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Despite how iconic and beloved the Harry Potter sequence is, even one of the best franchises fall for predictable storylines. Considering The Philosopher’s Stone got here out over 20 years in the past, some predictable plot threads could not have been as anticipated on the time. Nevertheless, with a franchise as iconic as Harry Potter, followers don’t have any qualms about predictable plots. In reality, they’re amongst essentially the most liked features of the sequence.

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No matter which plot thread is in query, Harry Potter followers love all of them. Be it resulting from nostalgia, cinematography, or what it means for the narrative, Potterheads can not help however love even essentially the most predictable of story arcs.

10 Ron And Hermione Were Destined To Be Together

It was apparent that Ron and Hermione can be endgame. In the start, each Harry and Ron discovered their now-wives bothersome, however because the trope goes, they fell in love regardless of their polarizing personalities. Ron and Hermione’s getting collectively was by no means too out of the ballpark.

By The Goblet of Fire, evident hints of their future relationship had already been dropped. Hermione totally realized her attraction towards her beforehand awkward good friend, however Ron was far too tactless. Fans like to ship characters, so the predictability of this story arc by no means bothered audiences. Most sat on the fringe of their seats, begging for that first kiss within the Chamber of Secrets to occur sooner fairly than later.

9 Harry Potter Was The Chosen One

Being the titular character of one of many largest franchises on the earth makes it fairly apparent that Harry is the Chosen One. The Order of the Phoenix constructed up the suspense of what Harry’s prophecy could possibly be, however when the reveal lastly got here, it wasn’t a lot of a shock.

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The all-knowing prophecy foretold Harry’s future: that he can be the one to kill Voldemort. More exactly, he can be the one one with the power. Although each Hogwarts pupil referred to Harry because the Chosen One, nobody appeared to guess it might be Harry in opposition to Voldemort within the very finish. Nevertheless, followers love the lightning-scarred boy simply the identical.

8 Draco Wasn’t Evil

Young Draco Malfoy could have been insufferable, however he actually wasn’t evil. Raised by Death Eaters and determined for his father’s approval, it is unsurprising that Draco turned out the best way he did. Just after Draco had turn out to be an official Death Eater, he was assigned the essential process of killing Dumbledore in Half-Blood Prince.

Draco was stressed and nervous, virtually as if he could not totally abdomen casting the unforgivable curse. Irrespective of Snape stepping in, Draco wouldn’t have proceeded with the evil act. In addition, Draco lied to his fellow Death Eaters to avoid wasting Harry’s life in Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Fans knew that their favourite white-haired Slytherin might not be evil in any case, however it was nonetheless thrilling to see it unfold on display.

7 Harry Getting Picked For The Triwizard Tournament

Being the titular character inadvertently places the primary protagonist into each little story arc. No followers had been shocked that Harry was picked to be a contestant for the match. What the viewers could not have guessed was Voldermort’s grand return on the finish of The Goblet of Fire.

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The minute a fourth title jumped at Dumbledore, everybody knew that “Harry Potter” can be written on the piece of parchment. Nevertheless, The Goblet of Fire is well probably the greatest motion pictures within the franchise. Fans liked each second of the considerably predictable plot, even the match being rigged to Harry’s favor.

6 Snape Was A Good Person

Snape’s loyalty was arguably one of many largest Harry Potter mysteries to have unraveled. Throughout eight motion pictures, Snape seemingly switched sides so typically that followers had misplaced rely. However, true followers of the franchise, particularly those that look shut sufficient, would know that Snape’s allegiance at all times lay on the aspect of excellent and never evil.

Before the grand reveal on the Shrieking Shack, Snape had protected the Golden Trio quite a few instances all through the movies. He counteracted Professor Quirrell’s Jinx on Harry’s broom, jumped in entrance of a rampaging werewolf throughout a full moon, and was a spy for The Order. The Occlumens risked his life each time he confronted the Dark Lord, all for the larger good.

5 Everyone Saw Right Through Umbridge’s Sickly Sweet Facade

There have been a number of atrocious villains to waltz by means of the halls of Hogwarts, however no villain is hated fairly as a lot because the sickly candy Umbridge. From the second Umbridge’s prissy, pink heels echoed by means of the halls of the fort, followers knew there was one thing sinister about her.

Umbridge used a facade to cover her malicious intents. Fandoms typically have opposing views, however nothing brings collectively the Harry Potter fandom greater than the collective repulsion for Umbridge. Ironically, this was the identical purpose everybody liked her appearances. Despite being essentially the most hated character, followers had been simply ready for Umbridge’s inevitable take-down.

4 Remus Was A Werewolf

If Dolores Umbridge’s recognition was attributed to her sore lack of likability, Remus Lupin’s recognition was due to the precise reverse. Remus’ lovable nature could have ranked comparatively low in comparison with Hermione and McGonagall, however the fan-favorite werewolf holds a particular place within the hearts of Potterheads.

Remus was a candy and understanding particular person. He devoted his life to retaining Harry secure, loyal as ever to the younger wizard’s late dad and mom. Though the plot twist paid little to no significance to the grand storyline, his true nature was nonetheless predictable. From Snape leaping chapters of the textbook to the character being named “wolf” in Latin, anybody might have deduced that the character launched in Prisoner of Azkaban wasn’t solely human.

3 Dumbledore Was All Knowing

Being Headmaster of the main British boarding college within the Wizarding World did not come simple. It took a rare quantity of information and expertise to even qualify for such a distinguished function. With Dumbledore’s mysterious journeys, it was simple to imagine that the white-bearded chief knew greater than he let on, significantly with regard to Voldemort.

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In the Wizarding World, there have been riveting debates about Dumbledore’s knowledge. However, followers had been in a position to deduce {that a} character as outstanding as Albus Dumbledore would play a way more important function than only a sensible chief. It was a pleasing flip of occasions when Snape’s loss of life formally revealed that Dumbledore had predicted the whole lot about Voldemort and Harry’s remaining battle.

2 Kreacher’s Betrayal

Often in comparison with the candy Dobby, Kreacher was an disagreeable creature. He was old school in his values, referred to as Hermione slurs, and berated Ron for safeguarding her. Additionally, Kreacher was brazenly hostile to The Order. He was extremely sad that they used 12 Grimmauld Place as their secure home and that he was compelled to serve them regardless of the whole lot he believed in.

Although the complete particulars weren’t so simply predicted, the atrocious Kreacher betraying The Order was no shock. With such polarizing beliefs, particularly the revolution that The Order supposed on beginning, it wasn’t a lot of a shock that Kreacher betrayed them.

1 Harry Was A Horcrux

Harry’s standing as a Horcrux was one of many largest and most beloved twists in Harry Potter. Its predictability is continually debated in sure corners of the web. From the very starting, Harry’s connection to Voldemort was a closely emphasised facet of his character.

Speaking parseltongue, random bursts of anger, and studying Voldermort’s thoughts had been all quirks that made Harry’s character These little hints had been dropped, foreshadowing his battle together with his different half. Although this reveal shook the fandom like no different, fan theories about Harry being a Horcrux at all times existed. Harry’s standing as Voldemort’s unintended Horcrux was a pleasant contact of darkness to the fantasy sequence, however followers at all times knew that they had been related.

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