Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action
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The live-action adaptation of the manga, Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action, is scheduled to debut soon. Additionally, the subsequent story arc will be presented. Although Takemichi attempted to save Hinata in the first film, he was unsuccessful and was compelled to go back in time to address fresh issues.

Tokyo Revengers by Ken Wakui tells the tale of Hanagaki Takemichi, who learned that the Tokyo Manji Gang was responsible for the deaths of his brother Naoto and ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana. He was traveling when someone shoved him in front of a train, which allowed him to travel back and forth in time for 12 years. So he chose to protect Hinata and his brother.

 Two portions of Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action will be released. Tokyo Revengers 2 Chi no Valentine-hen -Unmei- (Bloody Halloween Arc -Fate-), the opening chapter of the second film, will be released on April 21, 2023, during the 2023 Golden Week. Tokyo Revengers 2 Chi no Valentine-hen -Kessen (Bloody Halloween Arc -Decisive Battle-), the sequel to the film, will be released on June 30, 2023, during the summer of that same year.

The production business has been releasing teasers for the same since the filming, which was completed on October 31, 2022. Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action hasn’t had a streaming service revealed as of yet because it is only scheduled for theatrical release in Japan; after that, it might be released in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan.

The first live-action movie experienced the same thing, as it wasn’t released on DVD or Blu-ray until the end of the previous year. The Bloody Halloween Arc, which was first told in Ken Wakui’s manga from its fourth to eighth volume, will be adapted for Tokyo Revengers 2 Live-Action.

Hinata Tachibana was alive when Takemichi returned to the present, and he got to meet her. Hinata was once more slain, but this time in front of Takemichi, because the Tokyo Manji Gang has shown to be even more vicious in this era. The six founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang, who are essential to rescue Hinata, were torn apart in the “sad incident,” therefore to save Hinata, Takemichi travels back in time to look into its causes.


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