll be able to see there are clearly eight giant symbols on it, organized in pairs. So these symbols clearly seek advice from the eight photos we have to transfer round. However How?

Properly, if you happen to have a look at the Verse Be aware you’ll be able to see that these eight symbols additionally seem on this Be aware too in varied locations. This Be aware additionally has the quantity three assigned to one of many symbols on it. If that is the third image then it’s protected to imagine that the counting order begins on the top-right and goes down every column shifting to the left. As a side-note that is how Chinese language writing works.

So, based mostly on that we are able to change the symbols from the Passcode Be aware as follows: 15 and three, 23 and 10, 11 and 15, 6 and 22. Nevertheless, as we solely must put in a single set of images, those within the slots, so we solely want the set on the left of the Passcode web page, being: 15, 23, 11, and 6.

Lastly we are able to take these numbers to the Sample Code Be aware and apply them right here. As you’ll be able to see by the place of the quantity three on this Be aware, it’s a must to rely from the bottom-left, going up every column and shifting proper. I assume the change is to make it much less apparent or one thing.

So, now that we all know which symbols are paired with one another, all we now must do is place them within the field and it’ll open up!

The positions of the photographs are all sadly randomised, so I can’t information you to precisely which one goes the place.

What I’ll say is don’t let the puzzle idiot you! Though you may not suppose it, it’s also possible to transfer the 4 photos subsequent to the 4 slots too! You’ll must, because the left-most slot wants the third image alongside the underside. Cheeky!

The second image seems to be like 4 dots, the third has a big leaf on it, and the fourth one is kinda like a flowery solar.

Simply examine the symbols and the photographs and it is best to get it.

Inside you’ll discover the Portrait.

With that now in tow, go away the Cloakroom, flip proper and undergo the door forward, then flip left and thru the door forward once more. Now flip proper, then proper down the hall forward of you. Go across the nook and as you strategy the door it’ll open all by itself…


Prepare for a boss combat!

Earlier than you work together with the Paper Doll right here to seal it away, head round to desk on the right-hand facet and you could find a Diary Be aware hidden between two scrolls:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 3

‘Ever for the reason that miscarriage, Madam has turned extra silent. She typically blindly glares at kids’s toys, and screams insanely.’

Everytime you’re prepared, work together with the Paper Doll and attempt to seal it away utilizing the Portrait…

Whenever you attempt to seal her away nevertheless you’ll discover that it doesn’t fairly work, and immediately three shadowy variations of her seem within the space; two within the Gallery itself and one out within the hall.

Begin by attempting to seal one in all these away utilizing the same old technique, and once you to the ghost will seem and attempt to assault you!

Your aim now’s to seal away all three of the shadowy ghosts, white the precise ghost floats round and undoes what you’re doing! So it’s a must to transfer rapidly to seal away all three!

As soon as all three are sealed away, you’ll then must do the identical to the Paper Doll once more, this time with the ghost straight attempting to cease you, including to extra QTE stuff when you’re doing it.

As soon as she’s sealed away she’ll drop the Keychain.

You now have free reign to discover all the map now!

No pesky ghosts, no extra puzzles, and all of the room, save for one, are unlocked and open to you!

So be happy to wander round, accumulate any Notes you might need missed (which shouldn’t be any because of my information), after which head to the Treasury within the backside nook of the map, simply off of the Tea Home.


That is it, the ultimate room!

As you stroll inside you’ll see one ultimate Paper Doll to seal away, however earlier than you do head into the again of the room and have a look at the right-hand facet of the shelf there to get one ultimate Diary Be aware:

Mr. Liu’s Diary 16

‘The Lord actually loves his spouse. As a way to make her pleased, he raised a theatrical troupe of the second ground!’

When you don’t comprehend it but, this may come into play within the sequel.

Anyway, flip round to get to sealing up that ultimate ghost utilizing the Keychain. Simply word that once you do you’re locked into the endgame.

The ghost will slightly ominously let you know to go upstairs, so there’s no time like the current!

As you permit the room nevertheless issues will kick into excessive gear and a chase sequence will begin, the place it’s essential run away from ghosts and react rapidly to numerous QTEs, so be prepared!

Forward of you one of many ghosts from earlier than will seem within the hall, so take a detour into the Tea Home. There’ll be a fast QTE as a chair will get thrown at you. Run into the Entrance Corridor and different ghost will block you from coming into the Save Room, so flip left and had round previous the primary entrance, which one other ghost will crawl by way of, and also you’ll get one other QTE as a door flies at you. A ghost will emerge from the damaged doorway, however you’ll be able to go round her and into do you the proper. Flip left in right here, undergo the door after which by way of the door simply to your proper into the Keeper’s Room/Hallway space. Flip left in right here, dodging one other QTE, and into the Keeper’s Room correct. Undergo the door right here into the Important Corridor and head straight for the steps. There’s be one ultimate QTE on the steps, however get previous that and you may had round to the proper on the high of the steps and head up the second set of stairs to finish the sport!


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