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There is an ever ongoing debate on the topic of whether the original or the dubbed version of an anime is better. The dubbed versions of anime series are created to take them to an international level with a universal language.

Luckily, this dubbing idea was a success as the audience for anime increased rapidly. Though most of the anime available on Amazon Prime are subbed ones, there are a few dubs worth your time.

Without any further ado, here is a List of the Always Trending Dubbed Anime available on Amazon Prime!

10. Street Fighter II V

Street Fighter II V

Street Fighter II V is an anime series showing the struggles of two friends trying to make their way out of a trap by employing their fighting talent.

For becoming better at martial arts best friends, Ryu and Ken travel all around the world in search of new techniques. During their journey, they get trapped in a Shadowlaw conspiracy.

9. Broken Blade

Broken Blade

Everyone possesses their own special qualities and not having something as the other does is not something to be ashamed of. Broken Blade is a beautiful story showing the war between Krisna and Athens in the continent Cruzon.

The inhabitants of this continent are users of Quartz which is used to fulfill their wishes. But not everyone can use it such as Rygart Arrow, who is an “un-sorcerer.”

8. Black Jack

Black Jack

Black Jack is the portrayal of the adventures undertaken by an unregistered doctor for whom there is nothing more than money, not even a patient’s life.

Black Jack is the doctor’s name and he is famous for his skills as a doctor all around the continent. Still being an unregistered doctor is a hurdle in his way. He is a worshiper of money but also loves science and is fascinated by it most of the time.

7. Pokemon The Series: XY

Pokemon The Series- XY

Pokemon The Series: XY is one of the not-so-appreciated journeys in the Pokemon World. Satoshi and Pikachu have been shown in the Kalos region and are there to start a new adventure.

Soon they encounter Citron who challenges Satoshi to a battle. However, their battle is soon enough intruded on by Team Rocket. In the meantime, Serena is a girl who is introduced in the series to be the girl on whom Satoshi left a mark in childhood. From here on begins their new adventure in Kalos.

6. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied shows the true picture of human psychology. The victim of the government’s torturing scientific experiments is Lucy. this is because Lucy is a special kind of human called the “Diclonius.”

Out of rage she decides to seek revenge for being tormented and creates destruction in the whole area and escapes but unfortunately with a head injury.

This injury causes her to have a split personality disorder. Further in the story, she meets Kouta and Yuka who take her in unknowing of her murderous tendencies.

5. Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School centers the life of a well-mannered student who wishes to change the school filled with lawbreakers into a normal school.

Cromartie High School

Takashi Kamiyama is like any other high school-going student decent and polite. But when he takes admission in Cromartie High School his whole life turns upside down because this was school saturated with delinquents.

Takashi’s life becomes difficult in the school and in an attempt to transforms these delinquents into good people he sets out on a journey which would again not be an easy one for him.

 4. The Twelve Kingdoms

This is a series showing a girl who finds herself in a life or death situation in a whole new world. The protagonist of The Twelve Kingdoms is Youko Nakajima who is an ordinary high school girl with good grades.

Even though she is the president of her class she is not much respected or valued by her other classmates because she has red hair.

The Twelve Kingdoms

One day encounters Keiki who presses on the fact that she is his master and this fact changes her whole world.

Further in the story, she gets attacked by Youma from the world Keiki comes. After this she finds herself stuck in a different world where her life is in danger.

3. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Kenichi: The Mightiest is a series that shows that anyone can do anything when it comes to protecting their loved ones. The protagonist Kenichi Shirahama finally took the decision to join a Karate club because he wanted to become a strong individual.

Soon after he joined the club he is bullied by a senior who was trying to throw Kenichi out of the club.

Kenichi- The Mightiest Disciple

Almost on the verge of giving up, Kenichi falls in love with Miu Furinji his new classmate. Thereon begins his extreme training and after he defeated that senior there was a gang named Ragnarok who wanted him.

He then learns various martial art forms to protect his loved ones.

2. Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is a series that shows the adventurous life of  Sakura. She is a boy who saves humanity and is also a fourth-grader. An average fourth-class student until she finds a mysterious book that has cards.

Even before knowing how to use those cards, she scatters them away by mistake. These cards then spread across the whole world through the magical wind.

Following this, she meets Keroberos who comes out from the book and the  Beast of the Seal.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Moving forward, he gives her a magical key and the title of “the Cardcaptor” so that she goes and collects all those cards.

He warns her well in time about the Clow Card which can cause disaster in the world. Sakura is soon living a double life, one as the Cardcaptor and the other as an ordinary fourth grader.

1. Great Teacher Onizuka

A good teacher is not just someone with a few degrees and Great Teacher Onizuka proves this by showing an ex-gang leader as the protagonist.

Eikichi Onizuka the lead character was initially a member of a gang but now has the dream to become a legendary high-school teacher in Japan.

His ambition is more of a passion for teaching because he has an ulterior motive to have a young teenage wife when he would be old and sick.

Great Teacher Onizuka

Subsequently, he joined the Holy Forest Academy where he had to face the stubborn kids of Class 3 and 4. These kids were responsible for breaking down any new teacher.

As he was not any ordinary guy, he becomes their teacher but soon finds himself helping the students personally.

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