Raft - Old Journal Pages Archive

This information is clearly old-fashioned as you may inform from the title.

The cause I’m creating this web page is that I wished to match previous lore with the brand new one, writing sensible. When the devs introduced that they may possible do some “cleaning up” with the journals, alarms started wailing in my skull so I swiftly captured all I can earlier than the replace hits the nets.

Raft is sort of clearly not a lore heavy game, principal story could be safely ignored. However I cherished the obscurity and uncertainity with the previous writing fashion, and thought it match the survival theme of the game higher. Whatever little little bit of lore the game had within the first place,it felt essential to the final expertise. My private opinion is that, it was doing a greater job than the rewamped story we now have now.

Page Zero

Radio Tower



Caravan Town


By swordsister

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