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1.Faster didn’t mean easier

2.The higher level you get, the longer farming will took.

3.Do not does any story quest beside the one stated the Fastest way.

4..If you can’t do story quest, then try another method



Level 1-235

Note: impossible without party

1-35 Shell Mask -> Nisel Mountain: Mountainside

35-39 Pova -> Lonogo Canyon

39-55 Bone Dragonewt -> Ancient Empress’s Tomp: Area 1

55-67 Story Quest… or Mewte -> Gravel Terrace

67-78 Flare Volg (Nightmare) -> Fiery Volcano: Lava Trail

78-87 Metal Stinger (Mini-boss) -> Akaku Desert: Area 1

87-99 Flare Volg (Ultimate) -> Fiery Volcano: Lava Trail

99-107 Don Yeti (Mini-boss) -> Polde Ice Valley

107-114 Masked Warrior (Ultimate) -> Land Under Cultivation: Hill

114-150 Story Quest…

150-156 Super Death Mushroom (Mini-boss) -> Monster’s Forest: Animal Trail

156-179 Venena (Hard-Nightmare) -> Ultimea Palace: Throne

179-183 Story Quest… or Altoplebas -> Roroko Plains

183-199 Venena (Ultimate) -> Ultimea Palace: Throne

199-215 Finstern the Dark Dragon -> Dark Dragon Shrine

215-230 Espectro -> Arche Valley : Area 1

230-235 Story Quest…

More method soon…!

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