School of Love Clubs Cheat Codes
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Last Updated: 2 years ago

School of Love Clubs is a role playing game. here we have all the cheats for School of Love Clubs to get free coins, date photos and to unlock gallery.

School of Love Clubs Cheat Codes – Full List

These are all the current cheat codes for School of Love Clubs.

  • expelliarmus43 – Sets everyone’s Exp to Maximum including Coyote Club and Hawk Club (Hawk Club’s exp only increases if Natalie is at least level 2)
  • hesoyam33 – Gives you 9999 Coins
  • alohomora17 – Unlocks all the scenes available in the Gallery. You can access the gallery by opening the in-game menu. You can’t access it in main menu (This cheat code won’t unlock the “?” meaning the Others part. Since secret object locations are for our $20+ patrons, we’ll share that code with the Packed Content post)
  • thechosenones65 – Unlocks all the date photos on your phone.
  • oraclevision – Secret stash

How to use School of Love Clubs Cheat Codes cheats?

  • Enter the game and go to home.
  • Now go to room and tap the calendar on wall 5 times. Copy the code from list and paste it. Now tap the Enter button.


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