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Harry Potter is the timeless story of the boy who lived, Harry James Potter, and his journey into Britain’s hidden world of witches and wizards. But Harry is not only a vacationer on the earth of magic, he’s a scholar, and as soon as he turned 11, Rubeus Hagrid arrived to personally be sure that Harry was enrolled at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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Hogwarts is a family identify as a magical college, nevertheless it’s greater than stone partitions and textbooks. What makes this college come to life is its employees of lecturers and tutors, and Harry had loads of wonderful professors to indicate him the methods of the Wizarding World. He did have some awful lecturers, like Dolores Umbridge and the con man Gilderoy Lockhart, however he had excellent lecturers to make up for it.

Updated by Lauren Turner on August 25, 2022: Harry Potter is a mega-popular franchise that will probably be related for years to come back. New followers and longtime followers alike will need to learn about Harry’s lecturers at Hogwarts, so we’ve revamped this checklist with much more info.

10 Sibyll Trelawney


For essentially the most half, it appeared that Harry’s Divination professor, Sibyll Trelawney, barely knew what she was doing. Most of her predictions didn’t materialize, and when Umbridge scrutinized her in Harry’s fifth yr, Trelawney merely fell aside when she was accused of being a fraud.

Harry did not get pleasure from Divination with this professor, however on the plus facet, Trelawney made an correct prediction about Peter Pettigrew taking his place by Voldemort’s facet, which certainly got here true. She was additionally the one who predicted that neither Voldemort nor Harry may survive whereas the opposite lived.

9 Aurora Sinistra


Little is seen of professor Sinistra within the Harry Potter books and even much less within the motion pictures, nevertheless it’s nonetheless clear that she’s a good, if unremarkable, professor at Hogwarts. Her topic is Astronomy, and Harry had no explicit complaints about this topic, even when he had no private curiosity in it, both.

Professor Sinistra did a superb job instructing Harry all about finding out the heavens, and with Sinistra’s teachings in thoughts, Harry scored a mediocre grade in his Astronomy O.W.L. — and that is counting the very fact he left his examination incomplete, too.

8 Rubeus Hagrid

Care of Magical Creatures

Harry’s substitute father, the half-giant Rubeus Hagrid, turned greater than only a Gamekeeper in Harry’s third yr. By then, Professor Kettleburn had retired, and Hagrid took his place as Hogwarts’ Professor of Care of Magical Creatures. It helped that Hagrid had each expertise and a burning ardour for the subject.

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Hagrid typically received carried away or did not know what he was actually doing, and his lessons have been generally harmful. All the identical, Harry had enjoyable on this class and he loved the prospect to spend much more time with Hagrid — however solely when there have been no Blast-Ended Skrewts concerned.

7 Pomona Sprout


Professor Pomona Sprout is the top of the Hufflepuff House and the designated professor of Herbology, a topic often studied within the greenhouses on Hogwarts’ entrance grounds. Professor Sprout did not depart a lot of an impression on Harry, however she was a good and sort professor who knew her stuff.

Professor Sprout was largely impartial towards Harry on a private stage, although she did assist Harry discover the world of magical crops and fungi, which is usually a remarkably cool and scary subject. Magical crops might be terrifying at instances, with younger mandrakes or thorny vines intent on strangling individuals.

6 Filius Flitwick


Professor Filius Flitwick is the beloved Charms trainer. While he might be reasonably strict at instances, he may also be relaxed and let his college students have some enjoyable, generally letting them play video games at school proper earlier than Christmas break.

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Flitwick, like Professor Sprout, was largely impartial about Harry personally, however now and again, he stood up for Harry in opposition to Umbridge and different foes. He additionally did an amazing job instructing Harry all concerning the huge world of Charms, a necessary department of magic.

5 Alastor Moody (Barty Crouch Jr.)

Defense Against the Dark Arts

In reality, Professor Alastor Moody was the Death Eater Barty Crouch Jr., whereas the true Moody was locked away for a whole yr. It’s awkward that Dumbledore employed a Death Eater by mistake, however regardless of that, Harry truly discovered rather a lot from him.

The faux Moody was beloved for his hands-on instructing type and lack of restraint, and he even demonstrated the Unforgivable Curses on outsized spiders. He additionally empowered Harry in the course of the Triwizard Tournament, which Harry took to coronary heart though the faux Moody was plotting Harry’s doom.

4 Horace Slughorn


Harry was in for a shock when Professor Horace Slughorn was employed to show not Defense Against the Dark Arts, however Potions, a topic he as soon as taught in his youthful years. Slughorn is deeply educated about potions, however not like Snape, he has a heat, paternal air about him.

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Slughorn did an amazing job instructing his N.E.W.T. college students the way to brew superior potions, and his fixed encouragement and cheerful persona helped, too. But Harry wanted to be taught greater than potions from Slughorn. He additionally wanted to see Slughorn’s reminiscences of his former scholar, Tom Riddle Jr.

3 Severus Snape

Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts

On a private stage, Professor Severus Snape completely failed Harry as a trainer, on account of his fixed verbal abuse, unfair practices, and his clear favoritism for Draco Malfoy and the Slytherins. But as a trainer, Snape truly did an amazing job, and due to him, Harry earned an E in his Potions O.W.L., the second-highest grade.

Snape then taught Harry Defense Against the Dark Arts for one yr, and like Harry, Snape knew that the scholars wanted to face the truth of Dark magic and take it severely, reasonably than disguise from it. Snape was virtually like Harry, coaching his college students to develop into knowledgeable duelists in opposition to the Death Eaters.

2 Minerva McGonagall


Professor Minerva McGonagall is the Head of the brave Gryffindor House, and he or she teaches Transfiguration with many years of expertise backing her up. McGonagall could also be strict and demanding, however she cares deeply for her college students and encourages all of them to push themselves at school.

Thanks to Professor McGonagall, Harry is great at Transfiguration, was capable of summon water out of nowhere, and he scored an E in his Transfiguration O.W.L. At instances, McGonagall served as a tricky mom determine, which is strictly what Harry wanted.

1 Remus Lupin

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Professor Remus Lupin shortly established himself as Hogwarts’ finest and hottest Defense Against the Dark Arts trainer in latest reminiscence, being a hands-on trainer just like the faux Moody. He confirmed his college students the way to face scary monsters, like Boggarts and Grindylows.

More than that, Lupin additionally taught Harry the way to conjure a correct Patronus and that magic saved Harry’s life greater than as soon as. Later on, Lupin joined the reformed Order of the Phoenix to assist battle Lord Voldemort and safe a peaceable future for all.

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