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Achievement and collectible guide (written with screenshoots) + video walkthrough For the game SCARF.

General Information and endings

Game completion time: 6-8h without guide IF you looking for achievements and collectibles for yourself and you might still miss some.

Achievement completion time with guide: 4-7h

Required Playthroughs: 2 or ~1,66. You can back up your save, but the recommended way to play through while collecting the INK collectibles only on Desert Level, do the bad ending, then replay Forest and Ocean to get the Inks for the good ending.


The truth

The pyramid is open.

At the main hub, once you collected 6 inks open the Pyramid.


You have defeated the Mother. Freedom rained over your kin

Finish the game with at least 6 inks collected and with opened Pyramid.


You have been used by Mother. The end of your adventure is here

Some picture suggests, you can’t have more thank 3 Inks, but then what other endings you could get? So my guess is, you get this ending if you don’t have at least 6 inks. I got this ending when collected only 3 Inks, the 3 from Desert.

The end

You have played both endings

Self explanatory. Unlock both ending.

Storyline achievements


Level 1 – Ocean

Picture 1 collectible is right behind the entrance of the zone:

Ink 1 collectible is easily visible, to the right of your heading direction:

Toy 1 collectible is at the bottom of some trees, but you can return to this area later, as first your heading direction will be to dive deep into the ocean:

Toy 2 collectible is inside the ocean, the second time you go inside of it:

Toy 3 collectible is right after the 2nd Toy:

Picture 2 collectible is after passing a body of water by jumping through 3 small boats, but first you need to get the Liana Upgrade to get to the picture:

Ink 2 collectible is at the area where you picked up the orb which was required to dive into the ocean. Now with the liana upgrade you can access the area:

Picture 3 collectible is on the right side of the big door you need to enter nearly at the end of the level:

Ink 3 collectible is on the other side of the same area:

Level 2 – Desert

Toy 1 collectible is to your forward-left from your starter position, at a small oasis:

Picture 1 is to your right once you arrived the big area where you need to collect some pages:

Toy 2 collectible is at the same area:

Toy 3 collectible is a bit more complicated, because once you collected all pages at previous area you can progress to 2 directions, so go left first while facing the main, middle door. After going through 2 big gates you will get the toy here:

Ink 1 collectible is after beating the wind puzzle for the first time, to your right:

Ink 2, Picture 2 and Toy 4 collectibles you will eventually get to an area again, where you need to collect some “pages” again. This area have 3 collectibles:




Toy 5 collectible is now on the other side, starting from the first bigger area. After walking through a sunny and hot area your scarf will lose its color and you need to refill its energy. This collectible is at that location, while your scarf is still not refilled:

Friendship achievement: At the same location keep interacting with your scarf until achievement unlocks. It is possible you will get the achievement later anyway:

Ink 3 collectible is after you reunited with your scarf and you need to fill the area again with water:

Picture 3 collectible is at the end of the area where you picked the previous 2 collectible, once passed the water body, on the other side:

Level 3 – Forest

Ink 1 colelctible is a bit tricky, because you need to pass this region first to get a mask. Then return to here, make the bird leave and pick up the orb (blue circle) so you can move to the lever at yellow mark, then enter the red marked area:

Toy 1 and Picture 1 colelctibles in the room where you will meet the 3 character you “hunt” for:



Again, you can go to 2 different directions, go first to that one where 2 from 3 green humanoid went. Eventually you will get to a big area (you losing your scarf again) and you will be able to get Toy 2 collectible here:

Ink 2 collectible is at the same area, behind a door which is protected by some force field. To disable that, remove the vase from the button marked at the orange mark:

At the same Area you will eventually enter a room full with toys. Toy 3 collectible is on the desk and use the green marked horse to get Like a Child achievement:

Picture 2 collectible is in the same area. You can go to this location once you made your scarf free, you need to feed the Scarf again here:

For Toy 4 collectible now you need to return to the area where you met all 3 green humanoid, after dealing with the 2 whose took away your Scarf. Now you want to enter toward that area where one green humanoid fled away. After going through the hold on wall, upstairs, turn to your left:

For Bowling achievement use the ball here(ball was at the green marked position):

Picture 5 collectible is at the area where you need to collect again some pages:

For GOAL achievement you need to get the ball from blue marked area and make it go through the gate visible on this pic:

Ink 3 collectible is underwater, same area, as one page will be there, you will see a cave opening there:

Toy 5 collectible is at the same underwater region:

Video walkthrough

Timestamps available on YT, will update guide and add timestamps to each collectible later…

If you is an achievement hunter…

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