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  • Transformers Shattered Glass II #1

    Transformers: Shattered Glass II #1

    Danny Lore

    Marcelo Matere, Andrew Lee Griffith

    Jake M. Wood

    Cover Artist:
    Nick Brokenshire

    IDW Publishing


    Release Date:

    John-Paul Bove

Darker, alternate-Earth variations of fan-favorite characters have all the time been some extent of intrigue and rivalry in each franchise. From DC’s Earth-3 and the Injustice world to Star Trek‘s Mirror Universe, the multiverse of realities opens up new avenues of storytelling, giving creators an opportunity so as to add extra taste to the broth. Shattered Glass is a 2008 Transformers storyline with the Autobots because the antagonistic power that acquired rebooted by IDW Publishing final yr. Transformers: Shattered Glass II #1, written by Danny Lore with paintings from Marcelo Matere, Andrew Lee Griffith, and John-Paul Bove and lettering from Jake M. Wood, is the sequel to the 2021 reboot, bringing new characters and developments to the fore.

The opening moments of Transformers: Shattered Glass II #1 introduce readers to Ultra Magnus, a strong shadow dealer with ties to the tyrant Autobot chief Orion Pax, higher often known as Optimus Prime. Magnus and senator Shockwave are having a gathering when Bumblebee barges in with phrase that Orion calls for to see Magnus. Before he and his lackeys can enter the Throne of Pax, Whirl and the opposite Autobots on safety cease the entourage. Angry, Magnus intimidates Whirl and features an viewers with Prime, who offers him a brand new squad of roughnecks to guide. Shockwave is dissatisfied to see Magnus turn out to be Orion’s pawn and confronts him on the difficulty. When a battle breaks out, Magnus’ true face is revealed.

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Once once more, the world of Transformers spirals right into a planet-breaking civil conflict between two warring factions. With Shattered Glass flipping the ethical spectrum, the Autobots of this universe aren’t so completely different from the standard Decepticon depictions that followers are all too conversant in. Transformers: Shattered Glass II #1 as an alternative delves into the interior strife amongst the Autobots as they bicker and tussle for each ounce of energy, resulting in a mutinous rise up. Ultra Magnus is the point of interest of the story, whose private narrative from a law-abiding fall man to somebody battling along with his personal duality breaks the repeated mould of storytelling and makes him one thing extra than simply an evil-doer. Once the masks is off, author Danny Lore retains pushing Magnus to make extra essential selections, which is a ploy that will appear wild at a look however has extra thought behind it.

Longtime IDW collaborators artists Marcelo Matere and Andrew Lee Griffith give the metallic hunks their mighty kind; in any case, what’s a Transformers e-book with out the clunky packing containers standing round with intimidating appears to be like? The illustrations add tons of expression and human traits, from grinding tooth to cracking knuckles, to let the characters exude their wickedness extra organically. Coupled with John-Paul Bove’s vibrant palette, the paintings offers the e-book an aggressive outlet to make dynamic adjustments via the straightforward present of would possibly. Meanwhile, the alternate coloration scheme permits readers to inform every character aside and makes the motion appear to be a firework present.

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Transformers: Shattered Glass II #1 adeptly makes use of drama to shift the stability of energy. Once that chapter is closed, the story takes a nosedive into metal-crunching fight to enact the subversion it was getting ready all through the narrative. The rise of Decepticons and their race to achieve management of the Titan juggernaut isn’t addressed on this difficulty, however that’s nonetheless an overhanging concern for Ultra Magnus, who makes use of it as an excuse to set his plan into movement. Transformers: Shattered Glass II #1 is really a Transformers story in all its kinds, with a finale that hits the readers like a wrecking ball.



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