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Han Solo is one among Star Wars‘ most participating and dynamic characters. Debuting as a cynical smuggler seeking to make a fast buck, Han’s time as a member of the Rebel Alliance transforms him right into a brave and selfless hero. With a fast wit, a faster draw, and a set of expertise that replicate his checkered previous, Han is the proper template for a Dungeons & Dragons character, one who’s wealthy with compelling role-playing potential.

With a variety of various expertise and a heavy reliance on expertise that might be exhausting to come back by in most fantasy settings, constructing a personality who captures the essence of Han Solo in D&D is a tall order. Fortunately, D&D‘s complete character-customization system presents quite a lot of class and background choices for gamers seeking to create a personality that emulates the long-lasting smuggler-turned-general.

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The Best D&D Race for Han Solo

While Star Wars‘ creator George Lucas initially envisioned Han Solo as an alien, the character finally turned a human from the Core World of Corellia. As a outcome, baseline Human could seem to be an apparent alternative of race for Han. However, if Han’s participant really needs to seize the trademark resourcefulness that makes Han such an efficient legal and insurgent, Variant Human is a significantly better alternative.

As a Variant Human, Han trades innate magical talents for expanded versatility. Being a Variant Human offers Han a +1 enhance to 2 of his stats, which ought to go into Intelligence and Dexterity. Variant Humans additionally be taught to talk a second language of their alternative, reflecting Han’s fluency in numerous alien languages. As if that wasn’t sufficient, Variant Humans additionally achieve proficiency in a single ability of their alternative. For Han, this needs to be Insight, given his uncanny means to learn different folks. Finally, Variant Humans can select a free feat. Lucky is a wonderful alternative for gamers who wish to emulate Han’s knack for getting out of bother.

The Best D&D Background for Han Solo

Although the present canon and Star Wars Legends differ on the small print of Han’s previous, each variations depict Han as an orphan who spent his early life on the road, the place he picked up the abilities that may make him an expert outlaw. While Smuggler or Wildspacer could also be wonderful matches for Han on a thematic degree, Criminal greatest displays Han’s lifetime of expertise with the legal underworld. The Criminal’s proficiency with Deception and Stealth displays Han’s means to masks his intentions and keep away from consideration. To spherical issues off, Criminal Contact offers Han a direct connection to an invisible community of criminals, reflecting his tendency to name in favors from previous acquaintances at any time when he wants somewhat help.

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The Best D&D Classes for Han Solo

To put it bluntly, Rogue is an ideal match for Han on a thematic and mechanical degree. Even if Han finally does find yourself going straight in the long run, the person isn’t afraid to depend on one of many many soiled methods he picked up as a legal if doing so will defend his family and friends. This defining trait of Han’s is mirrored effectively within the Rogue’s tendency to depend on techniques like Sneak Attack, which, whereas efficient, is usually considered as dishonorable or cowardly.

When it involves the Roguish Archetype that Rogues achieve at third degree, Swashbuckler matches Han like a glove. Fancy Footwork permits Han to duck out of harmful conditions with out frightening assaults of alternative, and Rakish Audacity offers him the power to carry out a Sneak Attack when engaged in close-quarters fight with a single enemy, mirroring the well-known second he gunned down the Rodian bounty hunter Greedo in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

While Han ought to make investments most of his ranges in Rogue to get essentially the most out of the options he receives as a Swashbuckler, gamers who wish to emulate Han’s trademark ability with a blaster would possibly wish to think about taking three ranges in Artificer and selecting the Artillerist Specialty. Not solely does this give Han proficiency with firearms (if the DM did not enable him to have it already), but it surely additionally offers him entry to a robust Eldritch Cannon, with the Force Ballista specialization completely mirroring a conventional Star Wars blaster.

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The Most Important D&D Ability Scores for Han Solo

As both a full-on Rogue or a Rogue/Artificer multiclass, Han’s most useful core stat is Dexterity. As Han’s major attacking stat and the stat used to calculate his AC whereas sporting gentle armor, Dexterity determines how good Han is at hitting his enemies and the way exhausting it is going to be for his enemies to hit him again. On prime of that, Dexterity additionally determines Han’s initiative in fight, making it an absolute should for gamers who want to emulate Han’s fast reflexes.

While one would possibly suppose that Han’s second-most necessary stat is Intelligence, Han’s standing as a Swashbuckler Rogue implies that he ought to concentrate on elevating his Charisma rating. Not solely does Charisma contribute to lots of Rogue’s expertise, together with Deception, Persuasion, and Intimidation, however Swashbuckler’s unique ninth degree means, Panache, additionally permits Han to both appeal non-hostile targets or give hostile targets drawback on assaults made towards him if he succeeds on a Persuasion test towards him.

The Best D&D Feats for Han Solo

In addition to Lucky, gamers who need Han to take one other feat would possibly wish to think about Skilled, which permits Han to achieve proficiency in three extra stats of his alternative. For gamers who wish to play into Han’s strengths as a marksman, Sharpshooter negates the drawback that Han would obtain when making a long-ranged assault, ignores half and three-quarters cowl, and permits him to take a -5 penalty to his assault roll for an extra +10 injury. Alert can also be a sensible choice, because it offers Han a +5 bonus to initiative rolls and prevents hidden opponents from getting the drop on him.



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