The following incorporates main spoilers for Fantastic Four #46, out there now from Marvel Comics.

The Fantastic Four, as their title would indicate, really are essentially the most fantastical superhero workforce in your entire Marvel Universe. Despite having traversed time and area and staving off all method of threats, Marvel’s First Family have by no means actually been capable of escape their extra interpersonal points. In truth, it’s the extra mundane of the Fantastic Four’s household issues which have simply turn into their most outstanding, and all due to one more secret Richards sibling.

Far from the reality-warping occasions of the Reckoning War, Fantastic Four #46 (by Dan Slott, CAFU, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Joe Caramagna) finds Reed Richards abruptly interrupting the deep sea research of professor Joanna Jeffers. As it seems, Joanna is the newest of Reed’s siblings to be revealed by the poorly timed messages left behind by their late father. Now that there are not any universe-threatening cataclysms on the horizon, the 2 lastly have an opportunity to get to know each other, though Joanna is not almost as excited as her long-lost half-brother. While she absolutely expects Reed to offer her a glimpse into some not possible discovery that infinitely dwarfs her personal work, he as a substitute introduces her to solely the really necessary components of being a superhero.

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Rather than dragging Joanna alongside to avoid wasting the world or battle a previously unknown alien menace, Reed brings her to satisfy each member of his fantastical household. While some is likely to be greater than human, others do not even stay in the identical photo voltaic system — however there may be nothing about their interactions that would not be present in another sprawling family. With so many brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews all strewn all through actuality, it could be greater than comprehensible for Joanna to remorse ever tagging alongside for the journey.

In spite of all of it, Joanna solely grows dismissive when Reed cannot recover from his personal self-pity throughout a Psycho-Man induced bout of crippling doubt, and even then she will’t assist however speak some sense into her sibling. She is fast to level out that each one of his points together with her, his household, and himself all stem from the insufferable relationship Reed had with their father. It is a blunt assertion, however Joanna is totally proper when she says that Nathaniel Richards is the rationale for nearly each deep problem both of them have. It would not matter what any of them encounter every day or how mundane or unfathomable their lives are, the youngsters of Nathaniel all share the identical, unshakable disdain for the person who was by no means actually there, to not point out the lasting traumas he left behind.

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Thanks to Nathaniel’s affect or lack thereof, neither Reed nor any of his siblings have ever managed to have wholesome, significant relationships with each other. Even between their very own particular person households, they’ve all discovered methods to isolate and alienate themselves from those that must be closest to them. Thankfully, Reed and Sue Storm have discovered find out how to transfer past all or most of their interpersonal issues in genuinely wholesome methods, although not with out loads of struggles over time. Now that Joanna has identified the apparent, nonetheless, she and Reed can lastly tackle every little thing that they had beforehand prevented coming to phrases with, and that may solely make issues higher for them.

All of those in any other case extraordinary points could not look like something the likes of the Fantastic Four must be involved with, however they’re precisely what have at all times saved Marvel’s First Family firmly grounded amidst all of the science fiction absurdity that fills their on a regular basis lives. Acknowledging, confronting and overcoming private challenges, and painful histories are cornerstones of the Fantastic Four’s legacy excess of any of their otherworldly adventures. Joanna stepping in to remind Reed of that truth in the course of a supervillain assault simply proves how related they are surely.


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