Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition - Mystery Portal Rotation Calendar Guide
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Last Updated: 2 years ago

In 2020, the Mystery Portal was changed to how it works now as PopCap had moved on to PvZ Battle for Neighborville. The Mystery Portal goes through a cycle that contains 7 of the super mix modes that were ran in the past, but unforunately boss hunt and cats vs dinos do not show up in this rotation making these achievements impossible to get without modding. (Also this is my first guide so there might be errors)


This mode shows up on January and August. In this mode you can only play as either the new plants introduced in this game (Rose, Citron, and Kernal Corn), and the old zombies from the first Garden Warfare (Foot Soldier, All-Star, Engineer, and Scientist). Additionally, you only play on Gardens & Graveyards and everyone has a speed boost.

Get-Off-My-Lawn-A-Thon Part 2

This mode is similar to the first part of Get-Off-My-Lawn-A-Thon, but now you can only play as the old plants (Peashooter, Sunflower, Chomper, and Cactus) and the new zombies (Imp, Super Brainz, and Captain Deadbeard). The mode you play is Turf Takeover and there is also a speed boost for everyone and this mode shows up on Februaryand September.

Legends of the Brawl

This mode shows up on March and October and you play Team Vanquish in this mode. You can’t choose what character you play as, and every time you respawn you end up playing a new character. The only characters that can show up in this mode are most of the legendary and special characters.

Capture the Taco

This mode is special, as it is the only exclusive mode that you can still play within the Mystery Portal rotation as of today. In this mode, you must defend your taco from the enemy team while also grabbing their Taco and returning it to the capture point. You are not limited to who you can play as in this game mode, and this mode only shows up on April.

Tactical Team-Up

In this mode, you can only play as Sunflower, Citron, All-Star, and Scientist in the Gnome Bomb game mode. Additionally, anytime you die you end up exploding. This mode only shows up on May.

To Heal, or Not to Heal?

In this mode, you play in Team Vanquish mode and you can play as any character except for any base character, Sunflowers, and Scientist. You have a heal aura that lets you heal your teammates, but you also end up doing more damage the lower your health is, also you can’t automatically regenerate your health as well. This mode shows up on June and November.

Rando’s Rapid Revenge

This is the last unique mode in the rotation, showing up in July and December. In this mode you play in Team Vanquish, and you can only play the base characters (Which means no Variants can show up). You can’t choose who you play as and every time you respawn you play a different character, also there’s a speed boost as well.

The end

Unless EA or PopCap ever change the rotation of these modes, then this guide will stay as is. All my sources have come from the PVZ wiki and this video which details the current rotation of the mystery portal events.

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