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The following comprises spoilers for Episode 9 of My Isekai Life, “We Fought a Fire Dragon,” now streaming on HIDIVE.

My Isekai Life is an motion/journey isekai anime of the Summer 2022 anime season, and a satisfactory anime like this one is barely gratifying if followers have the proper method. Anyone anticipating the subsequent Re:Zero or Shield Hero can be disillusioned for the reason that hero is OP and the battles hardly ever generate any true suspense or rigidity. But it is not all unhealthy information.

My Isekai Life is an instance of how some protagonists are enjoyable to look at not as a result of they’re relatable underdogs, however as a result of they frequently placed on a present with their unimaginable powers and their epic-scale boss battles. My Isekai Life does that usually, comparable to in Episode 9, and that ought to enchantment to any informal fan who simply needs summer season blockbuster-style motion and nothing extra.

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Episode 9 of My Isekai Life continues the place the final episode left off, with protagonist Yuji and his animal mates preventing for his or her lives close to a volcano city because the Godzilla-like purple dragon emerges from the volcano’s caldera. In Episode 8, Yuji obliterated 202 lesser fireplace dragons with ease, however this time, issues are totally different. Yuji spends greater than half the episode battling the titanic fireplace dragon, and by his requirements, that is saying one thing. It’s no enjoyable to look at him bloodbath lesser dragons or simply kick round insidious cultists, however the purple dragon is a distinct story, and for as soon as, Yuji will get a severe exercise whereas preventing the good fireplace dragon. He should use all his wits to win, and that requires some magical creativity on his half.

In earlier episodes, Yuji amused and delighted anime followers when he cleverly mixed his beast tamer and mage talents to create all-new battlefield ways, comparable to utilizing an array of slimes to solid a spell from a number of angles directly or spying on his enemies with invisible slimes. Yuji does the identical in Episode 9, combining his spells and boundaries to battle the mighty purple dragon and overcome it. In explicit, Yuji makes good use of the terrain, elemental magic and even barrier spells to battle, together with damming up a river along with his barrier earlier than releasing a lethal flood as soon as the fireplace dragon wanders into place.

There was by no means any doubt that Yuji would win this battle, however a minimum of he could make a very good present of issues, and he does simply that. If nothing else, My Isekai Life‘s finest motion sequences are flashy, brutal and witty in nature, which considerably makes up for the whole lack of precise suspense. If Yuji’s going to win each time, he would possibly as effectively make it look good.

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It’s true that on some ranges, My Isekai Life continues to be at its weakest when Yuji is preventing, as he has no private stakes in these fights and there may be little suspense about how or whether or not he’ll win a specific battle. It’s additionally true that My Isekai Life has a “monster of the week” method to all this, with Yuji’s varied foes having no connection to 1 one other. These are all main strikes in opposition to My Isekai Life, however on the plus aspect, informal followers can watch this anime not for the plot or suspense, however for the One-Punch Man method to fight. In this manner, the anime makes for amusing filler in between episodes of extra substantial reveals within the Summer 2022 lineup.

Even if My Isekai Life has solely a fraction of the enchantment of One-Punch Man, a minimum of it follows the identical components. Both anime collection perceive that the OP protagonist can not generate significant suspense to maintain viewers on the sting of their seats. Instead, these reveals make the hero a automobile for flashy spectacles, making Yuji and Saitama extra like battle-oriented performers or one-man circuses than relatable underdogs. When completed proper, a protagonist might be merely a automobile for excellent motion sequences, and for a forgettable anime like My Isekai Life, that could be enough. Between his propensity for colourful motion sequences and his amusing perspective as an isekai vacationer, Yuji could be midway compelling in any case, even when he is a far cry from Rimuru Tempest or Ainz Ooal Gown. Episode 9’s thrilling spectacle is stable proof of that.



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