Bitburner - How to Scan Every Server in Bitburner

By Bloodly Hell Cat~

This script will reveal each server in Bitburner, even embrace these hided ones.


Lower the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, right here is the code:

var playerServers = [‘home’, ‘Server1’];

var serverChecked = [];

var checkList = [];

/** @param {NS} ns **/

export async operate fundamental(ns)

    await ServersScan(ns, ‘house’);

    await printArray(ns, serverChecked);


/** @param {NS} ns **/

async operate ServersScan(ns, goal) {

    var servers1 = await ns.scan(goal);

    for (var server in servers1) {

        if (!checkList.contains(servers1[server])) {





    var flag = true;

    whereas (flag) {

        flag = false;

        for (var i = 0; i < checkList.size; i++) {

            var servers = await ns.scan(checkList);

           if (!serverChecked.contains(checkList)) {



           for (var server in servers) {

               if (!checkList.contains(servers[server])) {






   // take away participant servers from serverChecked

   for (var server in playerServers) {

       for (var i = 0; i < serverChecked.size; i++) {

           if (serverChecked == playerServers[server]) {

               serverChecked.splice(i, 1);






async operate printArray(ns, serverList) {

   for (var server in serverList) {

       ns.print(serverList[server] + “\n”);

       ns.tprint(serverList[server] + “\n”);



Consumer menu:

1. Create a brand new .js script

nano whateverthenameis.js

2. Copy previous the code. I suppose everybody is aware of how to do this!

   1)  The button on the left button nook of your keyboard which has “ctrl” printed on it, press it down first, maintain it, and press “c” in the meantime. Then, launch each.

   2)  Go to the script you simply created.

   2)  Press carried out “ctrl” once more and maintain it, and press “v” in the intervening time. 

3. Reserve it and run it!

run whateverthenameis.js

it ought to print one thing like this:

auto.js: n00dles

auto.js: foodnstuff

auto.js: sigma-cosmetics

auto.js: joesguns

auto.js: hong-fang-tea

auto.js: harakiri-sushi

auto.js: iron-gym

auto.js: darkweb

auto.js: max-hardware

auto.js: zer0

auto.js: nectar-net

auto.js: CSEC

auto.js: neo-net

auto.js: phantasy

auto.js: omega-net

auto.js: silver-helix

auto.js: the-hub

auto.js: netlink

auto.js: johnson-ortho

auto.js: avmnite-02h

auto.js: comptek

auto.js: crush-fitness

auto.js: catalyst

auto.js: syscore

auto.js: I.I.I.I

auto.js: rothman-uni

auto.js: summit-uni

auto.js: zb-institute

auto.js: lexo-corp

auto.js: alpha-ent

auto.js: millenium-fitness

auto.js: rho-construction

auto.js: aevum-police

auto.js: galactic-cyber

auto.js: aerocorp

auto.js: global-pharm

auto.js: snap-fitness

auto.js: omnia

auto.js: unitalife

auto.js: deltaone

auto.js: defcomm

auto.js: solaris

auto.js: icarus

auto.js: univ-energy

auto.js: zeus-med

auto.js: infocomm

auto.js: taiyang-digital

auto.js: zb-def

auto.js: nova-med

auto.js: titan-labs

auto.js: applied-energetics

auto.js: microdyne

auto.js: run4theh111z

auto.js: fulcrumtech

auto.js: stormtech

auto.js: helios

auto.js: vitalife

auto.js: kuai-gong

auto.js: .

auto.js: omnitek

auto.js: 4sigma

auto.js: clarkinc

auto.js: powerhouse-fitness

auto.js: b-and-a

auto.js: blade

auto.js: nwo

auto.js: ecorp

auto.js: megacorp

auto.js: fulcrumassets

auto.js: The-Cave

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