Roblox A One Piece Game

Roblox A One Piece Game has got its new gravity update. Let us see what the update brings to the game.

The Gravity Fruit update 2022 for Roblox Roblox A One Piece Game came live on May 4th, 2022. The new update gives you the new fruit: Gravity fruit. As part of the update now there can be 200 crew members in your crew. There is a new sword that you can swing known as the Shikomizue. Let us have a look at the official update.

Roblox A One Piece Game Gravity Fruit Update

  • New Fruit: Gravity Fruit
  • New Sword: Shikomizue
  • New Raid: Fujitora (Drops Gravity and Sword , 5%)
  • Crew member cap increased to 200
  • Sword Trading
  • Observation haki rebuff –> From 5 to 8 I believe

Source: Discord

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