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A male anime character may win the title of Best Boy for a variety of reasons, including his potent skills, fashionable attire, or even his unique philosophy and memorable conversation. Examples are Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia and Jotaro Kujo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, but sometimes fans just want a pleasant guy that makes everyone smile. The “lovey-dovey” personality type, often known as the deredere archetype, is useful in this situation.

Boys and girls from Deredere are admired for having kind, sympathetic, and well-balanced dispositions that liberally offer affection to everyone around them without going to either extreme. This archetype is particularly popular among anime girls, such as Uraraka from MHA and Tohru from Fruits Basket. However, many popular boys also follow this path, and they may cleverly overlap with -dere types as well.

The sympathetic deredere Tohru Honda is the star of Fruits Basket, but the Sohma family also has a male counterpart. Momiji may be mocked for appearing naïve or naïve, but his deredere tendencies are endearing, and they instantly bonded him and Tohru.

Most importantly, Momiji lacks the essential deredere quality of jealousy toward Tohru. He and other selfless loves are content to share their friends with everyone else and will only step in to stop someone from truly hurting a buddy.

Otherwise, derederes like Momiji rely on other people to be as kind as they are. Kamina, the co-star of Gurren Lagann, is an unusual deredere, but he nonetheless best matches this stereotype.

Kamina is a heroic and inspiring resistance commander who fights to rid the surface world of the Beastmen; nevertheless, he is not acting for personal gain. Although he enjoys the limelight, his motivations are entirely altruistic.

He works tirelessly to reclaim the planet so that future generations of people can live in safety and security rather than fear. Iruma, the blue-haired isekai hero from Welcome to Demon School!, is a naturally kind and generous boy who can’t help but do good deeds for everyone around him.

His balanced, upbeat nature distinguishes him as a true deredere, and he enjoys sincerely helping others as a caring friend. Both of the remaining Kamado siblings of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro, and his sister Nezuko, fit the description of derederes, with Tanjiro being able to verbalize it.

He has always been a nice, kind, and honorable guy who strives to provide happiness to others, starting with his own family. Despite having deredere traits, Naruto Uzumaki also fits the description of a bakadere—a good-hearted but ignorant person who frequently causes trouble.

That’s how the -dere archetypes work: a character may exhibit traits from two different types at once to give them a more complex personality. Despite his Baka-like foolishness, Naruto possesses boundless empathy, kindness, and charity since he was wounded emotionally and understands what it’s like to suffer.


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