Sally Face Episode 2 Achievements
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This is the Sally Face Episode 2 Achievements guide to get all achievements in Sally Face Episode 2.

WARNING: This guide contains spoilers.


ConjureFinished episode two.

Just finish 2nd episode to get this achievement.


DevourFound all four Seals.
Find 4 seals with Super Gear Boy:

The Addison Family

The Addison Family Got Addison to talk about his past.
You need at least 2 things to ask Mr. Addison in 2nd episode about tea:See ghost in Miss Rosenbergs appartment and talk with her about all topicsHear about missing girl from ToddThen you can go back to Mr. Addison and you’ll see new dialogue option: “About Addisons tea”, ask about it and you’ll get an achievement.


UnseenBroke into 403 and talked with Sanderson’s ghost.
After you will get crowbar break boards on door 403 and enter the room. Locate ghost with Super Gear Boy.

In Seeking Providence

In Seeking Providence Completed all chapters of the SGB game.Complete all 8 chapters of game, last chance to do so – after finding chapter 7 in room behind the hole. Ghosts to unlock the chapters:

The Box

Open box that you found in chect in Treehouse.

The Box Finished the puzzle box story.

Take a piece of box in David’s room (talk with him after you’ll get a crowbar and choose ‘Can I come in?’ option, then pick up piece of box near right corner of the couch *doesn’t have label so just press F or space*)Finish Chapter 2 of Game Boy’s game, notice 3 symbols, 1 in each roomPlace those symbols on the box place them in backwards order starting from the side of box you see, when look at it 1st time (on long side – symbol with 3 squares, left and right ones connected; then on short side 4 squares in square shape; then on other long side banana-like symbol), press ‘Open’Talk to Larry about puzzleTalk to Todd about puzzle

Best Buds

Best Buds

Had every optional conversation with Larry.

Just speak with Larry after every story progress, after you’ll open the box and after you’ll figure out what to do with content of the box.

Credits to Classcraic Games and kuzЯ

By lady_rosali


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