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Feats are spectacular further talents that gamers can add to their Dungeons and Dragons characters. Some are restricted to sure races or ability units, however all provide some enchancment or added options for the character to make use of. Feats can enhance a personality’s capability scores, assist them cowl their weaknesses, or improve what they’re already able to.

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Clerics are sometimes the first healers of a D&D celebration, which means that the opposite characters depend on them to assist the group keep alive. Other clerics are huge damage-dealers, smiting down enemies with sacred energy. For clerics, the perfect feats are those who bolster these frequent {qualifications}.

Updated August 30, 2022 by Declan Lowthian: D&D clerics usually have to separate their consideration between casting spells and preventing in melee. Fortunately, there are a ton of feats that may assist them cowl each roles successfully. With One D&D’s renewed emphasis on feats, we have revamped this listing with much more details about the perfect feats for a cleric to absorb D&D 5e.

10 Alert

Player’s Handbook pg. 165

D&D adventurers cannot let their enemies get the leap on them in battle. The distinction between going on the prime of the spherical of fight and taking one’s flip close to the top may very properly be the distinction between life and loss of life.

Any characters with the Alert feat resolve this drawback as they can’t be stunned and achieve a +5 bonus to initiative rolls. Enemies additionally don’t achieve a bonus on their assault rolls in opposition to this participant when unseen. By taking the Alert feat, D&D clerics can assure uninterrupted alternatives to prep their cohorts for battle or get a headstart on conquering their foes.

9 Lucky

Player’s Handbook pg. 167

Every D&D participant has had the second the place that they had the right plan, just for their cube to fail them. Lucky gives alternatives to provide essential rolls one other attempt.

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A D&D character with Lucky has three luck factors per lengthy relaxation. They can use these factors to both reroll considered one of their very own 20-sided die rolls or to pressure a reroll on any assault made in opposition to them. Clerics have some extremely highly effective spells and weapons at their disposal if they’ll solely hit the enemies they aim.

8 Observant

Player’s Handbook pg. 168

The Observant feat’s first profit to D&D clerics is a +1 to their casting rating. Though any participant who takes Observant can select to place this addition in direction of Wisdom or Intelligence, clerics could be finest served by growing their Wisdom rating.

The Observant feat additionally grants a +5 to passive Perception and Investigation and offers the character the power to learn lips. Whether a D&D cleric chooses to be extra of a healer or a warrior, they’ll try this work higher once they have higher data of the world round them.

7 Martial Adept

Player’s Handbook pg. 168

Not all D&D clerics rely wholely on their magic — many take to the battlefield with their weapons held excessive, able to deliver down some righteous judgment upon their foes. By taking the Martial Adept feat, they’ll enhance their capability in melee fight.

The Martial Adept feat offers D&D gamers entry to 2 maneuvers from the Battle Master archetype of the fighter subclass and one superiority die to make use of on these maneuvers. The listing of maneuvers accommodates a number of choices for gamers to select from depending on their typical preventing fashion.

6 Chef

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 79

Though meals can usually be a minor element in Dungeons and Dragons video games, even heroes must eat. A cleric with the Chef feat can’t solely present sustenance to their compatriots but additionally use their concoctions to heal.

The Chef feat grants a +1 bonus to both Wisdom or Intelligence, proficiency with cooking instruments, and the power to imbue meals with restorative properties. The Wisdom bonus means an alternative choice for clerics to extend their casting capability rating. For those that are inclined to play extra healing-oriented clerics, Chef offers them one other avenue by means of which to take action.

5 Sentinel

Player’s Handbook pg. 169

The Sentinel feat is a wonderful selection for D&D clerics who’re unafraid of coming into the fray inside melee vary. This feat empowers gamers to make a chance assault even when their opponent has used the Disengage motion and with this feat, any alternative assaults they make efficiently cut back the goal’s motion velocity to zero for the rest of the flip.

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A Sentinel may use their response to assault any creature inside vary who has attacked somebody aside from themselves. Combat-oriented clerics can use this feat to assist their allies or stop adversaries from escaping their holy wrath.

4 Tough

Player’s Handbook pg. 170

When a D&D cleric is their celebration’s major healer, it is crucial that they keep within the struggle. An unconscious or lifeless healer is of no use to anybody and may generally spell the top of their group’s adventures if they are not correctly outfitted with different healing assets.

By taking the Tough feat, clerics add a quantity twice their present degree to their hit factors and add no less than two hit factors to their complete at each subsequent degree. These further hit factors may be the distinction between victory and defeat in a tense encounter.

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything pg. 80

Though sometimes reserved for sorcerers, Metamagic options are extremely helpful for any D&D spellcaster. Metamagic can improve spells in quite a lot of methods together with diminished element wants, elevated injury, elevated vary, and extra. Metamagic Adept gives entry to those options for any spellcaster, together with clerics.

With the Metamagic Adept feat, D&D gamers choose two Metamagic choices so as to add to their arsenal and earn two sorcery factors to spend on their new talents. The finest use of Metamagic for clerics is to extend the vary of Cure Wounds from contact to 30 toes, to allow them to heal their teammates even when they can’t attain them.

2 Durable

Player’s Handbook pg. 166

The lack of a cleric can guarantee a celebration’s doom. Durable is one other answer to this similar concern. D&D characters with the Durable feat have an elevated Constitution rating and any time they use their Hit Dice they heal no less than twice their Constitution modifier within the variety of hit factors.

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Taking the Durable feat permits the cleric to heal themselves extra effectively with their Hit Dice. This means they’ll preserve therapeutic spells and objects for the remainder of the celebration, who might not have as many medicinal assets at their disposal.

1 War Caster

Player’s Handbook pg. 170

Whether they lean extra in direction of being a healer or a warrior, clerics have highly effective magic at their disposal. The War Caster feat boosts their casting talents on the battlefield by giving them a bonus on concentration-related saving throws and permitting them to make use of sure spells as alternative assaults.

War Caster can help any D&D spellcasting class in being a powerhouse in battle. However, this feat is of nice profit to clerics since, along with their prolific restorative spells, additionally they have entry to strong offensive magic.

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