Space Station 14 Playtest - How to Cook Pills

By Douro

This information will train you find out how to prepare dinner meth helpful tablets.

Explosives / Medication / Poison / Therapeutic tablets

How you can begin

1. Cuztomise your character

2. Choose job and put chemist to excessive precedence.

The essential instruments and machines of a chemist

ChemMaster 4000 – Used for creating tablets, potions.

View picture here

Chemical dispenser – Used for getting chemical compounds

View picture here


Hand labeler- To put a label on the capsule field

Beaker – Used to retailer liquids and switch them between stations.

Therapeutic tablets

Therapeutic tablets are actually helpful when saving lives.

Therapeutic capsule

Carbon + glucose + oxygen / second beaker: potassium + nitrogen + silicon

  • Heals total injury

Rad capsule

Dexalin + Water + Oxygen


Silicon + Nitrogen + Potassium

  • Heals radiation injury

Air capsule

Dexalin + Carbon + Iron

  • heals air injury

Warmth capsule

Kelatone + Oxygen + Phosphorus

  • heals warmth injury

Brute capsule

Inaprovaline + Carbon

  • heals brute injury

Poison therapeutic capsule

Silicon + Nitrogen + Potassium

  • heals poison injury


Wana have some enjoyable?

Area medicine

Glucose + Mercury + Lithium

  • the most typical drug


Oil + Hydrogen + Sugar + Diethylamine / second beaker: Ephedrine + Carbon + Iodine + Phosphorus

  • 2 seconds of velocity + 2 poison injury per 1u



The increase

Potassium in a single beaker / Water within the different


  • creates an enormous explosion relying on the quantity of the subsistence
    can be utilized in a bottle, or in capsule kinds.
    Throw the bottles at one another to create an explosion
    Eat each tablets to change into a bomb


Iron + Aluminum + Oxygen

  • will trigger a hearth when ignited


Dont like somebody?

Poison capsule

Lithium + Glucose + Water

  • offers 3 poison injury per 1u

Straightforward method out capsule


  • simple to make
  • can be utilized in tablets or in liquid type

The actual deal

Mercury + Lithium+ Glucose

  • works inside a minute, relying on the dose


Use solely when you find yourself the antagonist, this combination could trigger a temp ban.

The top

Thanks for studying this information,

Please charge this information, ask questions within the feedback. Extra stuff coming to this information in a while as the sport improvement progresses.

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