Starship Troopers: Terran Command - How to Make Veteran Troops More Deadly

Veteran troops ought to really feel like veteran troops. These adjustments make absolutely vetted troops rather more helpful and helpful than rookie troops. It takes extra time to absolutely vet them now, however the advantages make it properly value it.


Big fan of the unique Starship Troopers movie?

Want the problem of counting on the enduring Mobile Infantry to get the job finished?

Well, these adjustments are for you. My authentic intent was to make veterancy ACTUALLY imply one thing worthwhile. Besides the unlocked means, there isn’t any actual profit for having a Vet3 squad over a non-vetted squad – giving no actual incentive to conserving them alive. Sure, there’s a small bonus to accuracy and hearth price, however its impact is negligible at finest.

Perhaps, I’ve been spoiled by the Company of Heroes franchise, the place you do all the pieces you possibly can to keep away from getting your absolutely vetted squads worn out due to the very noticeable lower in high quality of rookie squads. That’s not a lot the case in STTC. Apart from the Powered Infantry, who get a really noticeable buff at Vet3, does anybody actually care about shedding a unit? Just spawn in one other one, proper? These adjustments are anticipated to handle that.

Also, these adjustments will improve the efficiency of a number of items in opposition to mild to medium armored threats, permitting them to stay as a viable possibility to sort out late game missions. Want the problem of beating the game utilizing solely fundamental MI troopers? Now, you possibly can.

Note:. These are Google Sheets of the items, variables, and weapons information. To get them, Click File > Download > Comma Separated Values (.csv)

You may have to rename the file identify to be sure that it says items.csv, for instance. Place the information within the following folder (ensure to rename or create a backup copy of your authentic information).

SteamLibrarysteamappscommonStarship Troopers – Terran CommandStarship Troopers_DataStreamingAssetsData

Note: adjustments are highlighted in yellow to make it simple to discover the changes on the spreadsheets.


Note: If Steam doesn’t allow you to open the paperwork, simply copy and paste the hyperlink into your net browser


Note: If Steam doesn’t allow you to open the paperwork, simply copy and paste the hyperlink into your net browser


Note: If Steam doesn’t allow you to open the paperwork, simply copy and paste the hyperlink into your net browser


NOTE: All items that obtained veterancy bonuses will acquire expertise at a slower price after Vet1. This is an try to steadiness the power of the unit by making it harder to get to Vet3. Also, this additional incentivizes working to hold your items alive, because it now takes even longer to get a totally vetted unit.

Rifle Troopers]

  • AP elevated with every stage of veterancy, up to a most of +10 AP at Vet 3 (Note: This continues to be 5 AP lower than the nerf they obtained within the beta patch)
  • Vet 3 now confers a further 5% to accuracy. (Change from +15, 15, 5 to 15, 15, 10)
  • The “stungun” shotgun that particular person fashions shoot in melee vary now offers the identical quantity of harm and shock because the shotguns within the particular means (it merely did not make sense for a similar shotgun to deal lower than 1/3 of the injury). The shock worth has been decreased from 100 to 60 to match the shotgun means. Cooldown has been decreased from 6 seconds to 4 seconds. In my testing, these adjustments improve the survivability of rifle troopers once they get surrounded in melee fight, however the troopers will nonetheless get fairly handily worn out if you don’t make an effort to get them out of there.


  • AP elevated by 5 with every stage of veterancy, up to a most of +15
  • Without AP, snipers are basically ineffective as fight items, solely being efficient in opposition to Spitters.
  • On Brutal issue, it takes snipers 8 photographs to kill a fundamental Warrior, 4 photographs on regular issue. Now, with veterancy, snipers can higher contribute as a fight unit, permitting a Vet3 sniper to kill a Warrior with solely 3 photographs on Brutal.
  • This change incentivizes each utilizing snipers and conserving them alive, as a Vet3 sniper now presents greater than the occasional Crippling Shot or Sensory Flair

Heavy Troopers [MK II}[/b]

  • Accuracy will increase with every stage of veterancy (identical values as Rifle Troopers)
  • AP will increase by 5 every stage of veterancy, to a most of +15
  • Vet3 items will now have the identical AP as the bottom unit earlier than the Beta Patch


Sure, they’re good in a pinch once you want some further firepower, however who retains them round after issues quiet down? They acquire no advantages, don’t have any skills, and people 5 provides could be higher used to get different items. We both by no means use them or instantly de-spawn them after an emergency use. These adjustments will make them value conserving round:

  • Grenade means has been added from Rifle Troopers (as a result of, why the bleep do not they’ve grenades?)
  • Marines can now acquire veterancy, which will increase their accuracy
  • The Few. The Proud Vet3 Marines now have the Tactical Command unlock means, but it surely operates in another way than the Tactical Officer’s means. The Marines can encourage all these round them in an aura, rising motion velocity and firing price, whereas including 5 AP. There is a 5-minute cooldown to hold this from being spammed and to encourage utilizing it solely when going through dire circumstances.


  • Accuracy will increase with every stage of veterancy (10, 15, and 20%, respectively)

Grenade Launcher Turret

Let’s face it. For its value, the grenade launcher is a really lackluster unit. After firing its preliminary volley of six grenades, it simply sits there for 10 seconds whereas the horde of arachnids continues to be coming at you. I discovered myself by no means constructing this stuff, as constructing two extra MG turrets was all the time rather more efficient. The following adjustments enhance the grenade launcher and make it value the price and commerce-off for 2 MGs.

  • Fires a volley of three grenades as a substitute of 6
  • Cooldown between volleys is 3.3 seconds as a substitute of 10 seconds


This is a good unit, however it’s too simply destroyed by Scorpions, particularly when 3+ present up directly. This is a heavy piece of armored artillery, and it ought to really feel prefer it. Additionally, I seen a problem with its focusing on. It at present fires a salvo of two shells in fast succession, adopted by a 4 second delay. The downside is that this salvo will goal the identical enemy – even when the enemy is in its loss of life animation – losing a shell. The following adjustments enhance the Wavebreaker:

  • Fires a volley of 1 shell as a substitute of two
  • Reload has been decreased to 2 seconds as a substitute of 4
  • Armor elevated from 40 to 70 (the unit can maintain 7 Scorpion hits as a substitute of 5)

The DPS stays the identical, however the unit is far much less probably to waste its second shell and can, as a substitute, goal one other enemy. With two cannons, the Wavebreaker now maintains a sustained price of fireplace by firing one cannon at a time (though, the animation has it firing from the identical cannon, lol).

Note: adjusting the values to get the identical hearth price with each cannons firing nonetheless resulted within the Wavebreaker firing on the identical goal, regardless of loss of life animation.

Fleet Liaison

“Pardon me, Sir, but you want to drop down with what? A PISTOL”?!?

I get it. She’s supposed to be the equal of a basic grade officer, however there isn’t any means somebody would drop into this battle zone with a pistol, even the Radio Operator and Tactical Officer carry rifles. Plus, it’s fairly troublesome to stage her up, on condition that her solely sensible expertise-gaining means is the bombing run. To improve her effectiveness and talent to acquire expertise factors, she now carries a rifle.

  • Pistol modified to the Morita MkI Secondary (identical because the Radio Operator)
  • She can shoot via items, permitting her to stay behind your principal line

Note: I’m conscious of her wonky animation whereas firing. The animation for her mannequin has her pointing the rifle as if she was holding a pistol. I’m nonetheless trying into how to change her animation with out altering her unit mannequin.

Radio Operator

  • Propaganda Broadcast will increase the accuracy of all affected items

In the bottom game, this means solely decreases the reload time of your items; nevertheless, because it alerts all different enemies within the neighborhood, there isn’t any actual incentive to use this means – as the rise in enemies solely makes issues tougher for you. This change strengthens the power by including a robust incentive to use it. There could also be extra bugs, however your troopers are combating quite a bit tougher.


This is supposed to be the Arachnids’ oblique hearth unit, working very similar to a mortar; nevertheless, with a spread of solely 55, the Grenadier has to get too shut to the entrance line earlier than it begins firing – permitting you to shortly focus it down. This change permits the Grenadier to function extra like a standard mortar behind the entrance line; subsequently, in case your items have been noticed, it may hearth from a lot additional away, offering efficient oblique hearth protection for advancing arachnids.

Note: the sight vary for the unit stays the identical, with a price of 40. If your items haven’t been noticed, the Grenadier would nonetheless want to shut the gap earlier than it might “see” you.

  • Attack vary elevated from 55 to 80.


None of those adjustments are set in stone. I’ve finished fairly a little bit of testing over the previous a number of days and I’m solely now going to begin an precise play via; so, I’m anticipating that I may have to make a number of different changes to get issues nailed down exactly. I’m trying ahead to any suggestions. Do you just like the adjustments? Should I make some changes on the values? Are there any concepts for strengthening different absolutely vetted items? Thank you to everybody for studying this put up and testing these modifications.

By Anderson ABN

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