Ace Attorney Filler List

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Ace Attorney Episode List

#Title        TypeAirdate
1The First TurnaboutAnime Canon2016-04-02
2Turnabout Sisters – 1st TrialAnime Canon2016-04-09
3Turnabout Sisters – 2nd TrialAnime Canon2016-04-16
4Turnabout Sisters – Last TrialAnime Canon2016-04-23
5Turnabout Samurai – 1st TrialAnime Canon2016-04-30
6Turnabout Samurai – 2nd TrialAnime Canon2016-05-07
7Turnabout Samurai – Last TrialAnime Canon2016-05-14
8Turnabout Goodbyes – 1st TrialAnime Canon2016-05-21
9Turnabout Goodbyes – 2nd TrialAnime Canon2016-05-28
10Turnabout Goodbyes – third TrialAnime Canon2016-06-04
11Turnabout Goodbyes – 4th TrialAnime Canon2016-06-11
12Turnabout Goodbyes – Last TrialAnime Canon2016-06-18
13Turnabout PromiseFiller2016-06-25
14Reunion and Turnabout – 1st TrialAnime Canon2016-07-09
15Reunion and Turnabout – 2nd TrialAnime Canon2016-07-16
16Reunion and Turnabout – third TrialAnime Canon2016-07-23
17Reunion and Turnabout – Last TrialAnime Canon2016-07-30
18Turnabout Big Top – 1st TrialAnime Canon2016-08-06
19Turnabout Big Top – 2nd TrialAnime Canon2016-08-13
20Turnabout Big Top – Last TrialAnime Canon2016-08-20
21Farewell, My Turnabout – 1st TrialAnime Canon2016-09-03
22Farewell, My Turnabout – 2nd TrialAnime Canon2016-09-10
23Farewell, My Turnabout – third TrialAnime Canon2016-09-17
24Farewell, My Turnabout – Last TrialAnime Canon2016-09-24
25The Lost TurnaboutAnime Canon2018-10-06
26The Stolen Turnabout – 1st TrialAnime Canon2018-10-13
27The Stolen Turnabout – 2nd TrialAnime Canon2018-10-20
28The Stolen Turnabout – third TrialAnime Canon2018-10-27
29The Stolen Turnabout – Last TrialAnime Canon2018-11-03
30Sound the Turnabout MelodyFiller2018-11-10
31Recipe for Turnabout – 1st TrialAnime Canon2018-11-17
32Recipe for Turnabout – 2nd TrialAnime Canon2018-11-24
33Recipe for Turnabout – Last TrialAnime Canon2018-12-01
34Northward, Turnabout Express – 1st TrialFiller2018-12-08
35Northward, Turnabout Express – 2nd TrialFiller2018-12-15
36Northward, Turnabout Express – Last TrialFiller2018-12-22
37Turnabout MemoriesAnime Canon2019-01-19
38Hear the Waves of TurnaboutFiller2019-01-26
39Turnabout Beginnings – 1st TrialAnime Canon2019-02-02
40Turnabout Beginnings – Last TrialAnime Canon2019-02-09
41Bridge to the Turnabout – 1st TrialAnime Canon2019-02-16
42Bridge to the Turnabout – 2nd TrialAnime Canon2019-02-23
43Bridge to the Turnabout – third TrialAnime Canon2019-03-02
44Bridge to the Turnabout – 4th TrialAnime Canon2019-03-09
45Bridge to the Turnabout – fifth TrialAnime Canon2019-03-16
46Bridge to the Turnabout – sixth TrialAnime Canon2019-03-23
47Bridge to the Turnabout – Last TrialAnime Canon2019-03-30

What Is Ace Attorney Filler List?

Ace Attorney is an anime sequence that was launched within the 12 months 2016. This sequence has 47 episodes. It has a complete of 6 reported filler episodes. That is about 13% of the overall episodes.

Ace Attorney tells the story of Phoenix Wright. He is a rookie protection lawyer as he solves some mysterious circumstances. Ace Attorney additionally has a sequence of journey video games that had been developed by Capcom.

This was launched in 2001. Since then greater than 5 video games have been launched. Since then, Takumi has returned to writing and directing a number of spin-off titles.

The anime has been tasked with creating the Western world to publicize graphic novels. The circumstances all last as long as three days on the most.

The choose determines the result based mostly on the proof. The proof was introduced by the protection lawyer and the prosecutor. The participant takes on the position of Miles Edgeworth, the prosecutor.

It is within the Ace Attorney Investigations spin-off sequence. Writer and director Shu Takumi produced the sequence. 6.7+ million copies of this sequence have been offered worldwide.

The gaming present has offered 7.7 million items worldwide as of August 2020. The sequence was launched in Japan. It was launched with the Game Boy Advance recreation Ace Attorney in 2001.

This sequence consists of 6 principal video games and 5 spin-offs. From the principle 3 video games, 2 video games   have been launched. The defence prosecutor, Phoenix Wright, is the star of the primary three titles.

He is helped by Maya Fey, a non secular information. Mia Fey, Phoenix’s mentor, is a participant character too. The protagonist of the fourth recreation is Defense Counsel Apollo Justice.

Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena Cykes, the brand new prosecuting counsel, are all characters of the primary.

Last Words

So now you will have the Ace Attorney Filler List that has all Ace Attorney Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler checklist of another anime sequence, do tell us within the remark part.

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