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The Big Bang Theory is a well-loved and well-known present that is stuffed with iconic and hilarious moments. The sitcom follows the gang as they develop up and develop friendships and relationships that may final a lifetime. There are many tender moments among the many steady string of jokes and popular culture references.

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It could be troublesome for followers to determine which episodes are the very best as a result of The Big Bang Theory has a complete of 279 episodes. This could make deciding what to rewatch almost inconceivable, as there’s an amazing quantity of selection. Whether followers need to see love, comedy, or friendship, among the finest episodes of the present stand out.

10 “The Werewolf Transformation” Sees Sheldon Learn To Let Go

In Season 5, episode 18, Sheldon is upset that he cannot see his traditional barber as they’re within the hospital. He begins to permit his routines and agency beliefs to disintegrate as he realizes that his rigidity to guidelines makes no distinction in actuality. Sheldon begins enjoying the bongos, a brand new behavior that retains everybody awake.

The better part about “The Werewolf Transformation” is Penny giving Sheldon a haircut and unintentionally reducing a bit of hair off when he instantly strikes. It is hilarious to see the episode draw to an in depth with yet one more routine of Sheldon’s falling aside, unbeknownst to him.

9 Sheldon Has A Heartwarming Revelation In “The Earworm Reverberation”

During this season 9 episode, Sheldon has a tune caught in his head and he cannot determine which track it is from. He and Amy are damaged up, and he quickly realizes the track is about her. She, nonetheless, is on a date with another person. After a lot deliberation, Sheldon heads over to Amy’s condominium to win her again.

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The humor on this episode derives from Sheldon’s love for Amy, which is clearly hidden beneath the floor and is rearing its head within the silliest of how. It additionally solidifies their love as a result of he cannot transfer on from her, and the pair lastly get again collectively.

8 “The Precious Fragmentation” Sees Sheldon Get Punched

During “The Precious Fragmentation,” Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Sheldon purchase a film prop from The Lord of the Rings. In the top, all of them need to maintain the ring for themselves. Penny holds onto it whereas they determine what to do and finally ends up punching Sheldon, who tries to take it from her in her sleep.

The finest second on this episode is when a dreaming Sheldon seems within the toilet mirror and sees himself as Gollum. “The Precious Fragmentation” is an typically forgotten episode, so rewatching it’s a should. The group’s dynamic within the episode is hysterical, and the episode concludes with Sheldon and Leonard bodily preventing over the ring.

7 Penny And Sheldon’s Friendship Is Solidified In “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency”

Penny and Sheldon’s friendship is fashioned very slowly over the seasons, however a dramatic growth of their bond happens in season 3. Penny falls within the bathe and dislocates her shoulder in consequence. The solely one that will help is Sheldon, as the remainder of the gang are tenting within the desert and unintentionally ingesting marijuana.

“The Adhesive Duck Deficiency” tackles many recurring points that Sheldon faces in life. He struggles with intimacy, growing shut friendships, and driving. Penny’s want for a serving to hand and transport to the hospital after her fall assist deal with Sheldon’s struggles, and it is also a hilarious sequence of occasions.

6 “The Lunar Excitation” Sees Sheldon And Amy’s Relationship Begin

The closing episode within the third season is a big second for each Sheldon and the present. It’s hilarious to observe Raj and Howard signal an unknowing Sheldon as much as a relationship website, however it’s even higher after they discover his excellent match.

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To show that relationship algorithms are “pure hokum,” Sheldon agrees to the date. “The Lunar Excitation” marks the primary assembly of Amy and Sheldon. It is a monumental second when the pair hit it off, and it’s a incredible rewatch to see the start of the remainder of their lives.

5 “The Maternal Capacitance” Highlights The Similarities In Leonard And Penny’s Upbringing

Penny and Leonard’s relationship is a rollercoaster experience from the pilot to the finale. The pair bond over their shared struggles in season 2 and drink collectively to really feel higher. They each have sophisticated relationships with their mother and father, notably Leonard together with his mom and Penny together with her father. Leonard’s observations concerning this put Penny off, and he or she throws Leonard out of her condominium.

Rewatching this episode realizing the place Penny and Leonard find yourself is so candy. They handle to disintegrate and again collectively so typically that it’s typically very unsure whether or not they’ll find yourself collectively.

4 “The Staircase Implementation” Finally Reveals How Sheldon And Leonard Met

The season three episode, “The Staircase Implementation,” takes followers again to when Sheldon and Leonard first met. It is attention-grabbing evaluating their first assembly to their closing interplay in Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and Leonard meet below unusual circumstances, together with many warnings from Sheldon’s former roommate to Leonard. Nevertheless, Leonard nonetheless strikes in.

The finest a part of this episode is when Sheldon saves Leonard’s life in a flashback, which solidifies their friendship. It was the start of a bond that has since develop into iconic and one of the beloved features of the sitcom.

3 “The Rothman Disintegration” Shows Amy’s Gift To Penny

At the start of their friendship, Amy is eager to impress Penny. Amy hasn’t acquired many mates earlier than she meets the group. As such, she seemingly goes overboard with Penny. In season 5, Amy buys Penny an enormous portray of them and insists on hanging it in Penny’s small condominium.

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Their friendship modifications by the seasons, and Amy now not overwhelmingly will depend on Penny. They develop into equals, relatively than Amy closely counting on Penny as her solely buddy. Still, it’s humorous for followers to look again on.

2 “21-Second Excitation” Shows The Gang Stealing An Indiana Jones Movie

While “21-Second Excitation” will not be a basic second or important to the general story, it’s hilarious and at all times value a rewatch. The gang is all excited in season 4 when never-before-seen footage of Raiders of the Lost Ark is unveiled. They are devastated, nonetheless, when they do not get into the cinema. Scared they’re going to miss it, Sheldon takes some drastic actions.

Sheldon’s nemesis Wil Wheaton skips the queue, which enrages Sheldon and causes him to steal the film print. In a hilarious flip of occasions, the episode turns right into a chase scene that intently resembles Indiana Jones.

1 Sheldon And Amy Win A Nobel Prize In “The Stockholm Syndrome”

The Big Bang Theory would not be full with out its incredible finale. Rewatching it’s important, as there’s nothing fairly like revisiting such an iconic second in Big Bang historical past.

In “The Stockholm Syndrome,” Sheldon and Amy win their well-deserved Nobel Prize and produce all their mates alongside. In a healthful second, they dedicate their acceptance speech to every of their mates, and Sheldon names his two dearest mates, Leonard and Penny. It is a rollercoaster of feelings that reveals Penny’s being pregnant. This episode is the proper finish to an exquisite present that is full of snickers and love.

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