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Assassination Classroom Episode List

0Meeting TimeAnime Canon2014-11-09
1Assassination TimeManga Canon2015-01-09
2Baseball TimeManga Canon2015-01-16
3Karma TimeManga Canon2015-01-30
4Grown-Up TimeManga Canon2015-02-06
5Assembly TimeMixed Canon/Filler2015-02-13
6Test TimeManga Canon2015-02-20
7School Trip Time/1st PeriodManga Canon2015-02-27
8School Trip Time/2nd PeriodManga Canon2015-03-06
9Transfer Student TimeManga Canon2015-03-13
10L and R TimeManga Canon2015-03-20
11Transfer Student Time/2nd PeriodManga Canon2015-03-27
12Ball Game Tournament TimeManga Canon2015-04-10
13Talent TimeManga Canon2015-04-17
14Vision TimeManga Canon2015-04-24
15End-of-Term TimeManga Canon2015-05-01
16School’s Out/1st TermManga Canon2015-05-08
17Island TimeManga Canon2015-05-15
18Action TimeManga Canon2015-05-22
19Pandemonium TimeManga Canon2015-05-29
20Karma Time/2nd PeriodManga Canon2015-06-05
21XX TimeManga Canon2015-06-12
22Nagisa TimeManga Canon2015-06-19
23Summer Festival TimeManga Canon2016-01-07
24Kaede TimeManga Canon2016-01-14
25Itona Horibe TimeManga Canon2016-01-21
26Spinning TimeManga Canon2016-01-28
27Leader TimeManga Canon2016-02-04
28Before & After TimeManga Canon2016-02-11
29Reaper Time, Part 1Manga Canon2016-02-18
30Reaper Time, Part 2Manga Canon2016-02-25
31Round Two TimeManga Canon2016-03-03
32School Festival TimeManga Canon2016-03-10
33End-of-Term Time/2nd PeriodManga Canon2016-03-17
34Think Outside the Box TimeManga Canon2016-03-24
35Let Live TimeManga Canon2016-03-31
36Secret Identity TimeManga Canon2016-04-07
37Confession TimeManga Canon2016-04-21
38Past TimeManga Canon2016-04-28
39Discord TimeManga Canon2016-05-05
40Outcome TimeManga Canon2016-05-12
41Outer Space TimeManga Canon2016-05-19
42Valentine’s Day TimeManga Canon2016-05-26
43Trust TimeManga Canon2016-06-01
44Happy Birthday TimeManga Canon2016-06-08
45Final Boss TimeManga Canon2016-06-15
46Graduation TimeManga Canon2016-06-22
47Future TimeManga Canon2016-06-29

What Is Assassination Classroom Filler List?

Assassination Classroom filler list is a popular anime series. It started in 2014 and aired till 2016. There are about 48 episodes of Assassination Classroom filler list in total.

In this anime, a class of misfits is trying to kill their new teacher. The teacher is an alien octopus. The teacher also has superpowers such as bizarre and super strength.

Their teacher had just destroyed the moon. The teacher is now trying to destroy the earth. The thing that makes it more complicated is that he is the best teacher they have ever had.

He also states that within a year Earth will be destroyed. It will be destroyed by him. But he also gave a chance to mankind.

He was in a homeroom where he would teach the students how to kill him. Here’s how the assassination classroom begins. Assassination Classroom is a Japanese fiction.

It is also a comedy manga series. It is written and illustrated by Yusei Matsui. The Assassination Classroom anime series had begun serializing in the Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen.

It started on 2nd July 2012. The first volume was published on 2nd November 2012. The first volume was printed 300,000 times.

After several reprints, finally, there were 1 million copies printed. The 20th volume was released on 3rd June 2016. About 10 million copies were printed.

This series was licensed by Viz Media for their English and a digital release. They started the digital edition in December 2014. This series finally ended on 16th March 2016 with 180 chapters.

Last Words

So now you have the Assassination Classroom Filler List that has all Assassination Classroom Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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