SCARF - Achievements And Collectibles Guide

By Csontzuzo

Achievement and collectible information (written with screenshoots) + video walkthrough For the sport SCARF.

Common Data and endings

Recreation completion time: 6-8h with out information IF you on the lookout for achievements and collectibles for your self and also you may nonetheless miss some.

Achievement completion time with information: 4-7h

Required Playthroughs: 2 or ~1,66. You possibly can again up your save, however the really useful approach to play by way of whereas accumulating the INK collectibles solely on Desert Degree, do the dangerous ending, then replay Forest and Ocean to get the Inks for the great ending.


The reality

The pyramid is open.

On the principal hub, when you collected 6 inks open the Pyramid.


You could have defeated the Mom. Freedom rained over your kin

End the sport with a minimum of 6 inks collected and with opened Pyramid.


You could have been utilized by Mom. The tip of your journey is right here

Some image suggests, you possibly can’t have extra thank 3 Inks, however then what different endings you might get? So my guess is, you get this ending if you do not have a minimum of 6 inks. I received this ending when collected solely 3 Inks, the three from Desert.

The tip

You could have performed each endings

Self explanatory. Unlock each ending.

Storyline achievements


Degree 1 – Ocean

Image 1 collectible is correct behind the doorway of the zone:

Ink 1 collectible is well seen, to the best of your heading course:

Toy 1 collectible is on the backside of some timber, however you possibly can return to this space later, as first your heading course can be to dive deep into the ocean:

Toy 2 collectible is contained in the ocean, the second time you go within it:

Toy 3 collectible is correct after the 2nd Toy:

Image 2 collectible is after passing a physique of water by leaping by way of 3 small boats, however first you want to get the Liana Improve to get to the image:

Ink 2 collectible is on the space the place you picked up the orb which was required to dive into the ocean. Now with the liana improve you possibly can entry the world:

Image 3 collectible is on the best aspect of the massive door you want to enter almost on the finish of the extent:

Ink 3 collectible is on the opposite aspect of the identical space:

Degree 2 – Desert

Toy 1 collectible is to your forward-left out of your starter place, at a small oasis:

Image 1 is to your proper when you arrived the massive space the place you want to acquire some pages:

Toy 2 collectible is on the similar space:

Toy 3 collectible is a little more difficult, as a result of when you collected all pages at earlier space you possibly can progress to 2 instructions, so go left first whereas going through the primary, center door. After going by way of 2 large gates you’ll get the toy right here:

Ink 1 collectible is after beating the wind puzzle for the primary time, to your proper:

Ink 2, Image 2 and Toy 4 collectibles you’ll ultimately get to an space once more, the place you want to acquire some “pages” once more. This space have 3 collectibles:




Toy 5 collectible is now on the opposite aspect, ranging from the primary greater space. After strolling by way of a sunny and scorching space your scarf will lose its coloration and you want to refill its power. This collectible is at that location, whereas your scarf remains to be not refilled:

Friendship achievement: On the similar location maintain interacting together with your scarf till achievement unlocks. It’s doable you’ll get the achievement later anyway:

Ink 3 collectible is after you reunited together with your scarf and you want to fill the world once more with water:

Image 3 collectible is on the finish of the world the place you picked the earlier 2 collectible, as soon as handed the water physique, on the opposite aspect:

Degree 3 – Forest

Ink 1 colelctible is a bit difficult, as a result of you want to go this area first to get a masks. Then return to right here, make the fowl go away and choose up the orb (blue circle) so you possibly can transfer to the lever at yellow mark, then enter the pink marked space:

Toy 1 and Image 1 colelctibles within the room the place you’ll meet the three character you “hunt” for:



Once more, you possibly can go to 2 completely different instructions, go first to that one the place 2 from 3 inexperienced humanoid went. Finally you’ll get to an enormous space (you dropping your scarf once more) and it is possible for you to to get Toy 2 collectible right here:

Ink 2 collectible is on the similar space, behind a door which is protected by some drive subject. To disable that, take away the vase from the button marked on the orange mark:

On the similar Space you’ll ultimately enter a room full with toys. Toy 3 collectible is on the desk and use the inexperienced marked horse to get Like a Youngster achievement:

Image 2 collectible is in the identical space. You possibly can go to this location when you made your scarf free, you want to feed the Scarf once more right here:

For Toy 4 collectible now you want to return to the world the place you met all 3 inexperienced humanoid, after coping with the two whose took away your Scarf. Now you wish to enter towards that space the place one inexperienced humanoid fled away. After going by way of the maintain on wall, upstairs, flip to your left:

For Bowling achievement use the ball right here(ball was on the inexperienced marked place):

Image 5 collectible is on the space the place you want to acquire once more some pages:

For GOAL achievement you want to get the ball from blue marked space and make it undergo the gate seen on this pic:

Ink 3 collectible is underwater, similar space, as one web page can be there, you will notice a cave opening there:

Toy 5 collectible is on the similar underwater area:

Video walkthrough

Timestamps out there on YT, will replace information and add timestamps to every collectible later…

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