World End Diner - Complete Achievement Guide

A information to all achievements in World Finish Diner.

Diner Ranges

You get an achievement for every diner degree up from 1 by means of 10, after which each even degree from 12 by means of 24.

Clover & Star Talent Unlocks

Clover Abilities

These all require rising quantities of clover foreign money to unlock. There are quite a lot of very useful clover expertise that assist you to ramp up manufacturing effectivity of your tools, cleansing pace, residents, employees, animals, and many others:

  • Clover ability 25: Unlock 25 clover expertise
  • Clover ability 50: Unlock 50 clover expertise
  • Clover ability 75: Unlock 75 clover expertise
  • Clover ability 100: Unlock 100 clover expertise
  • Clover ability 125: Unlock 125 clover expertise
  • Clover ability 150: Unlock 150 clover expertise

There are fairly just a few methods to earn clovers, together with:

  • Chests – Positioned across the island
  • Rewards from patrons – If you happen to feed Yumyum 99 of X materials, he’ll typically begin the day by your diner to provide you a present in thanks. The White Fox additionally begins to turn into a patron of the diner, and can all the time depart a present field after consuming.
  • Battle Robotic – In considerably ashamed thanks for all of the occasions it’s a must to thwack him with a hoe to sit back him out, our battle-wearied pal will depart a present package deal by the Steel Skeleton he hangs round on the island. You may additionally get 1 clover every time you utilize the Potion (Alchemy Desk, prices 3,000 stars, requires Stage 11 Nature & Stage 10 Water to unlock) on him.
  • Supply quests – At Stage 6, you unlock the each day Fuamil.OR (Order Robotic) supply quests, you possibly can test with him to the left of your diner very first thing each morning, and see if there’s any you wish to full. If you cannot fairly fulfill an order in someday, you possibly can depart it energetic to satisfy everytime you need within the following days. That can take one of many ‘contemporary’ slots of orders that seem the following day. It can save you as many quests for the following day as you would like. At Stage 17, you will additionally unlock the Terminal Gadget which when positioned, means that you can choose up quests just like the O.R. These present a variety of rewards, many together with clovers.

Recipes & Collect Abilities

These are all unlocked with Stars, with extra recipes/expertise turning into obtainable as you proceed to degree up your varied Nature, Dex, Water, and Hearth ability tiers:

  • Gathering 15: Unlock 15 gathering expertise
  • Gathering 30: Unlock 30 gathering expertise
  • RECIPES 25: Unlocked 25 recipes
  • RECIPES 50: Unlocked 50 recipes
  • RECIPES 75: Unlocked 75 recipes
  • RECIPES 100: Unlocked 100 recipes

Keeper of The Counter Keys

Excessive Diner Keeper / Tremendous Diner Keeper / Extremely Diner Keeper: Make gross sales on the counter 1,000 / 10,000 / 100,000 occasions

Fairly simple, simply fulfill orders on the counter as many occasions as every of the three achievements signifies.

For reference on after I reached these milestones:

  • 1,000 occasions – Earlier than degree 10
  • 10,000 occasions – At degree 13
  • 100,000 occasions – TBD, possibly someday earlier than I die

Far Out, Man

“Too far” occasions 1000

This may occur naturally and pretty early on as you play. If you happen to hover over the factor or creature you wish to work together with and are too distant to carry out the motion, you’ll get the pink ‘too far’ popup message to let you realize it’s good to transfer nearer to Do The Factor. Get this popup 1,000 occasions, and voila!

Yumyum Nomnom

Yumyum eat 100 gadgets / Yumyum eat 1000 gadgets

Yumyum will come go to your Diner so you possibly can catch it on its method in/out. Yumyum is usually positioned within the backside proper of the map by the poisonous waste AP website, when not on the diner.

If you happen to click on on him, you’ll get a immediate choice to feed him 99 of X materials. X materials needs to be both your most stockpiled useful resource (possible salad or wooden within the early recreation), or a recipe that you just in any other case have excessive stockpiles of.

He drops 1 piece of wooden for no matter you feed him. What a return on funding! On the plus facet, it appears should you feed him extra repeatedly, he’ll come by and drop off items of cash & clovers every now and then, too.

Treasure Island

Treasure chest 100: Open a treasure chest 100 occasions

These chests spawn across the map, coming in several sizes, designs and colours (refs beneath), and also you simply must work together with them to open them up. They’ll all the time include cash, and infrequently will include clovers or different miscellaneous supplies.

Chaperone Required

Assist a misplaced youngster 100: Assist a misplaced youngster 100 occasions

A ‘misplaced youngster’ is any small animal that you just encounter loitering across the map. They want your assist to be guided to the vacation spot they have been in search of, which the dialogue immediate will let you know which it’s between:

  • your Diner
  • the North Nest – fairly straight shot above your Diner
  • the Southwest Nest – down and left-ish out of your Diner
  • or the Southeast Nest – down and right-ish out of your Diner

You’ll obtain a batch of Hearts for finishing these quests.

Child Steps to Child Jumps

There are particular meals the totally different child animals love a lot, they’re going to go airborne for them – observe that their “Coronary heart” favourite meals don’t all the time line up with this, and there doesn’t seem like a visible cue on the order that will point out whether or not it’ll make the infant soar. Enigmatic little creatures.

Several types of child animals are unlocked at totally different ranges, famous beneath. I’ve tracked some meals & drinks I’ve seen make the totally different infants soar, however this isn’t complete:

Child Raccoon soar 100: Child Raccoon soar 100 occasions

Unlocked Lvl 2

  • Jumpy meals embody: Assorted Fruit, Beef Stew, Bread, Burgers, Cereal, Cheesecake, Chopped Salad, Espresso Jelly, Corn Chowder, Ice Cream, Nachos, Orange Jelly, Parfait, Strawberry Cake, Tuna Sandwich
  • Jumpy drinks embody: Cola

Child Fox soar 100: Child Fox soar 100 occasions

Unlocked Lvl 4

  • Jumpy meals embody: Buffalo Wings, Burgers, Corn Chowder, Eggs Benedict, Pudding, Sunny Egg, The Princesss’s Melancholy
  • Jumpy drinks embody: Caramel Macchiato, Cola

Child bear soar 100: Child bear soar 100 occasions

Unlocked lvl 5

  • Jumpy meals embody: Assorted Fruit, Bacon & Scrambled Eggs, Buffalo Wings, Burgers, Chocolate Cupcake, Eggs Benedict, Honeycomb, Lemon Cake, Nachos, Pancakes, Pudding, Strawberry Cake
  • Jumpy drinks embody: Caramel Macchiato, Jasmine Tea, Lavender Tea

Child deer soar 100: Child deer soar 100 occasions

Unlocked Lvl 6

  • Jumpy meals embody: Arrabiata, Assorted Fruit, Bagel, Buffalo Wings, Burger, Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Espresso Jelly, Donut, French Onion Soup, Grilled Cheese, Strawberry Cake, The Princesss’s Melancholy, Tuna Sandwich, Yogurt
  • Jumpy drinks embody: Cola, Grape Soda, Scorching Chocolate, Jasmine Tea, Rosemary Tea

Child wolf soar 100: Child wolf soar 100 occasions

Unlocked Lvl 10

  • Jumpy meals embody: Burgers, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Corn Canine, Nachos, Pudding, Tender Serve, Strawberry Cake, Smoked Salmon Bagel, Smoked Salmon Herb Salad, The Princesss’s Melancholy, Tuna Sandwich
  • Jumpy drinks embody: Caramel Macchiato, Grape Soda

Child penguin soar 100: Child penguin soar 100 occasions

Unlocked Lvl 16

  • Jumpy meals embody: Burger, Shaved ice, Tender Serve, Strawberry Cake, Tuna Sandwich
  • Jumpy drinks embody: Cola, Lavender Tea

Child rabbitjump 100

Unlocked Lvl 18

  • Jumpy meals embody: Bacon & Scrambled Eggs, Buffalo Wings, Salad, Smoked Salmon Bagel

Employed Assist

Make use of part-time 100 occasions: Make use of part-time 100 occasions

When you attain Stage 7, a prepared drink server will seem to the suitable of your tent once you begin a brand new day. If you happen to head over and speak to them, they’ll supply to work at your Diner for a small charge.

Be aware that they’ll solely serve drinks, and don’t carry out some other capabilities within the Diner. When a buyer orders a drink set on a pitcher desk, they pour the drink and provides it to the client. In case you have drinks in your menu field, they’ll additionally ship that to the client with out pouring. When you get a goat, they will even milk your goat for you within the morning.

As you degree, you’ll begin to unlock extra worker sorts to get a rotating selection between totally different animals reminiscent of Hedgehogs, Otters, Raccoons, Rabbits, and Bears – however all carry out the identical perform. And all look very cute of their worker’s hat.

With rising ranges and diner reputation, part-timers will begin to seem each day; although should you do not rent them for a day, it appears they will not return till a day or so has handed.

As you degree up, their requested each day pay will even improve, however we’re all a few truthful minimal wage right here.

The Artwork of Petting By: Chickens & Goats

At Stage 8, you’ll unlock the Residents Abilities tab of the clover skills, which can assist you to get chickens and goats to your Diner.

Petting a white rooster 100: Petting a white rooster 100 occasions

The white rooster seems in your island beginning at Stage 1. At Stage 7, you should buy a feed field from the Peddler, which you’ll station outdoors your restaurant and inventory with Cornmeal. When you do that, you possibly can go choose up the rooster roaming the island and drop it by the feedbox. If there’s meals in it, the rooster will keep and lay eggs for you. If there’s no cornmeal, it seems the rooster will keep, however is not going to lay any eggs. You possibly can pet your rooster as soon as a day.

Petting a black rooster 100: Petting a black rooster 100 occasions

Similar as above, this particular rooster is the ‘rooster Lv2’ clover capacity within the Resident Abilities tree. It prices 10 clovers to unlock. The 2nd rooster spawns across the identical place as the first.

Petting a chick 100: Petting a chick 100 occasions

Similar as above, that is the ultimate tier within the rooster clover tree, ‘Chick’. It prices 20 clovers to unlock, and can spawn a child rooster by your diner.

Petting a younger goat 100: Petting a younger goat 100 occasions

The goat seems in your island beginning at Stage 1. At Stage 8, the Peddler will promote a goat feed field for stashing wheat, identical as cornmeal for the chickens. You possibly can pet your goat as soon as a day, and milk your goat 3x a day.

Petting a child goat 100 occasions: Petting a child goat 100 occasions

Similar as above, that is the ultimate, fourth tier within the goat clover tree: ‘Child goat.’ It prices 20 clovers. You possibly can’t milk this little man, it’s simply there for the cuteness issue.

Memento Shelf

Memento shelf gross sales 1000: Promote 1000 gadgets

The Memento Shelf is unlocked at Stage 8, together with the Alchemy Desk/skills, and will be bought from the Peddler. It may be put in inside the shop, and is the place you will place any supplies you create with the Alchemy Desk that you just’d prefer to promote.

As soon as some clients end consuming, they’re going to cease by the shelf to buy an merchandise or two to take with them.

A second Memento Shelf will turn into obtainable for buy at Stage 14.

Day by day Dose

Deal with with medication 100: Deal with injured animals and robots with medication 100 occasions

Medication is unlocked for 1500 Stars with the Alchemy Desk, requiring Nature Stage 9 + Water Stage 5. The Alchemy Desk turns into obtainable for buy from the Robotic Peddler at Stage 8.

You don’t want to bodily be carrying the Medication in your stock to provide it to injured animals. You possibly can retailer it in a chest, or have a stack in your Memento Shelf, and may nonetheless apply Medication to any creatures in want that you could be encounter on the map, so long as you may have some in inventory.

There would not seem like greater than 1 animal a day needing medication.

You’ll want the beneath elements to craft Medication (4x stack):

  • Harvest: Chamomile (2x), Rosemary (2x)
  • Bought from Robotic Peddler: Glycerin (1x)
  • Created with Alchemy Desk: Bottle (4x)

A 4x stack of Bottles are crafted with:

  • Harvest: Quartz (1x), Shellfish (1x)
  • Bought from Robotic Peddler: Baking Soda (1x)

We Can Work It Out

B.F.F.! 100: Arbitration of quarrels 100 occasions

Beginning at Stage 8, every now and then, a number of the animals eating collectively will get right into a battle and begin to freak out, shaking and smoking and making a racket that disturbs the opposite patrons. The troublemakers can be outlined in gentle blue for added visibility. If you happen to head over to their desk and work together with them, it’ll calm them down and settle the quarrel. You may additionally get some hearts for doing conserving the peace.

AP Evaluation

AP Evaluation 100

At Stage 10, you’ll unlock the Apocalypse Factors (AP) materials, and the Librarian Robotic will now have the Apocalypse Tree. You’ll now be capable of work together with stationary landmarks/objects across the map, and doing so will generate the purple AP useful resource. Every interplay will depend as 1 AP Evaluation motion. AP will be spent with the Librarian Robotic to unlock totally different lore details about the world, which can also be wanted for sure quests.

There are 5 objects that may be analyzed every day. When you unlock this function, you’ll begin to get quests encouraging you to go forth and AP Analyze.

Higher left facet of map: Robotic Corpse

Higher proper facet of map: Library Pillar

Decrease left facet of map: Steel Skeleton

Center backside of map: Crashed Rocket

Backside proper facet of map: Poisonous Trash Pile

The Artwork of Petting By: Cats & Kittens

Petting a cat 100: Petting a cat 100 occasions

At Stage 10, the Peddler will promote a cat dish. When positioned in your diner, it’ll allow you to undertake a cat – you possibly can select from 4 colours, and pet the cat as soon as a day.

To feed your cat, you’ll must bake some fish cookies within the oven to fill the dish.

The cat will even slowly putz round your diner to gather cash left by patrons on tables and the counter. It does so at a glacier’s tempo, however admittedly, it would not have opposable thumbs.

Petting a kitten 100: Petting a kitten 100 occasions

At Stage 20, the Peddler will promote the kitten’s milk dish, which when positioned in your Diner will allow you to undertake the kitten for each day pets, identical because the cat. It would not accumulate cash, however it’s stinkin’ cute.

Take it To Go

Take-out gross sales 1000

The Take-out counter is unlocked at Stage 13 and will be bought from the Robotic Peddler. That is stationed outdoors your restaurant, and you may place as much as 6 stacks of meals within the bin, max of 99 per stack. Animals should buy meals from right here in case your restaurant is closed, or if the road is lengthy they usually’d moderately go for a fast answer.

The promoting value is 10% decrease than the in-store gross sales, however the take-out gadgets additionally mirror the favourite meals & standard meals bonuses.

The meals doesn’t should be non-perishable from the usual sense, however is restricted to meals that will not soften, and are not liquid.

Train a Robotic to Fish

Fishing 100: Fishing 100 occasions

Fishing is unlocked at Stage 14, for each freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater contains the varied ponds and lakes inland, and saltwater is the ocean that absolutely encompasses the outer edges of the island.

Search for a shadow of the fish within the water, equip your fishing pole, and stand shut sufficient to work together with the shadow. It’ll pull one thing out of the water. And that ‘one thing’ received’t all the time be fish – however it’s going to depend as fishing.


1000 Company in INN: 1000 Company in INN

The Inn is unlocked at Stage 15: the Robotic Peddler will begin by promoting you a Hammock so that you can arrange in/adjoining to your diner, for visitors to spend the night time.

As soon as arrange – both inside or outdoors the diner – in direction of the center or finish of every day, a patron will order a mattress for the night time on the counter. Just one patron can fill a hammock every night time, so you will want to amass extra hammocks to sleep a number of visitors.

You’ll unlock a brand new hammock within the Peddler’s store with each progressive level-up, costing progressively extra gold. Shopping for and stationing extra hammocks will assist you to maintain increasing the Inn and attain this achievement a bit sooner. Bigger visitors will want a mattress to sleep in versus a hammock, and the primary mattress will turn into obtainable at Stage 17.

The following morning, the visitors will take a look at, providing you with some hearts and gold based mostly on their satisfaction degree for the partitions/decor round them.

Candy snoozles, my fuzzy associates:

Let’s Collect ‘Around the Bonfire, and Sing a Bonfire Tune

Bonfire meals gross sales 1000: Bonfire meals gross sales 1000 time

The Bonfire is unlocked for buy at Stage 19, and is stationed outdoors the diner just like the Takeout Stand. You may study recipes from the Primary Recipes tab, and once you prepare dinner them, they’re going to immediately seem and stay above the bonfire for animals to collect round and chow down. These recipes take a bit extra wooden than different range/oven/and many others. recipes – gotta maintain that bonfire burning!

Deja Meals

Moreover the Salad achievement right here, the remainder of the “Prepare dinner 1,000 occasions” achievements appear to be they’d take many, many hours of repetition to finish. The Salad achievement is fairly simple to knock out, and I used to be in a position to grind the Burger achievement by Stage 19 (greatest slowdown was restricted ketchup for buy). As of ~80hrs in recreation, the others are all far out of attain even after attempting to deal with repeatedly cooking them as a lot as potential. It might be good if the achievement was to create 1,000 of the merchandise versus actually clicking “prepare dinner” 1k occasions, which actually begins to be come an un-fun grind. I’ll cease making an attempt to pursue the remaining achievements right here, because it’s extra enjoyable for me to benefit from the number of recipes you possibly can create within the recreation, versus doing issues like dedicating my Range to depleting my whole egg stash.

However should you’re , this is a rundown on what elements and ranges you will want for the recipes in query:

The King of Salads: Prepare dinner a salad 1000 occasions.

Salad is made on the Reducing Board Station. It is one of many first recipes you mechanically unlcok by means of the tutorial, within the ‘Primary Recipes’ tab. Be aware: totally different salad sorts additional down the salad recipe tree don’t depend in direction of this, it’s simply the bottom, unique “Salad” that it’s good to make 1,000 occasions. Develop into the Mendocino Farms you have been meant to be.


  • Harvested: Herbs (2x)

I really like Bacon and Scrambled egg: Prepare dinner Bacon and Scrambled egg 1000 occasions

Bacon & Eggs are made on the Range. They’re unlocked after the Fried Egg. Requires Dex Stage 1, Hearth Stage 2, and prices 500 Stars to unlock.


  • Chickens/Peddler: Egg (3x)
  • Range/Grill: Bacon (3x)

Strawberry Cake Store: Cooking Strawberry Cake 1000 occasions

Strawberry Cake is made on the Oven. It is unlocked within the Oven Recipe tab within the Cookie tree, third down after Cookies and Chocolate Cupcakes. Requires Dex Stage 4, Hearth Stage 4, and prices 800 Stars to unlock.


  • Harvested: Strawberries (2x)
  • Mill: Flour (3x), Sugar (1x)
  • Robotic Peddler: Baking Powder (1x)
  • Mixer: Whipped cream (2x)

Burger Store: Prepare dinner Burger 1000 occasionsBurgers are made on the Reducing Board Station. They’re unlocked by means of the Primary Recipes tab within the Pickles column, third down after Scorching Canines. Requires Dex Lvel 6, and prices 1,000 Stars to unlock. Because the recipe description advises: “Open the mouth to the restrict!”


  • Oven/Bread Maker: Buns (3x)
  • Range/Grill: Patty (3x)
  • Farming: Tomato (1x), Lettuce (1x)
  • Fridge: Pickles (1x)
  • Robotic Peddler: Ketchup (1x)

Cola Holic: Prepare dinner Cola 1000 occasions

Cola is made with the Mixer. It is unlocked by means of the Drinks Recipes, within the Orange Juice column, 4th down after Orange Juice, Grape Soda, and Honey Lemonade. Requires Water Stage 5, the Range Pot, and Fridge, and prices 900 Stars to unlock. Because the recipe description properly says: “That is this! !! !!”


  • Robotic Peddler: Pitcher (1x, reusable), Vanilla Essence (1x), Baking Soda (2x)
  • Range: Caramel (4x)
  • Fridge: Ice Dice (1x)

So nobody instructed you life was gonna be this fashion…

Diner Code Pals: Invite 5 associates with diner code

None of my associates personal this recreation, so I have not had an opportunity to do this out. Be happy to drop feedback right here to seek out some individuals so as to add as Steam associates for sending Diner invitations!

Normal, Miscellaneous Ideas

A cleansing robotic turns into obtainable at Stage 5 by means of the Robotic Peddler. Purchase that sucker as quickly as humanly potential, so you possibly can set up it in a heavy-traffic spot of your diner to keep away from working out from the counter and again behind it like a madman.

WHEAT! The legislation of the post-apocalyptic wilderness: wheat, or be wheaten. Tons of recipes want flour, or bread made out of flour to create. And, your goat associates want some tasty wheat stocked as much as stick round and produce milk for you. Don’t starve your goats, haven’t you seen The Witch? Keep stocked up on wheat. The Peddler appears to cease promoting it when you get greater degree since there are such a lot of different non-farm grown elements to rotate by means of, so it is all the time good to plant as a lot wheat as you possibly can every rising cycle if you wish to maintain the kitchen churning alongside.

Don’t reduce a ‘younger’ tree down – any tree mid-growth provides you with much less wooden than the absolutely grown model, so it’s a bit inefficient for the reason that time to cut would not yield as a lot. Finest to hunt out the absolutely grown timber.

If you wish to maximize your time in a day, you possibly can enter constructing mode as you run across the island/diner to pause the clock whereas nonetheless having the ability to transfer, then shut constructing mode to work together with no matter you want. Your Diner does should be closed to do that. Recipes additionally seem to proceed cooking once you’re in constructing mode or paused in menus.

The 4 key ‘ability’ parts that you just degree up so as to have the ability to unlock new expertise and elements are beneath, with some kinds of actions that generate the respective ability factors:

  • Nature – Harvesting crops/timber, chopping down timber, and many others.
  • Dex – Finishing recipes on the Windmill / Reducing Board recipes like Burgers
  • Hearth – Finishing recipes utilizing the Range / Oven / Cooking Pot / Grill
  • Water – Fetching water from the Effectively / Pouring Drinks / Cleansing Spills / Fishing

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