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DC has launched a trailer for The Death of Superman thirtieth Anniversary Special, spotlighting who the one-shot will deal with and its new villain.

In 1992, Superman was killed in a battle with the monstrous villain Doomsday throughout the iconic “Death of Superman” storyline. With the autumn of 1 Superman got here the rise of 4 others within the following “Reign of the Superman” story, which launched readers to Cyborg Superman, Steel, Superboy and the Eradicator. Rather than merely retelling the occasions of “Death of Superman” and “Reign of the Supermen,” nonetheless, the trailer guarantees that the anniversary particular will inform all-new tales specializing in Superman’s son, Jon Kent, and the views of assorted DC characters from across the time that the Man of Steel died.

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After varied creators clarify “The Death of Superman” and the way it not solely killed the hero but additionally launched Doomsday, author Dan Jurgens discusses how his story within the particular will deal with a younger Jon studying in regards to the day his father died. “It takes place a few years in the past,” Jurgens says. “So, younger Jon Kent is about 9 or ten-years-old and in the future somebody comes into college and he is carrying a black armband with the ‘S’ protect on it, and he stated, ‘I’m right here to speak about some of the well-known days within the historical past of Metropolis, which is the day that Superman died.’ And younger Jon Kent sits there and he says, ‘What?!'”

Jurgens’ story, “The Life of Superman,” will debut Doombreaker, an enormous new villain just like Doomsday however with 4 arms and a bigger physique. Jon and his father must workforce as much as deliver down Doombreaker, although their battle and dialogue of when Superman died will solely be one story on this anthology one-shot. As different creators point out within the trailer, there can be three different tales within the anniversary particular specializing in the Guardian, Steel aka John Henry Irons and each Jonathan and Martha Kent.

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“Standing Guard” is delivered to readers by Roger Stern, Butch Guice, Glenn Whitmore and Rob Leigh, and exhibits the Guardian’s perspective on Superman’s battle with Doomsday. “Time” by Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove, Whitmore and Leigh will as an alternative deal with Irons throughout the large battle. The closing story, “Above and Beyond” by Jerry Ordway, Tom Grummett Dug Hazelwood, Whitmore and Leigh will revolve round how Ma and Pa Kent react to the dying of their son.

In the trailer, Ordway says, “My first thought on [the anniversary special] was actually to do one thing with Ma and Pa Kent. I considered simply the horrible side of being dad and mom and watching– you recognize, no one else is aware of that is your son.”

The Death of Superman thirtieth Anniversary Special #1 releases on Nov. 8 from DC Comics, and can function a collectible armband to have fun the milestone simply as the unique storyline did.

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