Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator Accelerator Update

Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator has got its new accelerator update. Let us see what the update brings to the game.

The Accelerator update 2022 for Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator came live on May 2nd, 2022. As part of the new update you can now go for the LIMITED TIME Accelerator Raid. You must be at least at level 15 to make the raid. If the raid turns out to be successful, you will get Accelerator, Black Wings(Mythic), Accelerator Cards. There are now 7 new pets and accelerator pet capsule. New characters and outfits can now be accessed. Let us see what the official update has to offer.

Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator Accelerator Update

  • LIMITED TIME Accelerator Raid (Level 15+)
  • Raid Rewards: Accelerator, Black Wings(Mythic), Accelerator Cards
  • Shadow Pet Capsule: 7 New Pets – In Speed Raid Shop
  • Accelerator Pet Capsule
  • New Characters: Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, Shadow Rimuru
  • New Limited Costumes: Sung Jin Woo (Butler), Gilgamesh (Butler), Sasuke (Butler), Misaka (Maid), Megumin (Maid), Chika (Maid)
  • Attack Titan Raid added to Speed Raids
  • Raid Tokens are now obtainable from the AFK place – Click “Change Currency” button to switch between gems and raid tokens
  • Twitter Verification
  • Toaru Lobby

Source: Discord

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