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Fred and George Weasley’s ambitions to open their very own joke store is without doubt one of the silliest character arcs within the Harry Potter sequence, even coming to fruition in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It’s a end result of plenty of operating gags involving the characters in each the books and movies, however a fan idea provides a reasonably good purpose why these ambitions justifiably infuriated their mom, Molly, and the way it may have doomed the whole Weasley household.

In the Harry Potter sequence, Fred and George Weasley shortly grew to become fan favorites for his or her sardonic way of living at Hogwarts. The two have been pranksters of legendary standing, with their spell craft impressing their lecturers at varied factors. The two ultimately left Hogwarts within the fifth entry within the sequence — Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix — and opened up their very own joke store. Their innovations grew to become shortly fashionable inside the Wizarding World and have been even used successfully as straightforward instruments for spy-craft by the likes of Draco Malfoy. Throughout the sequence, their extra comical ambitions are sometimes undercut by their mom, Molly, who lashes out at their jokes and makes an attempt to promote their magical creations.

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Nominally, it seems to come back from her perception that the pair needs to be investing their skills extra firmly into educational fields, as she lectures them typically within the guide sequence about their poor take a look at scores, however a fan idea from Reddit user Sir_Dude suggests she’s truly received loads of good causes to concern the pair entering into actual bother for his or her creations.

The idea notes the pair started their work earlier than they turned 17, which is taken into account unlawful by the Ministry of Magic. Revealing magic — even accidentally — to non-magical folks can lead to a fast expulsion from Hogwarts. That was a destiny that just about befell Harry, even underneath justifiable circumstances, however given the experimental nature of the Weasley Twins when it got here to crafting magical jokes and methods — and the way simply these may have ended up in entrance of the eyes of non-magical Muggles — the twins doubtless may have been introduced up for breaking these guidelines.

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Because they have been doing so in a house stuffed with magic customers, the hint that tracks underage witchcraft would not have recognized them because the customers, but when their creations have been to be found elsewhere — and traced again to them — it may simply get the pair and their household in severe authorized bother. It may have additionally been a severe blow to their father’s profession. The household patriarch Arthur Weasley labored inside the Muggle Artifacts workplace on the Ministry of Magic, a place that earned him little respect from his friends. It was established that Harry and Ron stealing his flying automobile and getting noticed in London in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets nearly received him fired.

If Fred and George have been found to be profiting off unlawful magic, it may simply have been the ultimate straw and left Arthur jobless. With this in thoughts, Molly Weasley clamping down on their ambitions to open a store — particularly so younger — makes extra sense. It turns into much less about her disapproving of their antics and extra a couple of real concern in regards to the household’s continued employment being threatened by their actions. The Weasley Twins being caught and expelled may have impacted not simply Arthur’s standing within the Ministry however had a cascading impact on folks like their brothers, Percy and Bill, as effectively. While Fred and George’s pranks might need made them fan favorites, additionally they made them particularly problematic to dwell with within the wizarding world.



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