Roblox A One Piece Game Easter Update 7 And Patch Notes

Today we will have a detailed look into what the Easter Update brings in for the game Roblox A One Piece Game. We will also list the official patch note for the game.

The latest Easter update 7 has been released on April 15th, 2022 for the game Roblox A One Piece Game. In the new update you will get limited time weapon. The new easter raid has been introduced. You will now have a new OVERALL Inventory System.

Let us have a look at the official update.

A One Piece Game Easter Update 7 And Patch Notes

  • New LIMITED TIME Weapon: Easters Edge —> Very OP and great for farming. Only obtainable through drop chance from Easter Raid
  • New RAID: Easter Raid. You fight the bunnies and have a chance to obtain items
  • New Stats Cap: From 2k to 2.1k


  • Buffed Phoenix V2
  • Added OVERALL Inventory System (You can now store Swords, Guns, and Fighting Styles)
  • For XBOX USERS, you can now use left and right DPAD to cycle through your hotbar items. I believe you can fly with phoenix as well
  • To be able to let ALL PLATFORM USERS fly with Phoenix V2, flying was changed (I know many of you will hate on the new flight method but PLEASE have in mind all Xbox players couldn’t fly due to this…)

Source: Roblox

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