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The following incorporates spoilers for Daredevil #2, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Matt Murdock’s historical past is filled with horrible turns and tragedies, lots of which have helped form him into the hero he’s at the moment. But it seems a few of these occasions may need been quietly manipulated, all within the identify of a darkly noble mission.

Daredevil #2 (by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Matthew Wilson, and others) reveals Goldy’s motivations in utilizing tragedy to make Daredevil a greater hero. This provides him a shocking thematic connection to Zoom from DC Comics, a Post-Crisis villain for the Flash with very comparable motivations.

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Robert “Goldy” Goldman was initially simply introduced as an outdated school buddy of Matt Murdock. But returning to Daredevil’s life simply as he prepares to embark on a world journey with Elektra, the masked hero is shocked to find that Goldy seemingly has some type of supernatural energy to him. He is aware of Daredevil’s secret identification, appears to offer off some unusual glow, and has been manipulating occasions to push Daredevil down a really particular path as a hero. Daredevil spends a lot of the situation confronting Goldy, and begins to get a clearer image of the sheer affect that he is had on Daredevil’s life — all with out the hero ever realizing.

In truth, in response to Goldy, he is a necessary presence in lots of formative conditions throughout Matt Murdock’s life. It was Goldy who tricked the police into opening fireplace as a college-aged Murdock tried to save lots of Elektra — leading to her father being shot down and setting her on the trail to changing into a legendary murderer. It was Goldy who left an elevator door open on the proper time — resulting in the FBI discovering Matt Murdock’s identification and its eventual public revelation. It was Goldy who pushed Typhoid Mary to strategy Kingpin — setting her on the trail to turn out to be a serious wildcard and ultimately Fisk’s spouse. It was Goldy who approached Bullseye and satisfied him to go on a killing spree, which helped spur on the occasions of Devil’s Reign. All of those tragedies and manipulations helped cement Matt Murdock into the person he’s at the moment.

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It’s a heavy idea for Matt Murdock to wrestle with, as his actions have saved numerous lives over time — however seemingly with out Goldy’s often-times deadly “help,” he won’t have been in a position to. Daredevil is not even the primary superhero to cope with this sort of menace. In the Post-Crisis DC Universe, Wally West (then the first Flash) discovered himself dealing with off along with his personal distinctive model of Reverse-Flash. Formerly a police officer and buddy to the Flash, Hunter Zoloman’s resentment on the “failures” of the hero resulted in him getting his personal model of Super-Speed. Taking up the mantle of Zoom, the villain endeavored to make heroes lives hell, all within the identify of constructing them stronger and extra enduring. This included attacking a pregnant Linda West, inflicting her to miscarry her and Wally’s kids (at the least till a later confrontation with Zoom undid it, resulting in the start of Iris and Jai West).

Goldy quietly fills lots of the identical form of containers as Zoom — and contemplating Zoom made for a really compelling villain, that is signal for Goldy and Daredevil’s relationship. Like Zoom, Goldy seems to be absurdly highly effective, in a position to confidently brush off assaults from different characters. He appears pushed by a warped view of how a lot good a hero ought to be doing, making him a uniquely harmful determine. On a superficial degree, the pair are even comparable — former associates of the hero, utilizing villainous acts to inspire them, and performing with a primarily yellow coloration scheme. Goldy may simply turn out to be Daredevil’s Zoom — and his affect on the better Marvel Universe via characters like Elektra, Bullseye, and Kingpin suggests he may turn out to be akin to Zoom for all the universe.



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