Inscryption - Modding Inscryption on Linux

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The best way to mod Inscryption on a Debian/Ubuntu Linux distro


I have to get this out of the best way earlier than I say something: I cannot spoon-feed full linux noobs on how you can do basic items. I’m all for giving suggestions and serving to folks (even when they’re inexperienced), however I am not going to show you how you can kind “cd” in bash.

So, to keep away from losing each my time and yours, this tutorial requires you perceive:

  • Fundamental use of the Bash terminal 
  • [Optional] Fundamental use of the Apt package deal supervisor
  • [Optional] A rudimentary understanding of Git
  • [Optional] Some expertise in constructing issues from supply

Understanding Git, Apt, and how you can construct issues from supply are optionally available, as they’re technically not required to do what this hopes to information you thru, however they are going to be wanted for really useful (but nonetheless optionally available) tweaks

Please for the love of god don’t ask me about one thing you are able to do a web-search for and discover a end in 0.00002 nanoseconds. I will not reply to that kind of query for the sake of my very own sanity

Working the Sport

To run, one should have first mastered strolling. To mod a sport, you first want it to run and be playable

Valve is a fairly cool firm, not solely as a result of they host user-generated content material like what you are presently studying, but additionally as a result of they develop one thing referred to as Proton. Proton is a compatibility layer between a sport and the Linux distro you are operating, one which makes it comparatively straightforward to run home windows video games with out too many bugs. We’ll use proton to get Inscryption operating, and to ultimately mod it

First, allow Steam Play on all unsupported titles. Within the steam consumer, click on:

Steam -> Settings -> Steam Play -> Allow Steam Play for all different titles -> Proton Experimental

This makes it so any sport that does not natively run in your system will use Proton Experimental by default. This by itself must be sufficient to run Inscryption, however I personally take a barely extra superior route

Warning: Optionally available stuff forward

That is fully optionally available, however really useful

As a substitute of utilizing Valve’s Proton Experimental, I exploit Superb Eggroll’s Proton-GE. As a result of Proton is open-source, anybody could make edits and forks of the code; Proton-GE is a neighborhood managed fork of Proton and is what I exploit. It usually preforms higher than Experimental, however will be extra unstable, and though I normally do not have issues with it I’ll often have to manually make a sport use Experimental as a substitute of GE due to unusual bugs unique to GE. It is not an enormous deal, however one to remember

First, we’d like dependencies:

sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386 

wget -nc

sudo apt-key add winehq.key

sudo add-apt-repository ‘deb <substitute this together with your ubuntu distro launch title (ex: focal) > major’  

sudo apt replace

sudo apt set up –install-recommends -y winehq-staging

These instructions had been pulled straight from the winehq[] web page on putting in for Ubuntu primarily based programs. This is the hyperlink to confirm them:

With wine put in, set up winetricks (A required dependency for Proton-GE)

sudo apt set up winetricks

Now with dependencies put in, we might manually set up Proton-GE by downloading a model from the Github releases page[] and extracting the .tar file into “~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/”, or we are able to use a instrument to do it for us

ProtonUp is a python script that checks our present set up and sees if it wants updating, so we’ll use that to make it simpler on us. As a result of ProtonUp is a python script, you will want python to run it (duh)

sudo apt set up python3

This can set up python3 and pip3, which we’ll use to put in ProtonUp

pip3 set up protonup

Having a neater strategy to replace Proton-GE is fantastic and all, however I would like it to be even simpler to handle my GE variations. To do this, I exploit ProtonUp-Qt, a Qt interface for utilizing the ProtonUp script.

You possibly can both run it from supply or construct an appimage your self, however on this case it is simpler to obtain a launch and mark it executable. Go to ProtonUp-Qt’s releases page[] and obtain the most recent launch. Then, use chmod to mark it executable

chmod +x ProtonUp-Qt-*.*.*-x86_64.AppImage

Now, simply run ProtonUp-Qt by double-clicking on it and set up the most recent model of Proton-GE. The folder it defaults to (~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d) is right, so do not change it except what you are doing. Restart steam and congrats, it’s best to be capable to use Proton-GE as one of many compatibility instruments for a sport

All it is advisable do now’s comply with the identical steps as you’d with enabling Proton Experimental, however as a substitute select the most recent GE model

Modding the Sport

Modding video games on Linux will be very advanced, particularly when the sport you are modding is operating via Proton or Wine. Fortunately, Inscryption is pretty straightforward to mod even in Proton. Modding Inscryption is finally as straightforward as putting in BepInEx and setting a launch choice, however with out the API mod and JSON parser you will end up with none customized playing cards.

Begin with putting in BepInEx[]:

  1. Go to the hyperlink above and click on “Handbook Obtain”, then reserve it someplace on youtr system
  2. Open the .zip and click on into “BepInExPack_Inscryption”
  3. Extract the contents into your Inscryption set up folder ($HOME/.steam/steam/steamapps/frequent/Inscryption)

With that achieved, add this to your launch choices:

WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”winhttp=n,b” %command%

Now, assuming all the pieces is working, operating the sport ought to trigger a window to pop up and preload BepInEx, then launch the sport. If it really works, congrats you have technically modded Inscryption, however with none actual mods it is fairly ineffective. Lets set up all the pieces wanted for customized playing cards

Stipulations for customized playing cards:

  1. Obtain the API[] mod and JSON Parser[]
  2. Go into “BepInEx/plugins” and extract the .dll information from every mod right here
  3. Launch the sport

To put in a card pack:

  1. Obtain a card-pack mod
  2. Extract the “Art work” and “Playing cards” information to “BepInEx/plugins/JSONLoader”
  3. Launch the sport

To put in another mod:

  1. Obtain the mod
  2. Extract the .dll to “BepInEx/plugins”
  3. Launch the sport

Really helpful Mods and Tweaks

These mods and tweaks are what I personally use. I like to recommend putting in them, however you possibly can fully skip this complete part if you happen to like

Feral Gamemode

Feral Gamemode is a Daemon/Lib combo that permits an app to ask for sure momentary optimizations. It got here preinstalled with the distro I exploit (Linux Mint), so I by no means needed to undergo the set up course of, however it’s pretty easy in comparison with another apps I’ve put in from supply

First, get the dependencies:

sudo apt set up meson libsystemd-dev pkg-config ninja-build git libdbus-1-dev libinih-dev build-essential

Then, construct and set up Gamemode:

git clone

cd gamemode


Now that it is put in, put “gamemoderun %command%” in your launch choices to run the sport with Feral Gamemode’s optimizations

The issue with a number of %command%’s

For those who simply tried what I informed you to do (add one other %command% to the launch choices), you should have seen that both the mod or Gamemoded did not work relying on which got here first. That is as a result of Steam does not allow you to use the %command% key phrase within the launch choices greater than as soon as. This, nevertheless, is not any drawback. Merely put “gamemoderun” wherever earlier than the %command% and each the dll override and gamemode will run

This is applicable for something that makes use of %command%. They are often chained collectively, however you possibly can solely have one %command%


command_option1 command_option2 command_option3 %command% -launch_option1 -launch_option2 -launch_option3


LibSpeedhack[] is a multipurpose speedhack library. Why would I want this for Inscryption? Nicely, there is a good likelihood you will not, however in case you ever resolve to ouroboros loop you will respect dashing the sport up 100 occasions or so to make the animations means shorter

As at all times, set up the dependencies:

sudo apt set up build-essential

Then, clone the repo and construct the challenge:

git clone

cd libspeedhack


As soon as constructed, check if it is working by operating glxgears:

$HOME/libspeedhack/speedhack glxgears

echo 2 >/tmp/speedhack_pipe # That is the way you do the speedhacking. Increased = sooner, smaller fraction = slower

To make Inscryption run with the speedhack, add “$HOME/libspeedhack/speedhack” to your launch choices (put it someplace earlier than the %command%)

The Hammer Mod

Act 1 does not have a hammer, however 2 and three do. What’s up with that? Nicely, not anymore as a result of with this mod you get a hammer in act 1 in-case you have made a misplay or wish to filter out the boulders The Prospector makes

To Set up:

  1. Obtain the Smalltweak Hammer mod[]
  2. Extract the .dll into “BepInEx/plugins”

Ingame Card Creator

Ever wish to check a probably damaged card? Need to make a card behave just like the ouroboros however as a 0 value card? Need to toy round with particular results? Say no extra, as a result of this mod helps you to make playing cards throughout act 1 at any time

To Set up:

  1. Obtain the InGame Card Creator mod[]
  2. Extract the .dll to “BepInEx/plugins”

Ending Remarks

Thanks for studying! I will attempt to assist anybody within the feedback if they’ve issues, however I am no grasp at Linux or troubleshooting (nor do I’ve infinite time on my arms) so I won’t be capable to remedy your query

Have enjoyable and go ♥♥♥♥ P03 up for me

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