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Attack On Titan is a shonen big that has far surpassed expectations within the anime group. Its widespread fame is a results of a number of issues it does higher than different anime. Attack On Titan has a darkish tone to it, so it is best suited to grownup audiences.

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In a world of man-eating humanoid monsters, the heroes should do their greatest to cease the carnage that appears to have dwindled the human inhabitants. Several instances in Attack On Titan, characters’ selections had some actually darkish implications, they usually both made the characters develop, or they spelled their impending doom.

10 A Pure Titan Had To Eat A Titan Shifter To Gain Their Powers

It is understood that, in a number of fantasy tales, an individual needed to eat one thing to achieve energy. In Attack On Titan, nevertheless, people who had change into pure Titans needed to eat a human being who possessed the facility of one of many 9. In doing so, they’d acquire that individual’s energy and be capable to go out and in of their Titan type at will.

It’s a grizzly option to move energy from individual to individual. Whenever a brand new individual was chosen to inherit one of many Nine Titans, it was usually achieved as a ceremony, the place the present wielder allowed themselves to be consumed to move on their powers to their successor.

9 Attack On Titan Teaches Fans That War Is A Terrible Thing

In most wars, the other sides imagine themselves to be the great facet. The struggle between Eldia and Marley in Attack On Titan shows this completely. Many years in the past, the Eldians conquered Marley, however Marley finally fought again and drove the Eldians out to Paradis Island.

For a very long time, the Eldians who remained in Marley had been mistreated due to their lineage, and Marleyans had been turning them into pure Titans and sending them to Paradis. Both events to this struggle had discovered themselves paying for crimes that occurred earlier than they had been born, and individuals who had nothing to do with these crimes are dying needlessly.

8 Being A Scout Meant Riding Out Into Dangerous Titan Territory

The armed forces of Paradis had been divided into three segments — The Military Police (MP), which served the King inside the inside partitions, the Garrison Regiment, which patrolled the partitions, and the Scout Regiment, which rode outdoors the wall to reclaim the land that was misplaced to the Titans.

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In a world stuffed with these man-eating monsters, logic dictates that the most secure place to be is inside the confines of the partitions. Going outdoors was mainly a demise sentence, as Titans roam about devouring any human they’ll get their palms on. One needed to be courageous, silly, or each to affix the scouts.

7 Unleashing The Rumbling Was Pure Evil, No Matter How It’s Discussed

The world sees Paradis Island as a stain on the planet, they usually imply to wipe it out. On the opposite hand, the individuals of Paradis simply wish to reside peaceable, regular lives. Eren naively concluded that peace would solely come by exterminating the remainder of mankind. Not a person, lady or baby was to be spared.

In the previous, Eldia dedicated unspeakable crimes in opposition to humanity. They had been pushed to Paradis Island and suffered the Titan scourge for a few years. Eren hopes to cease to this, however killing harmless individuals will solely do extra hurt than good.

6 Descendants Of Ymir Were Discriminated Against For Generations

The descendants of Ymir had been seen as tainted beings and weren’t handled like people. In the dominion of Marley, they lived in a managed house and had been forbidden from leaving. If they had been to enter town, they would wish permits and must put on an armband that indicated that they had been Eldians.

Eldians had been used as weapons in Marley’s wars due to their means to show into Titans. Eldians in Marley had been finally bred to see their fellow Eldians on Paradis Island as devils, and now they’re proper within the path of Eren’s rampage.

5 Reiner & Bertholdt Can Be Seen As The Cause Of Most Of What Has Happened

For breaching the inside and outer partitions of the Shiganshina District, Reiner and Bertholdt are, by implication, responsible of the quite a few lives that had been misplaced to Titans. The operation to retake Wall Maria would not have occurred if that they had by no means proven up, and Erwin would not have died in battle.

Breaching the wall set quite a few issues in movement, and all of the occasions that pushed Eren to the darkish facet could be traced again to this singular act. The individuals of Paradis believed they had been the final of humanity, and because of Reiner and Bertholdt, Eren is about to make what was as soon as a false assumption a actuality.

4 The King’s Vow To Renounce War Has Left Innocent Eldians To Suffer

The former King of Eldia took refuge on the Island Of Paradis, and with the facility of the Founding Titan, he erected partitions that had been fabricated from thousands and thousands of Colossal Titans. He vowed to surrender struggle, and anybody who inherits his energy is certain by it.

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This vow has triggered the Eldians on Paradis Island to endure for the crimes of their ancestors. He went so far as ridding the individuals of their reminiscences of the world outdoors the partitions, so the individuals did not even know why they had been struggling. They lived for years believing themselves to be what stays of people in a world suffering from Titans.

3 Drinking Wine That Contained Zeke’s Spinal Fluid Proved Disastrous

Zeke’s spinal fluid has been the reason for nations’ downfall up to now. He would infuse some high-quality wine together with his spinal fluid, and have it served to high-ranking officers. Once ingested, they’re all on the mercy of Zeke.

With one scream, Zeke can flip all Eldians who’ve ingested his spinal fluid into pure Titans that may trigger numerous chaos and convey a nation down in a single day. He used it a number of instances and the impact was devastating. Zeke’s varied talents have earned him the nickname “Boy Wonder.”

2 Eren’s Inheritance Of The Founding Titan Spelled Doom For The Rest Of The World

With the facility of the Founding Titan, the King of the partitions might do any variety of issues. He/she would have complete management of all topics of Ymir, they usually might command Titans en masse. Eren already had the facility of the Founding Titan, however he couldn’t use it as a result of he lacked royal blood.

Eren needed to make contact with somebody who had royal blood to have the ability to activate the facility of the Founding Titan. By coming involved with Zeke, Eren activated this energy and commenced utilizing it to put waste to the world with thousands and thousands of Colossal Titans, trampling all of their path.

1 Inheriting One Of The Nine Titans Cut One’s Life Short

The Founder’s management over the topics of Ymir is absolute. As such, anybody who inherits one of many Nine Titans could be certain by the curse of Ymir. According to the curse, the heir was to reside solely 13 years after buying the facility.

When their time was about to be up, they’d provide themselves to an individual chosen to succeed them. The potential successor is become a pure Titan and devours the wielder, acquiring their energy. This cycle has continued for generations, and Eren hopes to cease it.

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