The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos - How To Calculate Damage

By Myspulin

Find out how each melee and ranged weapons calculate the injury you deal to an enemy.


Since there’s fairly a big group of people that haven’t performed Gothic 2 earlier than the discharge of this mod and subsequently have no idea the intricacies of the injury system, or possibly they only by no means had the time to find out about it, I made a decision to assist out my fellow Marvin’s with a bit of excellent outdated math.

The Math

Getting straight to the purpose, primarily based on the sport information it’s as follows:

(for the sake of simplicity I shortened the phrases primarily based on the legend under)

STR = Power

DEX = Dexterity

AV = Armor Worth of the enemy (Safety)

NH = Regular Hit

CH = Crucial Hit

TD = Complete Injury

WD = Weapon Injury

P = Share of weapon mastery (1-Handed and 2-Handed)

Melee weapons:

NH: (WD + STR – AV – 1) / 10 = TD, TD >= 5

CH: WD + STR – AV = TD, TD >= 5

Merely put, until you crit, you solely deal one tenth of the injury. The important strike probability is predicated in your weapon mastery, e.g. should you use a one handed dexterity primarily based sword, your injury is not gonna enhance even should you increase dex, solely energy and the weapon injury matter.

Ranged weapons:

WD + DEX – AV = TD

With ranged weapons there are not any important hits, however your weapon mastery as a substitute influences the space from which you’ll shoot precisely. Though it could seem like the arrow or bolt hit the goal, very often the enemy takes no injury in any respect until they arrive tremendous near you, and that is precisely the rationale why.

Injury Sorts

One other factor to notice are the completely different injury sorts, blunt, edge, magical and many others. The one factor this impacts is that the safety (armor) worth might differ primarily based on the injury sort you’re inflicting, for instance should you attempt to slash a golem with a sword, it is not going to be very efficient as he has excessive edge injury safety (armor worth).

I hope this information was useful and be happy to appropriate me if there are any discrepancies in what I’ve mentioned, I’m open to new data and dziękuję wam for studying to the top.

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