We are giving you the ultimate and updated Ace Attorney Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Ace Attorney Filler Episodes.

Ace Attorney Filler List

What Is Ace Attorney Filler List?

Ace Attorney is an anime series that was released in the year 2016. This series has 47 episodes. It has a total of 6 reported filler episodes. That is about 13% of the total episodes.

Ace Attorney tells the story of Phoenix Wright. He is a rookie defense attorney as he solves some mysterious cases. Ace Attorney also has a series of adventure games that were developed by Capcom.

This was released in 2001. Since then more than 5 games have been released. Since then, Takumi has returned to writing and directing several spin-off titles.

The anime has been tasked with creating the Western world to publicize graphic novels. The cases all last up to three days at the most.

The judge determines the outcome based on the evidence. The evidence was presented by the defense attorney and the prosecutor. The player takes on the role of Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor.

It is in the Ace Attorney Investigations spin-off series. Writer and director Shu Takumi produced the series. 6.7+ million copies of this series have been sold worldwide.

The gaming show has sold 7.7 million units worldwide as of August 2020. The series was launched in Japan. It was launched with the Game Boy Advance game Ace Attorney in 2001.

This series consists of 6 main games and 5 spin-offs. From the main 3 games, 2 games   have been released. The defence prosecutor, Phoenix Wright, is the star of the first three titles.

He is helped by Maya Fey, a spiritual guide. Mia Fey, Phoenix’s mentor, is a player character too. The protagonist of the fourth game is Defense Counsel Apollo Justice.

Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena Cykes, the new prosecuting counsel, are all characters of the first.

Last Words

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