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Fans have only been paying attention to Sister Lily and Asta since the publication of spoilers for the upcoming Black Clover issue. Fans are debating everything from who will win the impending fight to remembering the times the two spent together early in the series as the two are poised to square off in the upcoming chapter.

Fans of Black Clover are also talking about Sister Lily’s magic abilities, which will once more be on display in the next issue. However, some fans were perplexed as to how Sister Lily can cast a combination spell by herself, implying that she possesses two distinct magical abilities while only being one person.

This doesn’t exactly explain her condition, but it also isn’t entirely correct either. Sister Lily, also known as Lily Aquaria, is shown to possess the Water Magic ability when she first appears in the Black Clover manga series.

The Holy Fist of Love enchantment she cast on Asta when he got fervent in his declarations of wanting to marry her or otherwise impress her reveals this information. This is the sole magic skill that Sister Lily is depicted as having for the majority of the series.

Except for Yuno Grinberryall, there are no means to gain a second magic characteristic in the series; her case is a singular one with exceptional circumstances that make it all but impossible to repeat.

As a result, for most of Black Clover, Sister Lily is only depicted as having one magic quality. This all changes, though, as the final arc progresses and Asta and his companions are attacked during the protagonist’s award ceremony by Lucius Zogratis, the real Julius Novachrono. To get under Asta’s skin, he holds Sister Lily captive at this place.

Sister Lily is soon changed by Lucius into his first Paladin. By using Lucius Zogratis’ Soul Magic to purify the devils’ souls and powers, paladins are human magicians who have been given purified devils.

Because they are the hosts of incarnated devils, paladins have tremendous magical strength, mortal bodies, improved wisdom, and the linked devils’ magical traits.

 As a result, when Sister Lily attained the rank of Paladin, she was granted Beelzebub’s powers and a purified soul. Fans may recall Beelzebub as the devil Zenon Zogratis previously served as the host for and who gave him access to Spatial Magic.


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