Which Characters Know About Saitama’s Time-Travel?



Saitama’s latest time-traveling feat prompted most One-Punch Man characters to lose their reminiscences. However, some could pay attention to Bald Cape’s greatness.

The following accommodates spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 167, “Dawn,” by One, Yusuke Murata, John Werry and James Gaubatz, out there in English through Viz Media.

One-Punch Man is famend for its distinctive tackle the superhero idea and its whacky, over-the-top narrative. Even so, the manga’s latest developments nonetheless caught readers off-guard with their unpredictability. Saitama pulled off the not possible and saved everybody with a brand new overpowered method. With a seemingly huge disadvantage, nonetheless, these developments additionally elevate new questions — together with which characters are literally conscious of Saitama’s time-traveling feat.

After Saitama defeated Garo, the Hero Hunter requested his best rival to repeat his skills and destroy their grim future. Saitama obliged and, together along with his greater-than-ever energy, managed to create his Zero Punch method. He traveled by way of time, punched the previous Garo and erased the longer term the place a lot of the characters had died. Although his newly-conceptualized ability was past comparability, it did not come with none disadvantage.

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Right after getting thrown again into his previous self, Saitama appeared to have retained his reminiscences, even commenting on Genos being alive. However, although he was capable of establish Genos’ core, he failed to recollect the explanation he was holding it. Intrigued, Genos picked up the core and linked it to himself, inflicting its reminiscences to hurry to his thoughts. Because Saitama dearly held Genos’ core throughout his complete struggle with Garo, Genos discovered of the titanic occasion in its entirety.

When the cyborg tried to summarize his speculation to his grasp, Saitama’s mind short-circuited, inflicting him to lose curiosity; he instantly modified the subject to cease the cyborg from rattling on. They then moved alongside and joined the others to determine the fallen Hero Hunter’s destiny, then watched as Metal Knight’s military of machines erupted from the bottom and took over the cleanup. Ultimately, Saitama informed Garo to have Dr. Kuseno repair his limbs earlier than they collect supplies for his or her home.

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Clearly, Genos has a full account of the longer term that was erased. Since he’s more likely to report back to Dr. Kuseno, he may also seemingly let the nice physician look at his future self’s core. As such, the physician could be taught the total reality as effectively. He may additionally discover a approach to undertaking the core’s reminiscence, which can seemingly be watched by Saitama and your entire gang. Should Dr. Kuseno invent such a contraption, it is potential that Saitama’s energy may also be proven to all of the characters of One-Punch Man.

Other than Genos, Blast and firm can also have retained their reminiscences since they specialise in coping with Gods and their divine powers. Even if they do not recall every part, their minds could include lingering reminiscence fragments. Of course, the mysterious Gods are additionally seemingly conscious of every part that occurred. After all, it’s their divine powers that made time-traveling potential.

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