Spooky Starlets 100% Achievement Guide

Here a information that will help you out reaching 100% achievements.

Spooky Starlets: Movie Monsters is just not a tough game, that being stated, this is the checklist of achievements and how one can get them.

Pro tip: as a way to full the storyline of a exact character, it is advisable use their card as a way to progress their storyline (this works for those who full the duty you have chosen, for instance having a manufacturing price above 24…)

  • Lights, Camera, Action
    Complete the tutorial, you possibly can’t miss it.
  • New Hire
    Complete the primary storyline you possibly can’ miss it, merely carry on successful.
  • Blibby’s Boobas
    Complete Blibby’s storyline
  • Drusilla, Done
    Complete Drusilla’s storyline
  • Francine’s Rising Star
    Complete Francine’s storyline
  • Lucy Loves It
    Complete Lucy’s storyline
  • Redd Rydes Again
    Complete Redd’s storyline
  • Rella Spoiled Rotten
    Complete Rella’s storyline
  • Susie, Stitched
    Complete Susie’s storyline
  • Vivian Venomless
    Complete Vivian’s storyline
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    Unlock all different achievements

By =.KoG.= Kosmos

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